A Doll’s House

by: Henrik Ibsen

Act Three, continued


Listen to me, Nora. You don’t seem to realize. It’s over! Why are you looking so pale? Ah, my poor little Nora, I understand. You can’t believe that I have forgiven you. But I have, Nora. I swear it to you. I have forgiven you everything. I know that what you did you did for your love of me.


I mean, then I passed from papa’s hands into yours. You arranged everything the way you wanted it, so that I simply took over your taste in everything – or pretended I did – I don’t really know – I think it was a little of both – first one and then the other. Now I look back on it, it’s as if I’ve been living here like a pauper, from hand to mouth. I performed tricks for you, and you gave me food and drink.


Nora: (picks up her bag) Oh, Torvald! Then the miracle of miracles would have to happen. Helmer: The miracle of miracles! Nora: You and I would both have to change so much that – oh, Torvald, I don’t believe in miracles any longer.