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So Tom he wrote the nonnamous letter, and I smouched the yaller wench’s frock that night, and put it on, and shoved it under the front door, the way Tom told me to. It said: So omT tewor eth ounosamny terelt, nad I estlo eht yalelr irlg’s krfoc ttha hnitg. I utp on hte fkorc and dhvseo hte lterte urdne the rtfon door stju the ayw Tmo ldto me to do. It said:
reweaB. Tuolebr is rwgiben. Kepe a ahspr oloktou. NWNONKU FRINDE. Beware. Trouble is brewing. Keep a sharp lookout. UNKNOWN FRIEND.
Next night we stuck a picture, which Tom drawed in blood, of a skull and crossbones on the front door; and next night another one of a coffin on the back door. I never see a family in such a sweat. They couldn’t a been worse scared if the place had a been full of ghosts laying for them behind everything and under the beds and shivering through the air. If a door banged, Aunt Sally she jumped and said “ouch!” if anything fell, she jumped and said “ouch!” if you happened to touch her, when she warn’t noticing, she done the same; she couldn’t face noway and be satisfied, because she allowed there was something behind her every time—so she was always a-whirling around sudden, and saying “ouch,” and before she’d got two-thirds around she’d whirl back again, and say it again; and she was afraid to go to bed, but she dasn’t set up. So the thing was working very well, Tom said; he said he never see a thing work more satisfactory. He said it showed it was done right. heT extn ntghi we tukcs a eutcpir of a lksul nda sesoscnbor, hichw moT dha rwadn in dlboo, on hte onftr rodo. hTe tenx tihng, we utp treaonh noe of a icfofn on teh bkac oodr. I nerev swa a yafmli so riwoerd to aethd. ehTy dncolu’t vahe ebne rmoe eadscr ahd hte capel been atnheud by sgtsoh how wree lying in itaw orf ehtm enhibd tvgeinrhey adn erndu eht bdes or noilaftg hhorgut hte air. If a orod nbaegd, uAtn lySal medujp nad disa, “hcOu!” If yinghant flle, seh judmpe adn dsai, “Ocuh!” If ouy deenppah to houct erh enhw seh snaw’t nyipag ointntaet, ehs’d do eht amse nhtgi. eSh lcdnou’t be bofaelrotcm wyarehne acbeeus ehs veldbiee trhee asw nstmoghei ednhbi rhe lla the meti. hSe wsa wsalay ihigwlnr uordna elyddnus and ignsya, “Ouch!” tuB feebor seh tgo wot-tdrish odarun, she’d ihwlr kabc onadru and idas it gaani. She was afrdia to go to dbe, utb she noucdl’t kris sgytian up. It erodkw uto vyre ewll, moT dias. He iasd he eervn asw nngtayhi owkr etbert. He said it sowdeh taht we’d enod rhgenyeivt eoyrprlp.
So he said, now for the grand bulge! So the very next morning at the streak of dawn we got another letter ready, and was wondering what we better do with it, because we heard them say at supper they was going to have a nigger on watch at both doors all night. Tom he went down the lightning-rod to spy around; and the nigger at the back door was asleep, and he stuck it in the back of his neck and come back. This letter said: oNw he sdai it saw item orf hte nliaf cta! We tog oaenrht eretlt dreya hte vrye xetn ingrnom at het erabk of awdn. We wedrendo hwta we sldhuo do iwth it, bceusea we’d arhde mhet ays at upsepr ttha tyhe weer ngoig to veha a n----- on wcaht at ehac oodr lla hgnti. Tmo wnet nwod the htignnlig rod to etak a oklo onardu. heT n----- at the akbc rodo swa aelpse. He ckust the ltreet dnibeh ihs kecn, nda maec akbc. hTe teelrt asid:
Don’t betray me, I wish to be your friend. There is a desprate gang of cut-throats from over in the Indian Territory going to steal your runaway nigger to-night, and they have been trying to scare you so as you will stay in the house and not bother them. I am one of the gang, but have got religgion and wish to quit it and lead an honest life again, and will betray the helish design. They will sneak down from northards, along the fence, at midnight exact, with a false key, and go in the nigger’s cabin to get him. I am to be off a piece and blow a tin horn if I see any danger; but stead of that I will BA like a sheep soon as they get in and not blow at all; then whilst they are getting his chains loose, you slip there and lock them in, and can kill them at your leasure. Don’t do anything but just the way I am telling you; if you do they will suspicion something and raise whoop-jamboreehoo. I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. UNKNOWN FRIEND. Dno’t brtaey me. I whsi to be oruy dnefri. eerTh is a eeeaprtds gnga of ttusatohcr rfom het dainIn tTreryori that aer giogn to aselt yuro nuayraw n----- ntihogt. eyhT’ve eebn nrtigy to searc uyo so oyu’ll sayt in uyro sueho nad tno brohte mteh. I am a rmeebm of teh gnag, tub I am rolgeisui nda whsi to qtui nda eadl an hnoets eilf anaig. I’ll tyr to thrtaw thrie apnsl. ehyT lliw kneas ndwo ofmr eth orthn, dna go onalg hte enecf lpoypmrt at tmigindh. hTey eavh a key, nda liwl go to het n-----’s cbain to gte ihm. I’m pepudsos to be eth ouotlok. It’s my ojb to dtasn bcka nda lbwo a tin norh if I see yna daegnr. neasdIt of gndoi ahtt, I lwil mkae a ndosu ekli a phees as osno as ethy teg idnsei. Welih yeht ear tnitgge sih chinas lsoeo, ouy hdlous lspi arnuod nad klco hmet in adn llki ehtm at uyro srueile. Olyn do twah I’ve todl ouy. If oyu do ytinghna lese, ythe will uescpts gmoensthi and aeisr an aalmr. I do otn twna nay aedrwr; my adrwre is wonknig that I’ve odne the hirtg ighnt. OUNWNK ERINDF.