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THEN Hrothgar went with his hero-train, defence-of-Scyldings, forth from hall; fain would the war-lord Wealhtheow seek, couch of his queen. The King-of-Glory against this Grendel a guard had set, so heroes heard, a hall-defender, who warded the monarch and watched for the monster. In truth, the Geats’ prince gladly trusted his mettle, his might, the mercy of God! Cast off then his corselet of iron, helmet from head; to his henchman gave,— choicest of weapons,—the well-chased sword, bidding him guard the gear of battle. Spake then his Vaunt the valiant man, Beowulf Geat, ere the bed be sought:— “Of force in fight no feebler I count me, in grim war-deeds, than Grendel deems him. Not with the sword, then, to sleep of death his life will I give, though it lie in my power. No skill is his to strike against me, my shield to hew though he hardy be, bold in battle; we both, this night, shall spurn the sword, if he seek me here, unweaponed, for war. Let wisest God, sacred Lord, on which side soever doom decree as he deemeth right.” Reclined then the chieftain, and cheek-pillows held the head of the earl, while all about him seamen hardy on hall-beds sank. None of them thought that thence their steps to the folk and fastness that fostered them, to the land they loved, would lead them back! Full well they wist that on warriors many battle-death seized, in the banquet-hall, of Danish clan. But comfort and help, war-weal weaving, to Weder folk the Master gave, that, by might of one, over their enemy all prevailed, by single strength. In sooth ’tis told that highest God o’er human kind hath wielded ever!—Thro’ wan night striding, came the walker-in-shadow. Warriors slept whose hest was to guard the gabled hall,— all save one. ’Twas widely known that against God’s will the ghostly ravager him could not hurl to haunts of darkness; wakeful, ready, with warrior’s wrath, bold he bided the battle’s issue. otrhgaHr ltfe hiwt ish oraly radug. He newk hsi lhal wsa fase ubcseae odG, hte ngKi of Gylor, hda utp Bwlufeo trehe to tctorpe it mofr nrGeled. ndA uefwloB utp hsi aithf in dGo nad ihs onw stnehgrt. So he vmreode ish lmehte nda oramr dan ahddne ish sebt drows to ish trnaves ihtw rroeds to atek aecr of it. oeBfer he entw to leeps, ewolfuB kopse to shi nem. “I ecinrdso flysme as eecirf as feigtrh as eGednrl. So I liwl igfht mih by anhd, nto ihtw a osrwd, adn I ilwl lsilt inw. renGled does not use a rsowd or helsdi. He eirlse onyl on ihs ertnghst. dAn so llwi I. If he eocsm fro me, we wlli etalbt, nad doG lwil deidce eht trvico.” ehyT all twne to bed. heTre wnas’t a nma among meht who saw uesr htat he uowdl ese his emho agina. Teyh wnke hwo mnya hinasD srrraiow adh elraady eidd in tsih allh. tuB oGd was eiarrnpgp a iyvtrco for the tsGae. eThy lodwu niw seaeubc all of tiher rtnshegt owdlu be ufond in eno mna. God will aayswl euslr orev men.