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Troilus and Cressida

William Shakespeare




Troilus -  A prince of Troy. The younger brother of Hector and Paris, he is a valiant warrior and an honorable man. He is also desperately in love with Cressida.
Cressida -  A beautiful young Trojan woman. The daughter of Calchas, a Trojan priest who defected to the Greek camp, she becomes Troilus's lover.
Hector -  A prince of Troy. The greatest warrior on the Trojan side—and matched in might only by Achilles himself—he is a hero to his entire city and is respected even by his enemies.
Ulysses -  One of the Greek commanders. A highly intelligent, even philosophical man, he is renowned for his cunning.
Pandarus -  Cressida's uncle. He serves as a go-between for Troilus and Cressida, acting as a kind of cheerful, bawdy pimp for his niece.
Thersites -  A deformed slave serving Ajax who has a vicious, abusive tongue.
Achilles -  The greatest of the Greek warriors, he is also an arrogant, vicious thug, who refuses to fight in the war whenever his pride is injured.
Ajax -  A Greek warrior, he is as proud as Achilles, but less intelligent and less skilled in battle.
Agamemnon -  The Greek general, and the elder brother of Menelaus.
Diomedes -  A Greek commander who seduces Cressida.
Paris -  A prince of Troy. His theft of Menelaus's wife, Helen, precipitated the Trojan War.
Menelaus -  A Greek commander, Agamemnon's brother, and the abandoned husband of Helen.
Helen -  Menelaus's wife. Her elopement with Paris led to the Trojan War.
Calchas  -  A Trojan priest, and Cressida's father. He defected to the Greeks in the early days of the war.
Aeneas -  A Trojan commander.
Nestor -  The oldest of the Greek commanders.
Cassandra  -  A Trojan princess and prophetess; she is considered mad.
Patroclus -  A Greek warrior. Achilles's best friend—and, it is suggested, his lover.
Priam  -  The king of Troy, and the father of Hector, Paris, and Troilus, among others.
Antenor -  A Trojan commander, he is exchanged for Cressida after his capture by the Greeks.
Helenus -  A prince of Troy.
Andromache  -  Hector's wife.

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It Gave Pander a Bad Name

by ReadingShakespeareby450th, August 01, 2013

I just finished reading Troilus and Cressida in my effort to read all Shakespeare by his 450th birthday. It wasn't a favorite play, and I probably could have had a very happy life without ever reading it. But in case you're interested, here's my take:


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I hate Cressida. -.-

by DJ-7809, December 26, 2013

This thing's a beast without you guys, thanks again!


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