Discuss the importance of Indian policy in regards to the French and Indian War. How did alliances with the Indians alter the course of the war?

Indians played a crucial war in both battle and the overall course of the war. Their assistance was the main reason why the outnumbered French were able to win so many early battles and hold out against the English for seven years. When they abandoned the French over inter-allied conflicts, the French defenses quickly collapsed.

How did the French and Indian War prepare the colonists for the American Revolution?

Serving in the British forces during the French and Indian War had a twofold effect on the colonists: it trained many of their future leaders, including George Washington, and it heightened the conflict between the British and the colonists by making their differences clear.

What were the land pressures that led to the French and Indian War?

The British population was rapidly growing and finding it difficult to remain in the colonies on the Atlantic coast. In addition, for reasons of speculation, power, and immediate wealth, both the French and the English were eager to expand their territory into the Ohio Valley.

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