1878·The end of Germany's Kulturkampf campaign against Catholics.
1879·Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary.
1882·Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
1884·Berlin Conference held to regulate imperialism in Africa.
1885·Second Balkan Crisis between Bulgaria and Serbia.
1886·Gold discovered in the Transvaal territory in South Africa, heightening British interests in controlling this area.
1889·Boulanger Affair in France.
1890·Kasier Wilhelm II dismisses Otto von Bismarck.
1892·James Kier Hardie is the first representative in the British Parliament from the Labour Party.
1894·"Dreyfus Affair" in France begins and captures the attention of the entire nation for some time.
1896·Battle of Adowa in Ethiopia, allowing Ethiopia to remain independent.
1899-1902·Boer War in South Africa between the British and the Afrikaners.
1900·Boxer Rebellion in China.
1907·Triple Entente between Great Britain, France, and Russia.
1911·National Insurance Act passed in Britain.
1912·Third Balkan Crisis: Italy versus Turkey.
1913·Third Balkan Crisis: Serbia and Bulgaria go to war.

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