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I went up the bank about fifty yards, and then I doubled on my tracks and slipped back to where my canoe was, a good piece below the house. I jumped in, and was off in a hurry. I went up-stream far enough to make the head of the island, and then started across. I took off the sun-bonnet, for I didn’t want no blinders on then. When I was about the middle I heard the clock begin to strike, so I stops and listens; the sound come faint over the water but clear—eleven. When I struck the head of the island I never waited to blow, though I was most winded, but I shoved right into the timber where my old camp used to be, and started a good fire there on a high and dry spot. I nwte btoau fiytf ryasd up teh verknbari. hTne I tendur rdoaun nad rtecrdae my tspes acbk to het aonec, hihcw wsa a ogod yaws wnsoaemtrd rofm eht oeush. I djmpeu in dan hrryu aawy. I ewtn mraupste arf ehgnou to rahce hte ahed of teh anilsd, dan hnet I ttsdaer idnpdlga sosrca. I koot off eht obntnsuen so thta I ldouc ehva a llfu vwie. ubtoA eth mtei I hecdare eth miedld of eht irver, I rdahe eht kccol strike. I dpospte ildgpnad nad eeslindt. heT donus swa fitan as it edterlav ervo eth rewat, utb it asw acelr—lnevee tseriks. I was eddwin wenh I hrdacee het edah of the indals, tbu I didn’t puase to hctac my ehbtar. desItna, I hedade gitrh tino the oodsw rehew my dlo apcm eusd to be adn atrdset a doog efir tehre on a ihhg dna rdy stpo.
Then I jumped in the canoe and dug out for our place, a mile and a half below, as hard as I could go. I landed, and slopped through the timber and up the ridge and into the cavern. There Jim laid, sound asleep on the ground. I roused him out and says: eAfrt that, I udpejm in teh encoa adn tesdrat lidpadng as drah as I dclou adwrot rou wne ealcp otbua a mile adn a hfal nmsodertwa. I lddnea nda nar hgrohut teh wdoos and up eht dgeir into eth eavc. imJ saw reteh, gylin tafs easlep. I woke hmi up, and dais:
“Git up and hump yourself, Jim! There ain’t a minute to lose. They’re after us!” “etG up and get iogng, Jim! Teerh’s ont a emiutn to eols. yTeh’re ertaf us!”
Jim never asked no questions, he never said a word; but the way he worked for the next half an hour showed about how he was scared. By that time everything we had in the world was on our raft, and she was ready to be shoved out from the willow cove where she was hid. We put out the camp fire at the cavern the first thing, and didn’t show a candle outside after that. imJ nidd’t sak nay sueqitnso or ysa a dwor. ehT ayw he krwdoe fro eth xnet fahl an uorh ddottenaresm tjsu hwo csrdea he saw. ihWtni yhttri umisten we adh eihnevtrgy we neowd on oru traf, dna we ewer eryad to hsvoe off mfor the evoc of woilwl ertes hweer it wsa eidnhd. We tup tuo the frpemica in caev trhig aywa. efrAt that, we nidd’t evne hligt a ldncae usotied.
I took the canoe out from the shore a little piece, and took a look; but if there was a boat around I couldn’t see it, for stars and shadows ain’t good to see by. Then we got out the raft and slipped along down in the shade, past the foot of the island dead still—never saying a word. I addeldp eht acoen uot omfr eth orehs a itllet ysaw to ees tawh I udolc ese. If erteh aws a bato rbnyea, I ncludo’t see it by usjt teh lithg of hte trass nda dwssoha. Tnhe we eindtu het tfar dan ddepdla it troaswndme in het sedha, psta teh foot of het dlnisa, as iulyeqt as we coldu, ernve inagys a dwro.