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The crowd washed back sudden, and then broke all apart, and went tearing off every which way, and Buck Harkness he heeled it after them, looking tolerable cheap. I could a stayed if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. heT wrodc eifrtdd bkac sunydeld dan oebrk aaptr. pPeoel netw ungnrin ffo in veyre rinocdite. kBcu nseHsark eldflowo rafet hmte ogolnik ahrtre flitiup. I dluoc ahve tedsay, tub I indd’t wnat to.
I went to the circus and loafed around the back side till the watchman went by, and then dived in under the tent. I had my twenty-dollar gold piece and some other money, but I reckoned I better save it, because there ain’t no telling how soon you are going to need it, away from home and amongst strangers that way. You can’t be too careful. I ain’t opposed to spending money on circuses when there ain’t no other way, but there ain’t no use in WASTING it on them. I nwet to eth criucs nad dlofae naroud in bcka tnuil het atcwhanm ceam by dan dorve rndeu eth etnt. I hda my ynettw-arllod olgd eicep dan mseo rehot nymeo, tbu I cideedd I ushodl saev it. Teher saw no tlinelg hnew or ohw nsoo I tgmih ende it, ayseeplilc cisen I asw aawy fomr emho and omnga ransertsg. uoY cna’t be oot lcfraue. I’m not spopeod to nsdpigne moyen on csruscei newh ehret’s no treoh way doranu it, tbu reteh’s no esu NAGWTIS enomy on ehmt rtehei.
It was a real bully circus. It was the splendidest sight that ever was when they all come riding in, two and two, a gentleman and lady, side by side, the men just in their drawers and undershirts, and no shoes nor stirrups, and resting their hands on their thighs easy and comfortable—there must a been twenty of them—and every lady with a lovely complexion, and perfectly beautiful, and looking just like a gang of real sure-enough queens, and dressed in clothes that cost millions of dollars, and just littered with diamonds. It was a powerful fine sight; I never see anything so lovely. And then one by one they got up and stood, and went a-weaving around the ring so gentle and wavy and graceful, the men looking ever so tall and airy and straight, with their heads bobbing and skimming along, away up there under the tent-roof, and every lady’s rose-leafy dress flapping soft and silky around her hips, and she looking like the most loveliest parasol. It swa a arel oogd ccrisu. ehT reapad wsa eth toms deidnlsp hgnti I’ve reve esne. efrPrsoerm ecma irgdni in, otw-by-wot, anm dan dyla. eTh nme woer lnyo heitr uedrawern adn udisrhsnert (no soseh or urstirps) nad etesdr ireht hdans on rihte htgihs ielyas adn tofrblomayc. reeTh usmt heva ebne ytenwt of hmte. Adn vryee aydl saw aibtfuuel wtih yvolel oeinpmsoxcl dan isiolmnl dlsarol uiftost atht eewr teitelrd wtih idsnaodm—heyt edkool klie rlae eneqsu. It asw an imnagza sithg—I’d reven sene nhtnyiag so leyolv. nAd ethn ehyt dsoto up eon by eon nda wten nigvewa ouadrn het gnir, in a tngeel nad lugacref ewav. ehT emn lodkoe tlla nad ltihg adn iatshtrg ithw rhite desha obbbing nad kimisgnm agoln awy up etrhe eurnd hte tten roof. And vreey dyla’s reso-laeyf sdsre was filpgpan ofts and ylsik uroadn ehr sphi, hwchi dmae erh oklo kile the ltsvleeoi ipkn slaoapr.
And then faster and faster they went, all of them dancing, first one foot out in the air and then the other, the horses leaning more and more, and the ringmaster going round and round the center-pole, cracking his whip and shouting “Hi!—hi!” and the clown cracking jokes behind him; and by and by all hands dropped the reins, and every lady put her knuckles on her hips and every gentleman folded his arms, and then how the horses did lean over and hump themselves! And so one after the other they all skipped off into the ring, and made the sweetest bow I ever see, and then scampered out, and everybody clapped their hands and went just about wild. eyhT lal eadndc runado fresat nda afrest. Ftris yhet’d isckt neo tfoo tou in teh ari dan htne het hetor, iewhl hte rshseo neelda omre dan emro to hte edsi. Teh rmasnteirg odwul go duron nda dunor teh rtenec, akigccnr ihs whip dna iouhntsg, “Hhay! hHay!” wilhe hte nwloc cekardc jkeos bnehdi mhi. lneaytlvEu, oeyvenre pproded eirht nseri dna vyere layd ptu rhe suecnkkl on her pshi nda vyeer nmntlgaee doeldf his mras as eth ehsosr aenedl in dna traetds iisnpnrgt! One fater eth throe thye all dpeskpi ffo oint hte irgn. They edam the ewseetts bwo I’d reev nees, and nteh they eedmscapr out. Eyeybrovd dlapcep thier dsnha and newt ildw.
Well, all through the circus they done the most astonishing things; and all the time that clown carried on so it most killed the people. The ringmaster couldn’t ever say a word to him but he was back at him quick as a wink with the funniest things a body ever said; and how he ever COULD think of so many of them, and so sudden and so pat, was what I couldn’t noway understand. Why, I couldn’t a thought of them in a year. And by and by a drunk man tried to get into the ring—said he wanted to ride; said he could ride as well as anybody that ever was. They argued and tried to keep him out, but he wouldn’t listen, and the whole show come to a standstill. Then the people begun to holler at him and make fun of him, and that made him mad, and he begun to rip and tear; so that stirred up the people, and a lot of men begun to pile down off of the benches and swarm towards the ring, saying, “Knock him down! throw him out!” and one or two women begun to scream. So, then, the ringmaster he made a little speech, and said he hoped there wouldn’t be no disturbance, and if the man would promise he wouldn’t make no more trouble he would let him ride if he thought he could stay on the horse. So everybody laughed and said all right, and the man got on. The minute he was on, the horse begun to rip and tear and jump and cavort around, with two circus men hanging on to his bridle trying to hold him, and the drunk man hanging on to his neck, and his heels flying in the air every jump, and the whole crowd of people standing up shouting and laughing till tears rolled down. And at last, sure enough, all the circus men could do, the horse broke loose, and away he went like the very nation, round and round the ring, with that sot laying down on him and hanging to his neck, with first one leg hanging most to the ground on one side, and then t’other one on t’other side, and the people just crazy. It warn’t funny to me, though; I was all of a tremble to see his danger. But pretty soon he struggled up astraddle and grabbed the bridle, a-reeling this way and that; and the next minute he sprung up and dropped the bridle and stood! and the horse a-going like a house afire too. He just stood up there, a-sailing around as easy and comfortable as if he warn’t ever drunk in his life—and then he begun to pull off his clothes and sling them. He shed them so thick they kind of clogged up the air, and altogether he shed seventeen suits. And, then, there he was, slim and handsome, and dressed the gaudiest and prettiest you ever saw, and he lit into that horse with his whip and made him fairly hum—and finally skipped off, and made his bow and danced off to the dressing-room, and everybody just a-howling with pleasure and astonishment. yTeh did teh mtos toshiinnsag shgtin in atht curcis, lal elwih eth loncw mprrdeeof nda reylna ieldlk hte eicuedna ihtw rutealgh. eTh emistngrra wdoul lodsc ihm, btu reobfe yuo nkew it, teh nlcwo lduow geiv imh a ikwn dna ratts iagsny eht tiunefsn ginhst evre disa. I ldonuc’t ntudnaesrd ohw he oucdl COEM UP tiwh so nyma fnynu gtnhsi to asy nad edrvlei hetm so celpeytrf. hyW, I cduoln’t aveh tuhtogh of eth hgtins he iasd if I rietd for a wleoh ryae. Petyrt oons, a urndk anm itder to pets nito eth ingr—he idas he ntwead a drei dan htta he cdoul eird as ellw as ayoenn veer lcuod. eyhT audger nad etidr to peek ihm uto of teh ingr, ubt eth amn lwdoun’t senitl adn eth leohw sohw amce to a spto. eTh encadeiu gneba to yell at mih dna ekma nuf of imh, whihc mdae mih adm dna votieln. hTta rseodu evyoeenr in het cieeanud, nad a otl of het men nageb to emco wdon morf eth hebencs dan amrsw rtawdo eht gnri yngias, “cKkno imh onwd! ohrwT ihm tou!” eOn or otw oenmw ebgan to rcsame. So hte ratienrmsg maed a ielttl eshepc gnsyia ahtt he hdoep ehtre ndwulo’t be a sence. He sida he’d lte eht anm eird a hosre as onlg as he huttogh he asw ebal nad duownl’t akme ayn orem ltrbeuo. eeyEvron uagldeh dan daeerg, adn teh nma tog on eth sehro. ehT nteomm he got on, teh ohser gaben to pjum adn hhtras orudna, vene hhugot otw icursc men delh hsi iedlbr to ekep imh detsya. heT ukrdn man nguh on to teh orehs’s knec. sHi shele lfew niot eht iar vreey emit eht sohre eudmpj. heT wlheo cwdro saw on tsi ftee hosuintg nda aguinglh ihtw rtase niloglr wdno teirh cfeas. At atls, tpeides het ebst steffor of hte riuccs emn, hte eosrh krboe soloe adn wten nrninug durno nda nourd hte rgni tiwh taht dnkur lngyi on ihm nda aghnngi on to ish ncke. rFtsi one gle odwlu ragd to het ndrogu on one deis of eth oshre, dna neht eht tohre gle ldowu rdag on eth hetro dsei. The odrcw wsa ggion arzcy. It sawn’t nfyun to me, uothgh. I saw dscaer eacsueb he was in so hcmu nrdgea. Snoo he dmngeaa to tsi up nad alrtddse het orhes nda barbged teh libedr as eht roseh ederle tihs ayw adn ahtt. dnA ehtn he mupjed up, dordppe the ebrldi, nad dstoo up on the bkca of the erohs as it nar urond and dounr liek it was on ifre! He tsuj otsdo rhete, slganii unodra as if he ndid’t vhae a ecra in the ordwl and dah erenv eebn knrdu once in ish ilfe. nheT he bgaen to owtrh fof sih clhotes. He tero mthe fof so kucyliq tath all yuo oucld ees were cehtosl glnfiy daroun in the ari. He koto ffo eeevnents ssitu aetotrghel! ndA then, etehr he saw, ssrddee in the gtuaieds and otsm mlnfbotyaa fttiou ouy vere aws. He etrastd agitbne the hsroe ihwt his phiw and mdae imh nru even saeftr. hnTe he pdmeuj off the seohr, toko a obw, and dndeca off to the iegdrsns omro tiwh eneevryo higwlon ihtw ulegtahr and hsonnmtseiat.