1. The Quasi-war was fought in response to which of the following?

2. Which of the following statements about the XYZ Affair are true?

3. Which of the following groups contributed most to the strong Republican showing in the election of 1796?

4. Which Constitutional Amendment ensured that the president and vice president would not be political opponents?

5. What has been proposed as an ulterior motive to the building up of the army under Adams?

6. Which of the Alien and Sedition Acts was the least controversial?

7. Which of the Alien and Sedition Acts did Republicans claim deprived inhabitants of the right to a fair trial?

8. Which of the Alien and Sedition Acts did Republicans claim deprived inhabitants of the freedom of speech?

9. Where was the negative reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts strongest?

10. Which of the following principles emerged as the centerpiece of Republican ideology during the opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts?

11. Which of the following was not a reason for Republican victory in the election of 1800?

12. How many ballots did it take for the House of Representatives to elect Thomas Jefferson president?

13. Which of the following criticisms of Jefferson was the Federalist campaign of 1800 centered on?

14. A major new source of support for the Republicans in 1800 came from which of the following?

15. Jefferson considered the election of 1800 to be a revolution in which of the following ways?

16. Which of the following policy decisions made by Alexander Hamilton under George Washington did secretary of treasury Albert Gallatin attack?

17. What was one way Gallatin moved toward a budgetary surplus?

18. In whose economic theories did Gallatin and Jefferson believe?

19. Which of the following reasons prompted Jefferson to wage war against Tripoli?

20. Which of the following spurred provoked Jefferson to attack the composition of the federal judiciary?

21. Who was responsible for delivering William Marbury's commission as justice of the peace after John Adams left office?

22. Which principle did John Marshall employ in the decision of Marbury's case?

23. How many federal judgeships did Republicans occupy in 1800?

24. Why did Thomas Jefferson support the impeachment of Judge Samuel Chase?

25. Which of the following treaties ceded the Louisiana Territory to France?

26. Where did Napoleon hope to center his empire in the Americas?

27. How much did the US pay for the Louisiana Territory, per acre?

28. Which of the following was a reason that Jefferson decided against drafting a constitutional amendment legalizing the Louisiana Purchase?

29. Which region of the country objected to the Louisiana Purchase?

30. Which of the following events provoked Jefferson to send the negotiators to France who eventually worked out the Louisiana Purchase?

31. Who were Lewis and Clark?

32. >From where did Lewis and Clark begin their expedition?

33. What was the name of Lewis and Clark's French translator?

34. Where did Lewis and Clark spend their second winter?

35. What was most likely Jefferson's primary goal for the Lewis and Clark expedition?

36. What was Zebulon Pike's nickname?

37. Where had Pike been ordered to explore when he ended up in the Mexican desert?

38. Which area of North America spawned the greatest conflict between the US and Spain in the years immediately following the Louisiana Purchase?

39. What was a likely ulterior motive for Pike's mission in the West?

40. Which nation encouraged Spain to respond violently to border disputes between itself and the US?

41. Who led the Tertium Quids?

42. What action by Jefferson directly preceded the formation of the Quids?

43. Which of the following was a reason for the failure of Burr's conspiracy?

44. True or false: Aaron Burr was tried for treason.

45. The Burr conspiracy is important because _________.

46. Which of the following did not heavily restrict US trade?

47. When did the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair occur?

48. Why did the Embargo Act fail?

49. What was one positive effect of the Embargo Act?

50. Which of the following statements about the Federalists in 1808 is most nearly true?

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