1784: Herder publishes Ideas on the History of the Philosophy of Mankind

November 9, 1799: Napoleon and Sieyes overthrow the Directory, form the Consulate, with Napoleon as First Consulate

1799: Second Coalition formed

June 1800: battle of Marengo (France v. Austrians)—-French win handily.

1801: Concordat (France and Rome)

February 1801: Treaty of Luneville ends Second Coalition

1802: Napoleon elected "Consul for Life"

March 1802: Peace of Amiens with Britain

1803: Louisiana Purchase

May 1804: Napoleon changes title from "Consul" to "Emperor"

August 1804: Francis II makes himself "Emperor of Austria"

1805: Third Coalition (Britain, Austria, Russia)

October 21, 1805: Trafalgar

December 2, 1805: battle of Austerlitz

1806: Berlin Decree (begins Continental System)

1806: Holy Roman Empire replaced by Confederacy of the Rhine

October 1806: Prussia badly wounded at Jena and Auerstadt

1807: Napoleon, aided by Spain, invades Portugal

1807: Baron Stein "abolished" serfdom

June 14, 1807: Russians defeated at Friedland

July 1807: Treaty of Tilsit

1808: J.G. Fichte gives Address to the German Nation in Berlin

1808: Stein exiled from Prussia at Napoleon's command

1808: Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother, becomes King of Spain

September 1808: Napoleon's allies meet at Erfurt, Saxony

April 1809: Austria proclaims War of Liberation

July 1809: Napoleon defeats Austria at the battle of Wagram

1810: Hardenberg becomes Prussian chancellor

1810: Napoleon marries Marie Louise, divorces Josephine

December 31, 1810: Russia withdraws from Continental System

1811: Marie Louise gives birth to an heir

1812: War of 1812 (US-Britain)

June 1812: Napoleon enters Russia with the Grand Army

September 14, 1812: Napoleon enters Moscow

December 1812: Napoleon rushes back to Paris

June 1813: Wellington threatens France from Spain

October 1813: Napoleon loses at battle of Leipzig

November 1813: Metternich makes "Frankfurt Proposals" to leave Napoleon in power.

January 1814: Castlereagh goes to Europe to negotiate

March 9, 1814: Treaty of Chaumont

April 4, 1814: Treaty of Fontainebleau. Napoleon abdicates.

May 30, 1814: (1st) Treaty of Paris (France reverts to 1792 borders)

September 1814: Congress of Vienna begins

January 3, 1815: Metternich, Castlereigh, Talleyrand sign secret pact to combat Russia and Prussia over the Polish-Saxon Question

March 1, 1815: Napoleon escapes from Elba, returns to France.

June 18, 1815: Napoleon defeated for final time at Waterloo

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