1. Which statement is false?

2. Zwitterions are?

3. Which statement is not true about the side chains of amino acids?

4. Which amino acid does not have a charged side chain?

5. Why is pKa an important property of a compound?

6. Polarity compounds are also "water loving."

7. Which amino acid is not polar?

8. Regarding polypeptides, which statement is false?

9. Which level of organization is not a form of protein structure?

10. Which statement is mismatched?

11. Protein folding is?

12. What is Levinthal's Paradox?

13. Which of the following conditions is not important for protein folding?

14. Protein folding is a complex, random process

15. Which of the following tasks do proteins not perform?

16. Which of the following amino acids are essential?

17. Which of the following are non-essential amino acids?

18. Regarding transamination, which statement is true?

19. Which statement is false?

20. Ketogenic amino acids...

21. The citric acid cycle plays a role in amino acid degradation

22. In what ways do proteins maintain fluid balance?

23. Which of the following are places where proteins play an important role?

24. Which statement is true regarding enzymes?

25. What is the difficulty of being a vegetarian?

26. Phenylketonuria is a disease whereby an individual cannot convert Tyrosine to Phenyalanine

27. Which of the following statements is false?

28. Which statement is not true?

29. Which of the following states require more protein intake?

30. Negative protein balance is a state where protein excretion exceeds protein intake.

31. Red meat has been associated with which of the following?

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