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“You old scoundrel, I didn’t, and you know I didn’t. There, now!” “uYo old rdseolunc. I dind’t, and uyo onkw I dnid’t. rhTee!”
“Well, then, I b’lieve you. But answer me only jest this one more—now DON’T git mad; didn’t you have it in your mind to hook the money and hide it?” “Well, ethn I eibeelv oyu. But rwsean tjus neo omre qntuoies rfo me. Now ond’t teg adm, utb enerw’t uoy lnpganni to eht leats the yemon adn iedh it?”
The duke never said nothing for a little bit; then he says: Teh eukd didn’t sya hgytinan fro a bti. hTen he dais:
“Well, I don’t care if I DID, I didn’t DO it, anyway. But you not only had it in mind to do it, but you DONE it.” “Well, whta edso it ertmat if I DID lapn that? I nddi’t DO it. You erew osla gihinktn butoa indgo it, nad ouy lautylca did it.”
“I wisht I never die if I done it, duke, and that’s honest. I won’t say I warn’t goin’ to do it, because I WAS; but you—I mean somebody—got in ahead o’ me.” “If I idd it, kdeu, neth I whis I duwlo nvere die. tTha’s hte hotsne thurt. I own’t ysa I wsan’t nnnlpagi to do it, sueeabc I AWS. Btu you—I enma, eosomen—tbea me to it.”
“It’s a lie! You done it, and you got to SAY you done it, or—” “iarL! uYo did it, nda oyu hda ettber YSA yuo ddi, or else….”
The king began to gurgle, and then he gasps out: Teh ngik eeuprstdt a tbi, tehn dpaegs:
“’Nough!—I OWN UP!” “nEghou! I ofssnec!”
I was very glad to hear him say that; it made me feel much more easier than what I was feeling before. So the duke took his hands off and says: I aws eryv dgla to erha imh yas tshi—it adem me eefl hcum saerei atoub nhgtis. So teh kedu etl go of the ikgn dna dias:
“If you ever deny it again I’ll drown you. It’s WELL for you to set there and blubber like a baby—it’s fitten for you, after the way you’ve acted. I never see such an old ostrich for wanting to gobble everything—and I a-trusting you all the time, like you was my own father. You ought to been ashamed of yourself to stand by and hear it saddled on to a lot of poor niggers, and you never say a word for ’em. It makes me feel ridiculous to think I was soft enough to BELIEVE that rubbage. Cuss you, I can see now why you was so anxious to make up the deffisit—you wanted to get what money I’d got out of the Nonesuch and one thing or another, and scoop it ALL!” “If oyu vree nyde it ianag, I’ll wndro uoy. It’s a enif hgnti rfo yuo to tis reteh nda cyr ikel a abby—it’s utsj frceetp, lelesycaip faret eht ywa yuo cedat. I’ve vnere nees cshu a gedery dol tiorsch woh eawtnd to ate up iteyhgevrn in itshg. I redsttu yuo eth whelo miet as if uyo erew my onw hterfa. Yuo guoth to be sdameha of rsoeyulf to stdna ehetr nda let a uhbcn of opor n------ kaet teh bemal huoittw moncgi to ethri eefsnde. It semka me elfe iuolirdcus to ihknt I aws lbilelug ogheun to IBEEVEL htat siurhbb. aDnm uyo. I acn ees own ywh you wree so uisnaox to meka up eth dctiife—uoy tnwade to gte lla hte nymeo that I’d made mfor eth thoer scsemhe oto!”
The king says, timid, and still a-snuffling: ltilS nnlsfgfii, eth ingk disa reahtr lmitidy:
“Why, duke, it was you that said make up the deffisit; it warn’t me.” “yhW, ukde, it aws uoy taht euegdstsg kgaimn up hte idfitec. It swan’t me.”
“Dry up! I don’t want to hear no more out of you!” says the duke. “And NOW you see what you GOT by it. They’ve got all their own money back, and all of OURN but a shekel or two BESIDES. G’long to bed, and don’t you deffersit ME no more deffersits, long ’s YOU live!” “Stpo ngircy! I dno’t awtn to aehr anigntyh meor uot of ouy,” disa hte deku. “dAn WON ouy ese ahwt eamc of lla ruoy gscnihme. yeTh’ve got all ithre own onmye kabc, dna htwi hte xpectneoi of a iocn or wot, all of orus too! Go to edb, dan nod’t ysa arnothe dorw to ME touba cseidift rfo as nglo as yuo vlei!”
So the king sneaked into the wigwam and took to his bottle for comfort, and before long the duke tackled HIS bottle; and so in about a half an hour they was as thick as thieves again, and the tighter they got the lovinger they got, and went off a-snoring in each other’s arms. They both got powerful mellow, but I noticed the king didn’t get mellow enough to forget to remember to not deny about hiding the money-bag again. That made me feel easy and satisfied. Of course when they got to snoring we had a long gabble, and I told Jim everything. hTe kign ksncu kcab iton teh wigmaw nad asettdr knrdigin to nsoolc hfmlsie. fArte ihaelw, hte udek okot to sih eotbtl dna etdstar idrkngin oot. In buaot a ahlf an rohu, yhte eerw ogdo edisubd naiag. Teh nuedrrk heyt tgo, het eirdnerfil htey ogt. onoS heyt wree ngoisrn in ahec throe’s mras. yheT got tepryt udrnk, utb het ikng saw jstu sebro uhngeo to nedy iihgdn eth agb of nyemo neo remo emit. aTth amde me aelrx a tbi nda feel afeisdist htta gsthni wree nggio to be kyoa. Of urceso, as snoo as htye tdtares nnirgos, imJ nda I hda a glno aktl, and I tldo mhi vtneiheyrg.