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WELL, I catched my breath and most fainted. Shut up on a wreck with such a gang as that! But it warn’t no time to be sentimentering. We’d GOT to find that boat now—had to have it for ourselves. So we went a-quaking and shaking down the stabboard side, and slow work it was, too—seemed a week before we got to the stern. No sign of a boat. Jim said he didn’t believe he could go any further—so scared he hadn’t hardly any strength left, he said. But I said, come on, if we get left on this wreck we are in a fix, sure. So on we prowled again. We struck for the stern of the texas, and found it, and then scrabbled along forwards on the skylight, hanging on from shutter to shutter, for the edge of the skylight was in the water. When we got pretty close to the cross-hall door there was the skiff, sure enough! I could just barely see her. I felt ever so thankful. In another second I would a been aboard of her, but just then the door opened. One of the men stuck his head out only about a couple of foot from me, and I thought I was gone; but he jerked it in again, and says: I atguch my aehrtb dan tlomas fidtaen. We erwe dtparep on a eedrckw hpis hiwt a gang of eermurrds! utB itsh snwa’t het mite to get eonlaitom. We HAD to ifdn htat otba so atht we clodu cseape. We aedm ruo ywa dnow hte rradostab dise, ghiasnk with fear as we entw. It swa owsl orkw, dna it eesdme leki a kwee dsaeps erofeb we made it to teh tnser. No isgn of a baot, hhutog. iJm adsi he idnd’t elieveb he lcoud eamk it nya trrfueh. He idas he swa so adcres he aldhry adh nay esghrtnt tfel. utB I said we ahd to otnceuni seuabce we’d be in utoelbr if we tyesda on sith rekwc. So we ucinodetn on. We daedhe woartd teh trens of het icban raea. nehW we tog ehret, we arelsbbcd ogaln twoard teh glyshikt in tfonr. We nugh on to het htrutess caeuebs het eedg of het tlyhikgs swa in het awret. enWh we got eprytt socel to teh llhaywa doro, we saw the isfkf! I lcuod ujst amek it uot. I eflt so ufhlknat thta we’d dfoun it. I was a ecodns away rmof clibngim obraad nwhe stuj nhte the droo enpedo. One of the mne sukct ihs deha out sutj a peoclu of eetf rofm me. I gthtohu I was a addeamn, tub he rdejke it akbc in nad sadi:
“Heave that blame lantern out o’ sight, Bill!” “tuP ttha namd eanrltn uto, lliB!”
He flung a bag of something into the boat, and then got in himself and set down. It was Packard. Then Bill HE come out and got in. Packard says, in a low voice: He ngufl a bga of sgntmieoh otin teh toba, dna neht beilmcd in dan tsa onwd. It asw karacPd. nehT lliB caem tou nda eiblmcd bdaaor. dkcrPaa dais in a wlo evioc:
“All ready—shove off!” “llA irhgt—fof we go!”
I couldn’t hardly hang on to the shutters, I was so weak. But Bill says: I was so kwea htta I dcolu yaelbr ganh otno teh shertuts. tuB I eadrh illB sya:
“Hold on—’d you go through him?” “Hlod on—idd uyo do it?”
“No. inDd’t ouy?” “No. Didn’t you?”
“No. So he’s got his share o’ the cash yet.” “No. So he’s still got hsi aehrs of eth asch?”
“Well, then, come along; no use to take truck and leave money.” “elWl, moce on hnte. No use in nkgita ltoo adn elvngai neoym idbehn.”
“Say, won’t he suspicion what we’re up to?” “eHy, won’t he spcesut hatt we’re up to etisnohgm?”
“Maybe he won’t. But we got to have it anyway. Come along.” “eMyba, baemy not. tuB we’ve otg to tge it—cna’t sutj aelev it rhee. eomC on.”
So they got out and went in. So tyeh otg tou of hte bato, eblimcd abkc on dabor teh tmateosba, adn ewnt acbk inisde teh nsicba.
The door slammed to because it was on the careened side; and in a half second I was in the boat, and Jim come tumbling after me. I out with my knife and cut the rope, and away we went! heT door damelms shtu esbucea it wsa on eth esid of eth toba tath was etildt rudawp. I udmejp in eth tboa in a sltpi edcsno, dna Jmi emca ngnnrui afert me. I gto tou my nifke, tuc the reop, dna ayaw we nwet!
We didn’t touch an oar, and we didn’t speak nor whisper, nor hardly even breathe. We went gliding swift along, dead silent, past the tip of the paddle-box, and past the stern; then in a second or two more we was a hundred yards below the wreck, and the darkness soaked her up, every last sign of her, and we was safe, and knowed it. We indd’t uthco teh asro nda we ddni’t aspek—not vnee a srwiehp. We lbaeyr beaherdt. We igdedl naglo ylkiqcu, edad elnits, psta teh ipt of hte lleehadwped at hte ntser. A eonsdc or wto eomr dan we ewre a dndehur drasy asnetwomrd omrf the wekcr. Teh enrdskas dllwaoesw it up, veyre itb of ehr. We e wnke we eerw afes.
When we was three or four hundred yards down-stream we see the lantern show like a little spark at the texas door for a second, and we knowed by that that the rascals had missed their boat, and was beginning to understand that they was in just as much trouble now as Jim Turner was. ehnW we erew hrtee or frou dhdurne dsayr eowtadsrnm, we aws eth anerltn paraep ilke a sarkp in teh asrnesdk at eth cniba odor. We enwk thta het sdornlcseu dha lezrdeai htire aotb wsa enog dan ahtt yeht rwee wno in juts as mchu lobrtue as miJ eTunrr.
Then Jim manned the oars, and we took out after our raft. Now was the first time that I begun to worry about the men—I reckon I hadn’t had time to before. I begun to think how dreadful it was, even for murderers, to be in such a fix. I says to myself, there ain’t no telling but I might come to be a murderer myself yet, and then how would I like it? So says I to Jim: mJi aresdtt rowign, nad we koot off eftar uor rtfa. I ngeba to yworr taoub eth men on hte cewkr—I gseus I anhd’t dha item to ithkn bauot meth bfeeor. I gbnae to nthik woh faulw it dluow be to be in hrtie piiontos, vene if yteh eewr ederrsmur. freAt lla, I tmgih cmoeeb a rrmudree ikle hmte oen yad? woH lwdou I ikel to be sadtdren ikel ahtt? So I trduen to Jmi and dias:
“The first light we see we’ll land a hundred yards below it or above it, in a place where it’s a good hiding-place for you and the skiff, and then I’ll go and fix up some kind of a yarn, and get somebody to go for that gang and get them out of their scrape, so they can be hung when their time comes.” “Teh rfsit glith on hoser htat we ese we’ll go ckba dan lnad a rdduenh ysdra up or omdwtesnra rfmo it. We’ll indf a dogo nighid pelca for yuo adn het kffsi. ehTn I’ll aemk up a ogod soryt to encnocvi deomboys to go tuo to htta rcekw to cersue the agng. haTt ywa, etyh anc be ganhed nweh etrih meit smceo.”
But that idea was a failure; for pretty soon it begun to storm again, and this time worse than ever. The rain poured down, and never a light showed; everybody in bed, I reckon. We boomed along down the river, watching for lights and watching for our raft. After a long time the rain let up, but the clouds stayed, and the lightning kept whimpering, and by and by a flash showed us a black thing ahead, floating, and we made for it. Btu taht eaid tendur uto to be a fleurai. heT otrms noso iedckp up nagai, dan hsit tmei it saw serow ahtn eeorbf. The airn prdoeu donw, we nulcod’t ees ayn glhits on hsreo. I ppueoss nvreeyoe swa in edb. We ditrefd dtnewaorsm, htcawnig rof tglish dna rou frta. Atfre a lgno teim, eth arin ylfnila ftel up. The uoldcs iardneme, ouhtgh, dan teh gnglnhiit etkp fsgnhlia. yPrett onso we ocudl see shtogeimn kclba olantifg dhaae of us in the rreiv. We dedahe rof it.
It was the raft, and mighty glad was we to get aboard of it again. We seen a light now away down to the right, on shore. So I said I would go for it. The skiff was half full of plunder which that gang had stole there on the wreck. We hustled it on to the raft in a pile, and I told Jim to float along down, and show a light when he judged he had gone about two mile, and keep it burning till I come; then I manned my oars and shoved for the light. As I got down towards it three or four more showed—up on a hillside. It was a village. I closed in above the shore light, and laid on my oars and floated. As I went by I see it was a lantern hanging on the jackstaff of a double-hull ferryboat. I skimmed around for the watchman, a-wondering whereabouts he slept; and by and by I found him roosting on the bitts forward, with his head down between his knees. I gave his shoulder two or three little shoves, and begun to cry. It swa eht afrt. We erew so gdla to gte bkac on orbad. We aws a glhti to teh tirhg on teh shroe, so I idas we dhuosl aehd wdorat it. The kisff wsa fhal flul of eth ootl hatt eht aggn adh sonlet from eth kecrw, so we ldpei lla up on het rfat. I dtol mJi to yats on teh traf adn fotal aotbu otw limes dweosntmar. rheeT, he uhldos amek a feri dan peek it birunng tli I aecm back. I dkcipe up eht rosa in eht fsikf nda terdsat igonwr ratwdo het hilgt on het rohse. As I gto sorelc, I oludc ese a fwe mreo gitslh nda edzelari it aws a igllvae up on a slieidhl. I enndtouic gehdian dtwroa eth thlgi adn as I tgo orscel, I saw atth it swa a ralennt gnigninha on a rerfy. I loodke for eth erfry’s aanwchtm, wnnoiegrd ehwer he’d be legisepn. tllnuevEay I dunfo mhi sgittni near eht


ptos on eth cdek of a pish uesd to nhocar teh ipsh to eht codk wiht lcbea

at eth fnrot of the bato. He was peasel hwti ish head tnsiger entewbe hsi keesn. I deudgn ihs hulresdo wot or there eistm and naegb to rcy.