1. The Pope during the Investiture Controversy was

2. Which document put an end to the Investiture Controversy with Germany?

3. When was the final East-West Church Schism?

4. Who was the 'Bulgar-Slayer'?

5. What did Vladimir do to get Basil's daughter in marriage?

6. Who was Gregory VII's opponent?

7. What was Harold Godwinson's last victory?

8. Robert Guiscard protected

9. Albigensians were located mostly in

10. When did Bouvines occur?

11. Who began to turn the tide against the Crusaders?

12. What were the key Crusader States?

13. Who were the protagonists at Bouvines?

14. What dynasty ruled Egypt during the first two Crusades?

15. What was a Theme?

16. When did Byzantium first stop Islamic advances?

17. What was Leo III's contribution?

18. To whom did Basil turn for military forces?

19. Who were not allies

20. Who sent Humbert to Constantinople?

21. Enqueteur is

22. What was Irene's inspiration?

23. When did Basil rule?

24. When was Dictatus Papae and who proclaimed it?

25. Cluny symbolizes

26. Where did Simon de Montfort take his Crusade?

27. Who could be described as a 'Pious Hippy'?

28. What did Leo II introduce to Byzantium?

29. What was not part of the College of Cardinals' duties?

30. Which is not an aspect of the Themes?

31. When did Salah al-Din retake Jerusalem??

32. What was Raymond of Toulouse's problem?

33. What was not a component of the Cluniac approach?

34. Simony refers to

35. What is not one of Islam's five pillars?

36. Where did the Fourth Crusade attack first?

37. When was the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa and who was involved?

38. Islamic policy to Christians and Jews was

39. The first Muslim siege of Constantinople was in

40. The dynasty replacing the Fatimids in Egypt was

41. When and what was Lechfeld?

42. Fealty describes

43. When did Ferdinand III of Castile rule?

44. What describes the Ottonian System?

45. What did the Papal states not include?

46. When was Manzikert and who were the leaders involved?

47. When did the Normans arrive in Italy?

48. Who did not lead First Crusade armies?

49. When did Otto I become Holy Roman Emperor

50. what was a sheriff

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