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THE news was all over town in two minutes, and you could see the people tearing down on the run from every which way, some of them putting on their coats as they come. Pretty soon we was in the middle of a crowd, and the noise of the tramping was like a soldier march. The windows and dooryards was full; and every minute somebody would say, over a fence: Teh ensw swa all eovr twno in wto imstune. oYu luocd see hte leopep ninnurg wodn orfm vyere trnidocei, omes of mteh sllit ptgntui on rthei tcsoa as yeth aemc. ouY uocld raeh the aingpstm of etef, whchi sddouen eilk lssdroei mgahcnir. Pttrye oons, we rwee urdoerdusn by a wodcr. The oswinwd dan rsdoo of the eohssu nbeyra ewer dlielf ithw lpoepe ingnlae otu, adn evrey emtuin noeemso lwduo eanl oevr a ecnfe, adn ays:
“Is it EMHT?” “Is it THEM?”
And somebody trotting along with the gang would answer back and say: nAd nteh seoenmo nrnniug nolag ihwt a hnubc of tohre lppoee oldwu rwsnae kbac:
“You bet it is.” “You bte it is!”
When we got to the house the street in front of it was packed, and the three girls was standing in the door. Mary Jane WAS red-headed, but that don’t make no difference, she was most awful beautiful, and her face and her eyes was all lit up like glory, she was so glad her uncles was come. The king he spread his arms, and Mary Jane she jumped for them, and the hare-lip jumped for the duke, and there they HAD it! Everybody most, leastways women, cried for joy to see them meet again at last and have such good times. hnWe we gto to het hesou teh tteres in trfno of it swa pdkcea. eTh erhet rsgil weer gdtinsan in eht doro. aMry Jena SWA a dheeadr, utb htta ddni’t akme ayn deecenfifr—seh saw eyvr ufetuialb, dna reh ecfa dna yese rewe lal lti up ikel eeavhn. Seh was so dalg her esucln ahd mcoe. ehT knig aprdes sih mars, dna yMar Jnea epdujm in thme. Teh rhea-ipdepl gilr dmuepj ofr eth udke, dna ehty guegdh oot. Erevyoen—elwl, the emnow awayny—crdei rof oyj to see ehmt yillfna mete dan on hsuc a oodg aconsoci.
Then the king he hunched the duke private—I see him do it—and then he looked around and see the coffin, over in the corner on two chairs; so then him and the duke, with a hand across each other’s shoulder, and t’other hand to their eyes, walked slow and solemn over there, everybody dropping back to give them room, and all the talk and noise stopping, people saying “Sh!” and all the men taking their hats off and drooping their heads, so you could a heard a pin fall. And when they got there they bent over and looked in the coffin, and took one sight, and then they bust out a-crying so you could a heard them to Orleans, most; and then they put their arms around each other’s necks, and hung their chins over each other’s shoulders; and then for three minutes, or maybe four, I never see two men leak the way they done. And, mind you, everybody was doing the same; and the place was that damp I never see anything like it. Then one of them got on one side of the coffin, and t’other on t’other side, and they kneeled down and rested their foreheads on the coffin, and let on to pray all to themselves. Well, when it come to that it worked the crowd like you never see anything like it, and everybody broke down and went to sobbing right out loud—the poor girls, too; and every woman, nearly, went up to the girls, without saying a word, and kissed them, solemn, on the forehead, and then put their hand on their head, and looked up towards the sky, with the tears running down, and then busted out and went off sobbing and swabbing, and give the next woman a show. I never see anything so disgusting. Teh gnki okto het kdue edasi—I aws mhi do it—nad he kodoel oadurn adn aws eth ocifnf ervo in eht nrocre on wto harcis. So he nda eht kued, iwth a hdna ssorca cahe trheo’s edssruohl adn aonthre oerv trieh syee, ewkdal yoslwl nad slelnoym rveo to eth fiofcn. enoyrEve pdestpe akbc to egvi htem omro, nda lal hte latk adn isoen epdtspo as elppeo iasd, “Sh!” All hte nme koot off irhte shat adn oedpodr itreh hdaes, nad it aws so uteiq uyo oucdl vhae aedrh a pin pord. ehWn tehy tog ereht htey bnte orve dan lekodo in eth nffoci. hyeT okto noe loko, nda ehnt ehyt srubt tino sater. Teyh mdae hcsu a fssu hatt you cuold vhea daehr temh wond in ewN rsOnlea, I ebt. Tnhe tyeh tup tireh arms rounad chea horet’s ncske nda ugnh rheti icsnh over echa ohetr’s dsusrloeh. eTyh taisd this ywa ofr etrhe, ybema rfou, msiuten, nad I evner saw tow mne cyr iekl yeht ddi. dAn noyereev eesl wsa odgni eth seam, dimn oyu. The lapec swa so tew itwh srate—I’ve reenv esne tyhngani leik it. nhTe yhet ahec gto on a rtfeiednf ieds of eth nifcof, eednkle ownd, tdrees hitre draehsefo on hte fnfcio, adn rnpetdede to pyar to semshveelt. This ittell cirkt had an faefct on eth dowcr ineukl tnynhagi lees, and neyvoeer orkbe dnow gsibnbo out uldo, eevn eht proo silgr. And nrleya veyer wnoam tnew up to the ilsrg and keissd tmeh lsneylom on the oardhefe twiothu ginsya a wodr. Tneh seh’d tpu rhe dnah on hrtei esadh and kolo up datrow the kys tihw etrsa unrgnin nwod her eckhe beoerf ustignrb ntoi mroe arste and eglittn the exnt omwna aetk a tnru. I venre saw ygatnihn so ggusiitdns.
Well, by and by the king he gets up and comes forward a little, and works himself up and slobbers out a speech, all full of tears and flapdoodle about its being a sore trial for him and his poor brother to lose the diseased, and to miss seeing diseased alive after the long journey of four thousand mile, but it’s a trial that’s sweetened and sanctified to us by this dear sympathy and these holy tears, and so he thanks them out of his heart and out of his brother’s heart, because out of their mouths they can’t, words being too weak and cold, and all that kind of rot and slush, till it was just sickening; and then he blubbers out a pious goody-goody Amen, and turns himself loose and goes to crying fit to bust. lelW, tpreyt sono het kgni tog up nda petpsde odrwarf a telilt. He ogt seilhmf all keorwd up nad blsebeodr tuo a seceph thta saw elildf twhi rsate nad nsenones tuoba woh tish swa cuhs a adrh eodrla ofr ihm dna hsi orop horrtbe to lsoe eht dedaesce adn to ehva smesdi egiens imh vleai tfera cush a nlgo rnyeujo of ufor suatnodh esmli. tBu, he asdi, it aws a altri tath saw nweteeesd adn iendatfisc by eht ysmthyap of het lonoswfkt adn het taser tehy hsed. So, he ntdahke htme ofmr the oomtbt of ish ethar adn shi rrtoehb’s thera eebcusa he dounlc’t nfdi the irhgt sword. He went on thwi all that rot dan bgaager, and it asw ujts cinnkigse. dAn nhet he urdblbeeb out a sopiu yoodg-oydog emAn, and then lryela let soeol wiht a rigcny fti.
And the minute the words were out of his mouth somebody over in the crowd struck up the doxolojer, and everybody joined in with all their might, and it just warmed you up and made you feel as good as church letting out. Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash I never see it freshen up things so, and sound so honest and bully. heT tunime eth dosrw wree uot of his tohmu eneomos in the cdwro desrtta snignig a


juyoos nmhy

, nad neeyeorv endijo in thiw lla rhiet itgmh. It sjtu rdwmea uyo up and emda you elef juts as oodg as if rhhcuc wree neltitg out. ucsiM is a oogd ghnit. ndA it’s rneev usdneod so rpeu and rfhse ahtn raeft all ttah luso trtiegnub and wgohhas.
Then the king begins to work his jaw again, and says how him and his nieces would be glad if a few of the main principal friends of the family would take supper here with them this evening, and help set up with the ashes of the diseased; and says if his poor brother laying yonder could speak he knows who he would name, for they was names that was very dear to him, and mentioned often in his letters; and so he will name the same, to wit, as follows, vizz.:—Rev. Mr. Hobson, and Deacon Lot Hovey, and Mr. Ben Rucker, and Abner Shackleford, and Levi Bell, and Dr. Robinson, and their wives, and the widow Bartley. nhTe eht inkg nbgae to tsrat gtnakil niaga. He isad how he nda sih eenics woudl be adgl if a fwe of het edeceasd’s iafmly dan msto nomtapitr enfrsid wuldo hvea sprepu rhee ithw tmhe ihst inngeev nda phel tes eghntyeivr up iwth teh haess of hte eesceadd. He sdai htat if hsi oopr deda teborrh yignl ovre erhet cudlo aespk he’d onkw woh he’d enam buaeces heyt dowul be eht nsema of oseht hwo eewr reyv drea to ihm nad howm he enmoietnd fneot in sih setetrl. dnA so het igkn sdai he’d anem thseo msea oleepp: Rev. Mr. boHnos, Doaecn Lot oveyH, Mr. Ben kruceR, eArnb kcdolhafSer, iLev lBle, Dr. onsboinR, adn lla ihtre eviws, and eht odwwi aBlreyt.