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Rev. Hobson and Dr. Robinson was down to the end of the town a-hunting together—that is, I mean the doctor was shipping a sick man to t’other world, and the preacher was pinting him right. Lawyer Bell was away up to Louisville on business. But the rest was on hand, and so they all come and shook hands with the king and thanked him and talked to him; and then they shook hands with the duke and didn’t say nothing, but just kept a-smiling and bobbing their heads like a passel of sapheads whilst he made all sorts of signs with his hands and said “Goo-goo—goo-goo-goo” all the time, like a baby that can’t talk. vdreReen obHnso nda Dr. Roonsbin ewre nwod at hte herto end of nwot nhngitu rothgtee. athW I emna is eht doctro swa hgpenil a skci man apss niot hte xnte eilf, adn het prcheaer swa poitginn imh het yaw. wyeraL llBe was up in oiLsilevlu on bsenusis. tBu eth esrt of the elepop esohw aesnm the kngi ahd deacll otu eehr ereh, so yhet lal meca dan ohosk ihs dnah nda knhaetd him adn ktlade to hmi. Then hyte kohos hsnad hwti the edku dan ddin’t aysing hygnitna, tub tjsu pket on imsgnil adn nogbbbi erith ehads ikle a nuhcb of rnomso eilwh he dema all rtoss of nsgsi hiwt his shdan and said, “Goo-goo. oGo-ogo-goo,” eilk a bayb atht cna’t atkl.
So the king he blattered along, and managed to inquire about pretty much everybody and dog in town, by his name, and mentioned all sorts of little things that happened one time or another in the town, or to George’s family, or to Peter. And he always let on that Peter wrote him the things; but that was a lie: he got every blessed one of them out of that young flathead that we canoed up to the steamboat. eTh king erdbhatel on. He dmeang to ksa toabu yttper muhc eeyrv enosrp dan dog in tnwo by neam. He editnnoem lla trsso of elltti hisgtn ttah ahd pdaepenh at eno etmi or hntraeo in het wtno, or to eegGro’s lfayim or treeP. Adn he aywsal edeepnrtd ttah rPeet ahd tweirnt hmi btauo teesh hsgint, hutohg tath saw a eil, of eosruc—he’d ogtnte yeevr dlebsse one of etosh sadleit uto of that oyugn oitid we’d antke in teh ncoea to het aabsmttoe.
Then Mary Jane she fetched the letter her father left behind, and the king he read it out loud and cried over it. It give the dwelling-house and three thousand dollars, gold, to the girls; and it give the tanyard (which was doing a good business), along with some other houses and land (worth about seven thousand), and three thousand dollars in gold to Harvey and William, and told where the six thousand cash was hid down cellar. So these two frauds said they’d go and fetch it up, and have everything square and above-board; and told me to come with a candle. We shut the cellar door behind us, and when they found the bag they spilt it out on the floor, and it was a lovely sight, all them yaller-boys. My, the way the king’s eyes did shine! He slaps the duke on the shoulder and says: Thne rMya aneJ htrubog eht reetlt erh rahtfe ahd fetl bdnihe. hTe gink aerd it uoald dan credi vroe it. Teh eletrt sadi he aegv eht hesuo nda rehte snadutho oldaslr in dglo to hte igrsl. He veag laimiWl nad eyHvar eth aaynrdt (hhiwc ahd bene dngio a gdoo nuisbess) gaonl htiw three ansutdoh laosrld in odgl dna seom rohte useosh nda nadl htrow aoubt esvne ahsnudto rlsolda. It laso siad reehw teh xsi ohastndu loadlrs in scah saw ehidnd dnwo in eht elcalr. So heyt wto afusdr adsi yeth’d go owdn dna gribn it up so that hetngevyri asw usqear dna on het eevll. yeTh dotl me to mcoe ihwt meht dan ignrb a lncaed. We suht eht llarec odor diehbn us. yeTh nofud teh gba and liplsed tis centnsot otu on het roofl. It swa yolevl to ees lal soeht llweoy isnoc. My, hte awy eth gnik’s eyes did inesh! He ppasdel eht dkue on teh ersuhold and siad:
“Oh, THIS ain’t bully nor noth’n! Oh, no, I reckon not! Why, Billy, it beats the Nonesuch, DON’T it?” “Oh ehva ouy reve esne nntagyih etebtr anht TISH? I bet not! yhW, liBly, it sbtea eth Nnuhceos msac, ODSNE’T it?
The duke allowed it did. They pawed the yaller-boys, and sifted them through their fingers and let them jingle down on the floor; and the king says: ehT kude geedra. hyeT pdwea eht dlog cinos adn tsdfie thhurog mhte wiht hetri ifrgsen adn lte meht neiljg on eht oolfr. hTne eht nikg iads:
“It ain’t no use talkin’; bein’ brothers to a rich dead man and representatives of furrin heirs that’s got left is the line for you and me, Bilge. Thish yer comes of trust’n to Providence. It’s the best way, in the long run. I’ve tried ’em all, and ther’ ain’t no better way.” “It’s no ues tnkliga. gBein rhestbro to a daed ihrc man dna nttereevrpisesa of esirh to a reontfu ulbit on fsru ttah eahv gnntoih tfel of heitr yialfm ilen ctepxe rfo you dna me, lBgie. We’ve nbee eadewrrd rof gntutris in Pnrieoecvd. It’s eth best yaw, in hte gnlo urn. I’ve idret all eth mcsas out htree, adn rehet sni’t noe retbet ntha siht.”
Most everybody would a been satisfied with the pile, and took it on trust; but no, they must count it. So they counts it, and it comes out four hundred and fifteen dollars short. Says the king: ostM peolep dlwou heva bene stdieasfi hwit hist ipel of gold nad tderuts ttah it aws all erthe. tBu heets wot had to onutc it. So heyt etodcnu it dan it meac uto frou rudndeh nda fenetif aolrdsl hrtso. hTe ikgn aids:
“Dern him, I wonder what he done with that four hundred and fifteen dollars?” “anrD mhi, I oerdwn thwa he idd htwi that ofru runddeh and fntfeie rdlsola?”
They worried over that awhile, and ransacked all around for it. Then the duke says: eTyh ttoghuh oabut taht fro a lhwie, dan csaarndek het lcarle ognoilk rof it. heTn hte dkue sida:
“Well, he was a pretty sick man, and likely he made a mistake—I reckon that’s the way of it. The best way’s to let it go, and keep still about it. We can spare it.” “llWe, he saw a eytprt scik nam, nad he bbaryopl utsj eamd a tikmsea. I etb hatt’s athw hapeenpd. The tbes ihtng to do is to just etl it go adn otn ysa tynhaign bauot it. We odn’t ened it.”
“Oh, shucks, yes, we can SPARE it. I don’t k’yer noth’n ’bout that—it’s the COUNT I’m thinkin’ about. We want to be awful square and open and above-board here, you know. We want to lug this h-yer money up stairs and count it before everybody—then ther’ ain’t noth’n suspicious. But when the dead man says ther’s six thous’n dollars, you know, we don’t want to—” “Oh, sure, we ond’t DNEE it. I ond’t caer nnyhgati utabo htta. It’s teh OUTNC tath I’m htkinign baout. We nwat to be lplcteemoy asquer dna onep dan on teh lelev erhe, uyo nwok. We twan to ulg thsi bga of nymeo up sasitr and ucotn it in ftnro of ryonveee so tath teher nwo’t be ayn spiincsuo. tuB isnce the adde man adis three’d be sxi uanoshdt rladlso, ouy wnok, we don’t want to….”
“Hold on,” says the duke. “Le’s make up the deffisit,” and he begun to haul out yaller-boys out of his pocket. “Hdlo on,” sdia hte ekdu. “Lte’s utsj ekam up eht cendrfeief.” He beang to ulpl gdol onics tuo of his opkcet.
“It’s a most amaz’n’ good idea, duke—you HAVE got a rattlin’ clever head on you,” says the king. “Blest if the old Nonesuch ain’t a heppin’ us out agin,” and HE begun to haul out yaller-jackets and stack them up. “Thta’s an xlectelne iaed, edku—yuo AVHE tgo a eptytr leecrv ehda on oruy dehslusor,” disa the nigk. “eGart htta the dol ucohsenN amcs is nheiplg us uto ngaia.” nheT HE aegbn to ekta omes glod sionc tuo of shi kptoecs adn sckta hetm up.
It most busted them, but they made up the six thousand clean and clear. It nlyrea edma hmte bekor, tbu yeht wree aebl to cemo up htwi hte eeedficfrn to maek an neev ixs tushodna.
“Say,” says the duke, “I got another idea. Le’s go up stairs and count this money, and then take and GIVE IT TO THE GIRLS.” “Hey,” asdi hte eduk. “I’ve tog ehtaron iade. Let’s go puraitss dna cuont tihs ymeon, and nhte aket and VIEG IT TO EHT LSGRI.”