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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Where is 124 located?

2. Who tells Sethe that her scars resemble a chokecherry tree?

3. What does Sethe do while under the delusion that Mr. Bodwin is schoolteacher, who has come to take her back to Sweet Home?

4. Where does Denver habitually go to find solitude and solace?

5. Which set of schoolteacher’s lessons does Sethe find most shocking?

6. What is Beloved doing when Sethe first sees her?

7. What allows Paul D to escape from prison in Georgia?

8. What is signaled by the return of Here Boy?

9. What prevents Baby Suggs from sensing schoolteacher’s approach?

10. Who saves Denver’s life in the woodshed?

11. Why does Denver stop going to Lady Jones’s school?

12. Who helps Sethe find safety after she escapes from Sweet Home?

13. Where is Denver born?

14. Where does Miss Bodwin want to send Denver?

15. Who are the “men without skin”?

16. According to Paul D and Sethe, why does Halle slather butter on his face?

17. After whom is Denver named?

18. By whom does Denver believe Sethe is being choked as they sit in the Clearing?

19. What causes Denver to lose her hearing temporarily?

20. How does Denver regain her hearing?

21. What finally convinces Sethe that Beloved is her daughter’s ghost?

22. What disconcerts Denver as she leaves the Bodwins’ house?

23. What sudden memory concerning her mother most shocks Sethe?

24. When does Paul D tell Sethe she is her own “best thing”?

25. How does Denver regard her father?

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The role of water in a scene of Beloved

by stewi87, July 13, 2012

The scene treated in this analysis is from Toni Morrison's Beloved. It is situated where Paul D, a former slave is captured and deported together with forty-fife other prisoners and where they successfully manage to escape. All quotations will be from the following scene :

It rained.
Snakes came down from short-leaf pine and hemlock.
It rained.
Cypress, yellow poplar, ash and palmetto drooped under five days of rain without wind. By the eighth day the doves were nowhere in sight, by the ninth even the salamanders wer


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Important Questions for Beloved

by RaghuvindraRudra, January 07, 2016

1. What according to you are some of the main themes in the novel?
2. How is the idea of masculinity been portrayed in the novel?
3. What are some of the main literally devices that Morrison has used to make the novel more effective?

4. What according to you has been a point of significance in the novel?
5. In terms of characters, who have you found the most effective?

Please answer these questions and revert.

Thank You!

Power of Two Kinds

by Dazzle691, January 04, 2017

Power is of two kinds. fear of punishment, and acts of love. How is this expressed within this book? Any help would be appreciated.

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