1. Monasticism originated in

2. The Benedictine Rule regulated

3. What was Chalcedon's official position in 451?

4. Arianism posited:

5. The Donation of Constantine was

6. Zeno's origins were

7. Place Justinian's conquests in the poper order:

8. Missi Dominici had what role?

9. Aspar's relation to Leo I was

10. When was Busta Gallorum and what did it signify?

11. Youngerfill was

12. What was the theoretical relationship between Rome and other major church cities?

13. Where, and in what sphere was Theodore of Tarsus active?

14. What does nika mean?

15. What was an exarchate?

16. When did Byzantium first encounter Islam?

17. What was Tribonian's contribution?

18. To whom did Aegidus turn for military forces?

19. Who were not allies

20. Who sent Theodoric to Italy?

21. Wergeld is

22. What was Theodoric's Aspiration?

23. Who was the last effective Merovingian, and when did he rule?

24. When was the Edict of Clothar, and what did it say?

25. What was Pepin of Landen's position?

26. When did Pirenne see the beginning of the Dark Ages?

27. What typifies the Viking approach?

28. When and where did the Bulgars first present a threat?

29. Who invited Pepin III south and when?

30. Which is not an aspect of the Themes?

31. By when had Charlemagne mostly subdued the Saxons?

32. What was Anastasia's religious policy?

33. What was not a component of the Cluniac approach?

34. Simony refers to

35. What is not one of Islam's five pillars?

36. What was Marcian's Hun policy?

37. When was the battle of Qadisiyya and who was involved?

38. Islamic policy to Christians and Jews was

39. The Muslim's first besieged Constantinople in

40. The first Caliph was

41. When and what was Lechfeld?

42. Fealty describes

43. When did Heraclius rule?

44. What was compurgation?

45. What did the Papal states not include?

46. What was Pepin's Donation?

47. When did the Lombrads arrive in Italy?

48. Who led Eastern Roman forces to North Africa and Italy?

49. When did Charlemagne become Holy Roman Emperor

50. What was a sheriff

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