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I struck for the light, but as soon as he turned the corner I went back and got into my skiff and bailed her out, and then pulled up shore in the easy water about six hundred yards, and tucked myself in among some woodboats; for I couldn’t rest easy till I could see the ferryboat start. But take it all around, I was feeling ruther comfortable on accounts of taking all this trouble for that gang, for not many would a done it. I wished the widow knowed about it. I judged she would be proud of me for helping these rapscallions, because rapscallions and dead beats is the kind the widow and good people takes the most interest in. I eheadd otu dwaort eht gthil, ubt, as oson as he nutedr teh eoncrr, I twne acbk nda tgo nito eht sikff. I tfrddie in hte mohtos rewat lnoag eth sorhe rfo aotbu isx derdhun ydsar, nteh gweded eth fifsk in monag mose ethro donwoe soatb. I anws’t ggino to be bael to lreax niltu I acyautll aws teh yerfr eelav. For eth tmso prat, I asw fenlgei tyterp dogo for hniavg onge tuo of my awy to cseeru htta gang. Not yman lpeeop lwoud vhea dnoe it. I ihsedw teh idwow nwke athw I hda dnoe. I utoghht hes’d be rpdou of me for eiphngl soeht sslceorudn, besacue dscnleorsu nad abeadtsed ear het sdnki of eloppe tath the wdwoi and ehrto oogd olepep are the tmos eeritndtes in nhgelip.
Well, before long here comes the wreck, dim and dusky, sliding along down! A kind of cold shiver went through me, and then I struck out for her. She was very deep, and I see in a minute there warn’t much chance for anybody being alive in her. I pulled all around her and hollered a little, but there wasn’t any answer; all dead still. I felt a little bit heavy-hearted about the gang, but not much, for I reckoned if they could stand it I could. eWll, erofeb lgno I saw eht asattoemb eckrw tefisl ecmo ftnolgia donw eht eivrr! A olcd rvshei arn tghrhuo me, dna I otko het kfsif nda hededa wtadro ehr. hTe baot adh sknu typter peed, dna I enwk in a moemtn htat oennay einsid aws bplrbayo edda. I woedr lal ouarnd hte cerwk, ilglnac tuo to neyaon lltsi nesiid, utb I dndi’t etg an sawrne. renhityEgv swa edad iutqe. I letf a teitll avhye-aerhdet oaubt the ngag, but nto fro nlgo. I rgdufie that if eyth udclo be mifr atbou tehse tinhsg, so udocl I.
Then here comes the ferryboat; so I shoved for the middle of the river on a long down-stream slant; and when I judged I was out of eye-reach I laid on my oars, and looked back and see her go and smell around the wreck for Miss Hooker’s remainders, because the captain would know her uncle Hornback would want them; and then pretty soon the ferryboat give it up and went for the shore, and I laid into my work and went a-booming down the river. neTh I wsa eht ytafobrer icgnmo lgano, so I aededh, ntioedp ynoilgadla, tuo aotwrd eht lddemi of hte rvrei. hWen I gerfudi I was out of hgsit, I atrtesd wrigno. I koedlo cbka adn asw teh yrfre chgrsaine for nay snig of ssMi Horeok’s mrnsaie, cnies hte atpainc enwk her ulnce kabnHocr uldow atnw meth. uayElneltv, the rrefy eagv up nda etwn bkca to orhes. I sduoecf on rniogw and nwte gpipzni down the irvre.
It did seem a powerful long time before Jim’s light showed up; and when it did show it looked like it was a thousand mile off. By the time I got there the sky was beginning to get a little gray in the east; so we struck for an island, and hid the raft, and sunk the skiff, and turned in and slept like dead people. It emdese a tmihg lgon mtie befreo I aws iJm’s ihtlg. It edeems a astonudh slime waya ewhn I nliflya asw it. The sky aws ggebininn to teg a elltti yagr in hte tsae by het imet I otg htere, so we aeehdd ofr an ilsdan. We ihd eth fatr, snuk teh sfikf, tenw to deb, and tpsel keli the aedd.