1. What government directly preceded the Consulate in France?

2. The Consulate was:

3. Which country did NOT join the Third Coalition?

4. Which country did NOT join the First Coalition?

5. Which of the following was a French consul during the consulate?

6. Which of the following ended up briefly ruling the Kingdom of Naples?

7. Which royal family did Napoleon remove from the throne of Spain, replacing them with his brother Joseph?

8. Francis II was Emperor of what?

9. Napoleon's Polish state was called what?

10. Which landmark agreement reorganized Europe after the Napoleonic Wars?

11. Who of the following was a prominent Spanish artist during the Napoleonic era?

12. What style did Jacques-Louis David paint in?

13. What did Napoleon call his grouping of German States?

14. Which of the following was not a German Romantic thinker?

15. German nationalism was predicated on the existence of what special characteristic unique to each nation (according to Romanticism)?

16. What was Napoleon's legal system called?

17. Who led a slaves' rebellion in Haiti?

18. At which nation's economy was the Continental System aimed?

19. Which Prussian reformer is often credited with "Freeing the Serfs"?

20. Who was Napoleon's Chief of Police?

21. Who was Austria's representative at the Congress of Vienna?

22. Who was France's delegate to the Congress of Vienna?

23. Who was Prussia's delegate to the Congress of Vienna?

24. Who was Britain's delegate to the Congress of Vienna?

25. On what island was Napoleon born?

26. On what island did Napoleon die?

27. Who ruled Prussia during the Napoleonic Era?

28. Who was Napoleon's second wife?

29. What was Napoleon's son known as?

30. In 1802, what treaty ended formal hostilities between France and Britain for about a year?

31. What agreement did Napoleon sign with the Pope to end the religious schism between France and the Church stemming from the Revolution?

32. At which battle was Napoleon's Navy decimated?

33. This 1813 battle, called the "Battle of Nations", ultimately resulted in Napoleon's exile to Elba:

34. Who led the British force at Waterloo?

35. What was Napoleon's return from Elba to make a last run for power called?

36. This guerilla war gave the French forces some of its first defeats, as well as being a costly diversion of Napoleon's resources:

37. Who published Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind in 1784?

38. How did Napoleon refer to Britain?

39. What destroyed the Grand Army?

40. Which exiled Napoleon to Elba?

41. In which treaty did Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Britain agree to stand together against France if it should become too powerful in the next 20 years?

42. Who was made French king after Napoleon's exile to Elba?

43. Which former Prussian administrator served in Czar Alexander I's court?

44. What proclamation announced the Continental System in 1806?

45. On Christmas Eve, 1800, a bomb almost killed Napoleon. Which group was blamed for the bombing?

46. Which country had the world's dominant navy in 1810?

47. What was the name of the first French-controlled state in Northern Italy that Napoleon created (by the treaty of Campo Formio)?

48. On December 2, 1805, Napoleon's army defeated the Russians and Austrians at what major battle?

49. Before railroads, what was the most efficient way to move goods internationally in Europe?

50. Which of the following issues did the Congress of Vienna address as a side issue?

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