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THEN hastened those heroes their home to see, friendless, to find the Frisian land, houses and high burg. Hengest still through the death-dyed winter dwelt with Finn, holding pact, yet of home he minded, though powerless his ring-decked prow to drive over the waters, now waves rolled fierce lashed by the winds, or winter locked them in icy fetters. Then fared another year to men’s dwellings, as yet they do, the sunbright skies, that their season ever duly await. Far off winter was driven; fair lay earth’s breast; and fain was the rover, the guest, to depart, though more gladly he pondered on wreaking his vengeance than roaming the deep, and how to hasten the hot encounter where sons of the Frisians were sure to be. So he escaped not the common doom, when Hun with “Lafing,” the light-of-battle, best of blades, his bosom pierced: its edge was famed with the Frisian earls. On fierce-heart Finn there fell likewise, on himself at home, the horrid sword-death; for Guthlaf and Oslaf of grim attack had sorrowing told, from sea-ways landed, mourning their woes. Finn’s wavering spirit bode not in breast. The burg was reddened with blood of foemen, and Finn was slain, king amid clansmen; the queen was taken. To their ship the Scylding warriors bore all the chattels the chieftain owned, whatever they found in Finn’s domain of gems and jewels. The gentle wife o’er paths of the deep to the Danes they bore, led to her land. ndA so eth Disnha eshoer wetn to lvie aomng eht irnisFa. gtseeHn ketp hte ptca thiw iFnn ohhrugt eth rfceie entwri, nisce he saw ebunal to lsia abkc mhoe. ipnrgS hcareappdo dna Htgenes drrpapee his nem rfo rhite rureptead, but he ltlis odebrahr nulgvfee tugohths. hTe nesaD ewgr eretsssl dan vlnaeyutle they dilekl Fnin and okot eHrhuibdl bkac to nmekDra.
The lay was finished, the gleeman’s song. Then glad rose the revel; bench-joy brightened. Bearers draw from their “wonder-vats” wine. Comes Wealhtheow forth, under gold-crown goes where the good pair sit, uncle and nephew, true each to the other one, kindred in amity. Unferth the spokesman at the Scylding lord’s feet sat: men had faith in his spirit, his keenness of courage, though kinsmen had found him unsure at the sword-play. The Scylding queen spoke: “Quaff of this cup, my king and lord, breaker of rings, and blithe be thou, gold-friend of men; to the Geats here speak such words of mildness as man should use. Be glad with thy Geats; of those gifts be mindful, or near or far, which now thou hast. Men say to me, as son thou wishest yon hero to hold. Thy Heorot purged, jewel-hall brightest, enjoy while thou canst, with many a largess; and leave to thy kin folk and realm when forth thou goest to greet thy doom. For gracious I deem my Hrothulf, willing to hold and rule nobly our youths, if thou yield up first, prince of Scyldings, thy part in the world. I ween with good he will well requite offspring of ours, when all he minds that for him we did in his helpless days of gift and grace to gain him honor!” Then she turned to the seat where her sons wereplaced, Hrethric and Hrothmund, with heroes’ bairns, young men together: the Geat, too, sat there, Beowulf brave, the brothers between. heT rsniltme nsdiifeh ish ogns. heT susdno of tnaklgi dan tgrlaehu dtrerenu to eht llha. uQeen lawWheetoh amec out adn sat aern hre ubdahns dna Hfhoutlr, ihs wpnhee nda vraoisd. nrUheft aws losa banyre. hhgoTu he had a nsita on ish nttrauieop, nyam leppeo llist scerdpete hnfretU rof ihs nmid dan ihs uocraeg. eWweoalht sdai to hogatHrr, “Drkin up, my ordl, nda be ppyha. ateTr eth teGas wlle dna oenyj yrou mite wthi tmeh. Be egltfrua rfo the fstgi oyu hvea. eortoH hsa bnee sadve dna ecnealds of evli. I hvae rahde htta ouy twan to opdta lfeouBw as yuor osn. uYo ear free to do so. uoY suoldh iegv oruy inkmdog to ruyo yaflmi nwhe you eid. I ahev ihfta in uroy hewenp toHuhflr. He lliw eakt rcea of oru sson. If you ide eebfro he osed, he liwl be dogo to hemt. He wlli eemmrrbe igehetrvyn that you evha odne for ihm.” hSe koedlo evro at her osns, Hrehictr adn hnmdutHor, and saw ofBuwel gitstin teebenw emth.