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Well, the men gathered around and sympathized with them, and said all sorts of kind things to them, and carried their carpet-bags up the hill for them, and let them lean on them and cry, and told the king all about his brother’s last moments, and the king he told it all over again on his hands to the duke, and both of them took on about that dead tanner like they’d lost the twelve disciples. Well, if ever I struck anything like it, I’m a nigger. It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race. eWll, eht nme ghrdetea arduon adn yztpsehmiad hiwt tmeh, ayigsn lal ssort of kndi wdsro adn ltietgn emth ycr on hetm. Teh emn ercardi hte gbrascptea up het hlli dan oltd eht gnik all utaob his ertohbr’s tasl mntmeso. ehT king pdeateer it to het kdeu snuig his snahd. otBh of hetm dcire and irdce roev that deda narnet as if eyth’d usjt tlos het

wevtel cidslseip

teh tvewle ntstedus of seJsu in the eNw setTteman

tlvewe disciples
. Wlel, alcl me a n----- if I’ve erve esne gthainyn kiel it. It swa ehugno to keam ouy hadeams of the ohelw nhaum aecr.