1. All of the following were traditions of colonial government except

2. Which of the following states abolished the position of governor in its early constitution?

3. In which region was state-established religion hardest to break down?

4. Which of the following initiatives of the framers of state governments sprung most directly from the rejection of British government of the colonies?

5. Who drafted the Articles of Confederatio?

6. Who led the group which drafted the Bill of Rights?

7. Two major measures aimed to increase tariffs and taxation failed during the early years of the Confederation because -----.

8. Which of the following best encapsulates the attitude of the majority of Americans during the years of the Confederation

9. Which of the following was often cited as evidence of the central government's weakness under the Articles of Confederation?

10. Which of the following did not contain important wording on slavery?

11. Which of the following statements about the American northwest during the years of the Confederation is most correct?

12. Which of the following Indian tribes was prodded and supported by the Spanish in efforts to keep settlers from populating the southwest?

13. Which of the following contested and broke the terms of the Treaty of Paris and other postwar agreements during the years of the Confederation?

14. In what year did economic depression strike the United States?

15. Which of the following was a major reason for the economic depression?

16. Which of the following groups did not begin to demand payment in specie after 1784 in Massachusetts?

17. The goal of Shays' Rebellion was which of the following?

18. What happened to Daniel Shays after Shays' rebellion was crushed?

19. What was the stated purpose of the Annapolis Convention?

20. Which of the following was the reason most commonly cited for British measures to restrict American trade in the West Indies and the British Isles?

21. Which was the only state not to send delegates to the Constitutional convention?

22. The debate over which of the following was the greatest obstacle to the drafting of the Constitution?

23. The Virginia Plan was seen as favoring which of the following?

24. Which of the following did the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan have in common?

25. When did the Constitutional Convention convene?

26. How did the framers hope to keep the power of the national government in check?

27. Which of the following elements of government was given the power to amend the Constitution?

28. Which of the following statements did the Constitution make regarding slavery?

29. Alexander Hamilton can best be described as which of the following?

30. Which of the following helped the Federalists to push the Constitution through ratification?

31. Which was the ninth and deciding state to ratify the Constitution?

32. Which of the following was not one of the authors of The Federalist Papers?

33. Which of the following statements about The Federalist Papers is incorrect?

34. What bodies were responsible for ratifying the Constitution?

35. Which of the following was primarily responsible for the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?

36. How many bills did George Washington veto during his eight years in office?

37. Which of the following was not an original cabinet position in Washington's cabinet?

38. Which element of the new government most concerned the Anti-federalists?

39. Which of the following would be most likely to advocate a loose interpretation of the elastic clause?

40. Which amendment to the Constitution most challenged a loose reading of the elastic clause?

41. Which of the following was not proposed by Hamilton's Report on Public Credit?

42. Which region of the United States stood to benefit most from Hamilton's policies?

43. Where were the effects of the Whiskey excise tax felt the most deeply?

44. Which of the following characterized US policy toward the Native Americans in the Northwest Territory in the early 1790s?

45. When did Washington issue the Proclamation of American Neutrality?

46. Which of the following treaties provided for the end of Indian hostilities?

47. Southerners generally __________ the French Revolution.

48. When did Thomas Jefferson resign his position as Secretary of State?

49. Which of the following did Washington's Farewell Address warn Americans to avoid?

50. The division between Federalists and Republicans had become basically the difference between _____________ by 1796?

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