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The French Revolution (1789–1799)



Further study Quiz

1. Which factor did not contribute to France’s pre-revolution debt?

2. Which was not a part of the government at any point during the French Revolution?

3. What was the name of the French currency that was backed by the value of land acquired from the church?

4. What type of government did the Constitution of 1791 create?

5. Who issued the Declaration of Pillnitz?

6. Who created the Committee of Public Safety?

7. Which of the following men sat on the original Directory?

8. Which of the following men sat on the final Directory?

9. Who shot down Charles de Calonne’s debt-relief-by-taxation proposal?

10. Before 1789, when was the Estates-General last assembled?

11. According to Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès’s pamphlet, what is the Third Estate?

12. What did the Tennis Court Oath establish?

13. Who helped form the French National Guard?

14. Which Parisian landmark was raided by revolutionaries in pursuit of arms?

15. Which period was known as the Great Fear?

16. What problem did the August Decrees eliminate?

17. What happened on August 26, 1789?

18. Which event did not take place during the summer of 1789?

19. Which of the following was not an element of monarchial rule in France?

20. What did the Second Estate comprise?

21. When was the Tennis Court Oath taken?

22. What was the main reason that several thousand women marched on Versailles in October 1789?

23. France celebrates July 14 as a holiday because it is the anniversary of

24. Marie-Antoinette was the wife of which French monarch?

25. Which of the following rallying cries best describes the second stage of the French Revolution?

26. Which of the following lists of events is in correct chronological order (from earliest to latest)?

27. Which of the following did not occur?

28. Which party wanted a limited monarchy in France?

29. Who issued the Civil Constitution of the Clergy?

30. Which of the following would not have been grouped under the Third Estate?

31. Which of the following is probably not a reason why the French Revolution turned violent?

32. When did the people of Paris storm the Tuileries Palace?

33. Which document effectively nationalized the French church?

34. Which document created a limited monarchy?

35. Which document declared that all men are free and equal?

36. Why do some historians consider the passage of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy to be a mistake?

37. Which group was most likely in favor of a limited monarchy?

38. Which group was most likely in favor of the principle of privilege and feudal obligations?

39. Which group was most likely in favor of absolute rule by dynasty?

40. Which group was most likely in favor of the system of one vote per estate in the Estates-General?

41. Which of the following lists of events is in correct chronological order (from earliest to latest)?

42. In which position did Napoleon begin his career?

43. How were the French aristocracy taxed during the time of Louis XVI?

44. To which country were Louis XVI and his family trying to escape when they were captured?

45. Why did the radical group of commoners call themselves sans-culottes?

46. When did the National Assembly confiscate church property?

47. Which of the following was not a revolutionary figure?

48. For how many years did Napoleon Bonaparte rule France after overthrowing the Directory?

49. What took place following the 1797 election?

50. Which early Girondin leader pushed for war following the Declaration of Pillnitz and was later executed when the Jacobins took control?

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