The 1863 Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction proposed

Why did Congress reject Louisiana’s new constitution in 1864?

3. The Wade-Davis Bill stipulated that states could reenter the Union

4. Why did Lincoln pocket-veto the Wade-Davis Bill?

5. The Radical Republicans

6. The Freedmen’s Bureau had the most success in

The Compromise of 1877 was reached after

8. All of the following were components of Lincoln’s blueprint for Reconstruction except

What did William Tecumseh Sherman’s Special Field Order No. 15 do?

10. The Thirteenth Amendment

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 extended all of the following liberties to black Americans except

Which constitutional amendment did the Civil Rights Act of 1866 most closely resemble?

What effect did the 1866 Memphis and New Orleans race riots and Andrew Johnson’s “Swing Around the Circle” speeches have?

14. Which U.S. Supreme Court decision(s) did the Fourteenth Amendment reverse?

15. Andrew Johnson believed that

By 1880, most southern blacks had found employment as

17. Southern legislatures passed the black codes in response to

18. Who were carpetbaggers?

19. Who were scalawags?

20. The Ku Klux Klan was founded in Tennessee after the passage of the

21. After the Civil War, many former slaves celebrated their freedom by

22. Why did most southern blacks prefer sharecropping to wage labor after the Civil War?

23. Why did southern white landowners prefer the sharecropping system to wage labor after the Civil War?

One consequence of the Depression of 1873 was that

25. Liberal Republicans fought for all of the following except

Who nominated Horace Greeley for president in 1872?

27. What was Crédit Mobilier?

28. Samuel J. Tilden rose to national fame when he

29. Liberal Republicans rose to power primarily because many northerners wanted

The Depression of 1873 was caused by all of the following except

31. President Grant is best described as

32. Which of the following was one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy during the Reconstruction era?

The government officials who embezzled money from the U.S. Treasury in 1874 were known as the

The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was a failure for all of the following reasons except

35. What brought on the end of Radical Reconstruction?

36. Which law did Congress pass to try to outlaw racial discrimination in all public places?

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1873 Slaughterhouse Cases weakened blacks’ rights under the

Democrats allowed Rutherford B. Hayes to become president in 1877 when Republicans promised to

What did the Compromise of 1877 do?

40. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that

Radicals in the House impeached Andrew Johnson in 1868 because he had violated the

42. What did the Fourteenth Amendment do?

43. What did the Fifteenth Amendment do?

44. Why did seven Republican senators vote with Democrats to acquit Andrew Johnson during his impeachment trial?

45. The First Reconstruction Act did all of the following except

All of the following are reasons that Republicans nominated Rutherford B. Hayes for president in 1876except

47. From which group did southern Republicans received most of their support?

Congress passed the Resumption Act in 1875 to

49. Grant’s reputation was damaged by all of the following scandals except

50. Grant is buried in

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