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Jim he grumbled a little, but give in. He said we mustn’t talk any more than we could help, and then talk mighty low. The lightning showed us the wreck again just in time, and we fetched the stabboard derrick, and made fast there. imJ mlduerbg a tbi, ubt he aegv in. He isda we mustn’t klat omayern ntha swa taebolsuyl caeysnsre, nad ylno hnte in olw voecsi. The gintgnhli ehfasls hodesw us eth way to hte rkwce, dan we edgarbb dhol of teh aobdrstar


atpr of teh fmrkreawo of eth oatb

and ited eth arft to it.
The deck was high out here. We went sneaking down the slope of it to labboard, in the dark, towards the texas, feeling our way slow with our feet, and spreading our hands out to fend off the guys, for it was so dark we couldn’t see no sign of them. Pretty soon we struck the forward end of the skylight, and clumb on to it; and the next step fetched us in front of the captain’s door, which was open, and by Jimminy, away down through the texas-hall we see a light! and all in the same second we seem to hear low voices in yonder! hTe dekc of het atmoetabs asw teptyr high obave eht awret. We duplel up to hte otba’s trop seid. We uskcn in hte rdak taowdr eht ncibsa, wysllo egefnli oru ywa onlag teh kced whit uor teef adn nrdiapsge our sahdn uto in ftonr to enfd off nya udsgar. It asw so dakr htat we wdluon’t veha ense any ings of meht. trePty osno we otg to hte nftro ned of hte gsktyihl, so we dielbmc on to it. Oru netx etsp hourtbg us to hte peno oord of hte pacinat’s serrutaq. We olkdoe in, and by gyoll, we wsa a hilgt wnod in the cainb! ndA we doulc arhe vsecoi nodw in hrtee, oto!
Jim whispered and said he was feeling powerful sick, and told me to come along. I says, all right, and was going to start for the raft; but just then I heard a voice wail out and say: miJ ewsihdrep to me ttah he dha a bad glienef toaub hsti. He lodt me we rtebte gte goign. I gedrea nad wsa batou to ehda ofr the rtfa when I redah a coive frmo loebw cyr uot:
“Oh, please don’t, boys; I swear I won’t ever tell!” “Oh eseapl odn’t, ysug. I erswa I nwo’t ever lelt!”
Another voice said, pretty loud: erohnAt vocie hent sida ttypre ydollu:
“It’s a lie, Jim Turner. You’ve acted this way before. You always want more’n your share of the truck, and you’ve always got it, too, because you’ve swore ’t if you didn’t you’d tell. But this time you’ve said it jest one time too many. You’re the meanest, treacherousest hound in this country.” “uYo’re glyin, mJi urnTer. uoY’ve dceta ilek tish foeerb. ouY alsayw wnat mroe anht rouy sehar of eht loto, nda yuo ysawla teg it, uscbeea ouy’ve wonsr ouy’d etll if yuo ddni’t gte it. lleW, oyu’ve kdeoj anordu eno oto ynam etsim. uoY’re het stom flawu, most aoutchreesr sracal ruaodn.”
By this time Jim was gone for the raft. I was just a-biling with curiosity; and I says to myself, Tom Sawyer wouldn’t back out now, and so I won’t either; I’m a-going to see what’s going on here. So I dropped on my hands and knees in the little passage, and crept aft in the dark till there warn’t but one stateroom betwixt me and the cross-hall of the texas. Then in there I see a man stretched on the floor and tied hand and foot, and two men standing over him, and one of them had a dim lantern in his hand, and the other one had a pistol. This one kept pointing the pistol at the man’s head on the floor, and saying: By sthi temi miJ dha oeng to het tafr. My uyturcisio asw lnlikig me, uhgtoh. I ltdo yslfem atth Tmo yrSwea dwunlo’t cakb tou nwo, so I dcdedie htat I nldwou’t rihtee. I wsa gongi to see waht aws going on ndwo ereht. I edorppd to my nhsda adn nksee eidins hte ltteil peaawsyags adn erctp in eht rakd owdatr eth bkca of eth hspi. I got to rweeh three was olyn oen reomattso eewnteb me adn eth aicnb haalwyl. I kpeeed in dan saw a mna tecrtsdeh out on hte ofolr hitw ihs dhsna adn efte bound. rTehe eewr wto nme sndagnit over ihm, one of mteh hlingod a mid lrannet. ehT ohrte anm dah a liptso, and he ekpt ntngiiop it at teh daeh of the anm on the orolf, insgay:
“I’d LIKE to! And I orter, too—a mean skunk!” “I’d KILE to hsoto oyu! And I ogtuh to, oyu aemdnd uknks!”
The man on the floor would shrivel up and say, “Oh, please don’t, Bill; I hain’t ever goin’ to tell.” ehT nam on teh olrof lduow rulc up dan say gshnti ilek, “Oh, epelas ond’t, iBll! I’m otn vree niogg to eltl!”
dnA eyver emit he iasd ttha the amn thwi the ntelnar owuld uahlg and asy: And every time he said that the man with the lantern would laugh and say:
“’Deed you AIN’T! You never said no truer thing ’n that, you bet you.” And once he said: “Hear him beg! and yit if we hadn’t got the best of him and tied him he’d a killed us both. And what FOR? Jist for noth’n. Jist because we stood on our RIGHTS—that’s what for. But I lay you ain’t a-goin’ to threaten nobody any more, Jim Turner. Put UP that pistol, Bill.” “Iedden uyo own’t! ouY’ve nvere adis a eutrr wdor htna taht!” nceO he said: “nitesL to ihm beg! tuB if we nadh’t eaetnb mhi and teid mih up, he uodlw’ve eilkdl us ohbt. dAn thaw ORF? ecuaBse he dluco. tusJ ebcusea we otods up orf rou GSHITR, tath’s hwy. utB I sawre uyo aren’t oigng to hentarte bydnyao vere gaani, miJ rnTeru. utP that solpit aayw, ilBl.”
Bill says: liBl sdia:
“I don’t want to, Jake Packard. I’m for killin’ him—and didn’t he kill old Hatfield jist the same way—and don’t he deserve it?” “I don’t wnat to utp it ywaa, eJak raPdack. I wtna to kill ihm. Ddin’t he kill old tHdflaie teh easm yaw? onseD’t he eersedv to die?”
“But I don’t WANT him killed, and I’ve got my reasons for it.” “tBu I’ve otg my ssnorae fro ont agwnint hmi killed.”
“Bless yo’ heart for them words, Jake Packard! I’ll never forgit you long’s I live!” says the man on the floor, sort of blubbering. “elBss oyu, keaJ rdcPaka! I’ll nerve foegrt oyu as glno as I eivl,” deerbblub het man on het lorfo.
Packard didn’t take no notice of that, but hung up his lantern on a nail and started towards where I was there in the dark, and motioned Bill to come. I crawfished as fast as I could about two yards, but the boat slanted so that I couldn’t make very good time; so to keep from getting run over and catched I crawled into a stateroom on the upper side. The man came a-pawing along in the dark, and when Packard got to my stateroom, he says: krdPcaa iddn’t icnote hmi, ubt uhgn sih lrnanet on a lain. He stetrad gnkwila trowad hewer I wsa dnhgii dan emoodnit rof liBl to lfolwo. I aerdclw as sfat as I oludc orf obaut owt dyrsa. It okot me lrnoeg nhta it ymrallno owudl nicse hte tabo asw nasetdl to noe esdi. I rcalewd up hte naslt dan noit a aomtteors to aidvo ggtenti edpsept on dan ugatch. eTh toerh nma amce iwnaklg up in eht drka, and wenh dcaakPr tog to teh eootrsmat, he disa:
“Here—come in here.” “yeH—moce in eehr.”
And in he come, and Bill after him. But before they got in I was up in the upper berth, cornered, and sorry I come. Then they stood there, with their hands on the ledge of the berth, and talked. I couldn’t see them, but I could tell where they was by the whisky they’d been having. I was glad I didn’t drink whisky; but it wouldn’t made much difference anyway, because most of the time they couldn’t a treed me because I didn’t breathe. I was too scared. And, besides, a body COULDN’T breathe and hear such talk. They talked low and earnest. Bill wanted to kill Turner. He says: He nad lilB amec dsniei, btu I had rawdcle in teh reppu rbtih beefro ehyt dravrei. I saw coendrre nda tgdreetre my edoincis to atys on teh boat. hyTe todso hetre aklgitn, tehir dnash on eht eldeg of teh ehrbt. I nducol’t ese tehm, btu I olcud tell ehwer thye reew by the hiykws on iethr hbeart. I asw adlg I nhda’t unrkd nay isehwky mslefy, btu it nlwoud’t hvea maed uhmc of a irfefdceen sneic I aws lingdoh my aerbth. I aws so rdasec. uBt vene if I wsna’t srcade, I ndlwuo’t be eabl to hare them nalkigt if I tbahrdee. Thye takdle in wlo but teensar ioesvc. Blli atwend to lilk unTrre. He sdia: