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Now I was feeling pretty comfortable all down one side, and pretty uncomfortable all up the other. Being Tom Sawyer was easy and comfortable, and it stayed easy and comfortable till by and by I hear a steamboat coughing along down the river. Then I says to myself, s’pose Tom Sawyer comes down on that boat? And s’pose he steps in here any minute, and sings out my name before I can throw him a wink to keep quiet? oNw I saw feenlgi rttype odgo obtua het tauotsini. gniBe mTo eyarSw was etyrtp aeys, dan it datsey iecn adn asey iutln ltear on ewnh I haedr a stbaaemto mnciog nowd eth irvre. hneT I akdse lmsyef wtah ulowd pnhpae if mTo wyrSea was on thta shpi? thaW if he elwdak in eerh lla of a udndes adn dalelc out my eamn reoefb I ucdlo iaglns him to epke tique?
Well, I couldn’t HAVE it that way; it wouldn’t do at all. I must go up the road and waylay him. So I told the folks I reckoned I would go up to the town and fetch down my baggage. The old gentleman was for going along with me, but I said no, I could drive the horse myself, and I druther he wouldn’t take no trouble about me. ellW, I nlcodu’t lte TTHA enpaph—it lowndu’t do at lla. I dha to go up teh daor nda ctrientpe mhi. So I tdol eth lsfko thta I wolud go up to the nwot to tge my aggbgea. Teh dol neengmalt wsa lal ofr niogg wtih me, tbu I sadi no, I cludo dvire the ehosr lsemyf dna erfdrpeer he not meak so chmu susf oerv me.