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Conversion Factor  -  A ratio (or fraction) that represents the relationship between two different units.
Formula Unit  -  The representative particle of a substance. It is the smallest unit of a substance that still retains that substance's properties and is the simplest way to write the formula of the substance without coefficients.
Gram Formula Mass  -  The mass of one mole of compound.
Gram Molecular Mass  -  The mass of one mole of a molecular substance.
Mole  -  A measure of amount. 1 mole equals 6.02×1023 items of something. The number is so massive because moles are used to measure the amount of molecules, atoms, and other incredibly miniscule particles.
Mole ratio  -  The ratio between any two constituents in chemical equation
Standard Temperature and Pressure  -  The arbitrarily decided standard conditions at which experiments are done: 1 atm and 273 degrees Kelvin (0 degrees Celsius).


General Conversion Factor Equation  - 

Conversion Factor =    

Converting from Formula Units to Moles  - 

Moles =    

Converting from Volume of a Gas to Moles  - 

moles =    

Converting from Mass to Moles  - 

Moles =    

Converting from Molality of a Solution to Moles  -  Moles = molality × kilograms of solution
Converting from Molarity of a Solution to Moles  -  Moles = molarity × liters of solution