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So Tom he wrote the nonnamous letter, and I smouched the yaller wench’s frock that night, and put it on, and shoved it under the front door, the way Tom told me to. It said: So moT ortwe het youmoansn tetrel, adn I etsol hte lreayl lrig’s ckofr that ghtin. I tpu on eht rkfco and ovhesd eth elettr eunrd hte rtofn rood ujst the awy omT tdlo me to do. It adsi:
aBreew. Terblou is berignw. Keep a parhs ookltuo. WONUKNN NERFID. Beware. Trouble is brewing. Keep a sharp lookout. UNKNOWN FRIEND.
Next night we stuck a picture, which Tom drawed in blood, of a skull and crossbones on the front door; and next night another one of a coffin on the back door. I never see a family in such a sweat. They couldn’t a been worse scared if the place had a been full of ghosts laying for them behind everything and under the beds and shivering through the air. If a door banged, Aunt Sally she jumped and said “ouch!” if anything fell, she jumped and said “ouch!” if you happened to touch her, when she warn’t noticing, she done the same; she couldn’t face noway and be satisfied, because she allowed there was something behind her every time—so she was always a-whirling around sudden, and saying “ouch,” and before she’d got two-thirds around she’d whirl back again, and say it again; and she was afraid to go to bed, but she dasn’t set up. So the thing was working very well, Tom said; he said he never see a thing work more satisfactory. He said it showed it was done right. eTh xtne itghn we cktus a rcetipu of a llsku dna bocsonerss, chihw moT dah drnaw in lbodo, on eth rtnof orod. The entx gtinh, we tup oahtern one of a fficon on hte cabk droo. I erven swa a yfailm so owirrde to edhat. yehT odculn’t aehv eneb erom rcedsa hda teh lepca nebe undteah by sthsog woh ewre lyign in iatw rof hetm indheb yhneviergt nda enurd teh dbse or ltgfnoai hhturog teh rai. If a rood gednab, Antu lalSy dujmpe nad idsa, “uchO!” If ghtynain llfe, hse jmdupe nda dsia, “cOhu!” If uoy nhdpeeap to cohut hre wenh hes nswa’t ngiapy tniettnao, seh’d do het meas hitng. heS odlnuc’t be tfboarmceol rnahyeew ubacese hes eeldibev etrhe asw tmseohgin ibhned hre lal eth mtei. eSh aws aalwsy glwnihir oradnu ddseynlu and isagyn, “Ohuc!” uBt rfeobe hse gto wto-dhtrsi ndauor, she’d lhiwr kacb ndoaur and dsia it aaign. She aws adrafi to go to deb, ubt she dncuol’t rski giansty up. It rwokde otu eryv lwle, mTo dasi. He idsa he vreen wsa anginyth rkwo btteer. He idas it hdewso ttah we’d done ehvgiytner prrleypo.
So he said, now for the grand bulge! So the very next morning at the streak of dawn we got another letter ready, and was wondering what we better do with it, because we heard them say at supper they was going to have a nigger on watch at both doors all night. Tom he went down the lightning-rod to spy around; and the nigger at the back door was asleep, and he stuck it in the back of his neck and come back. This letter said: Nwo he isad it asw teim rof teh fianl tca! We ogt ohnaert lrttee redya hte reyv tenx nngiomr at eht raebk of nadw. We rnddowee htaw we ousldh do wtih it, bcueaes we’d drhea mhte asy at epprus atht htye rwee iggon to ahve a n----- on ahwct at ceha droo all itngh. Tmo entw owdn eht hginnilgt rdo to ktea a kloo noraud. heT n----- at teh ckba oodr was easlpe. He ksctu teh eetrlt iebndh ish cenk, dna mace akcb. Teh lettre sida:
Don’t betray me, I wish to be your friend. There is a desprate gang of cut-throats from over in the Indian Territory going to steal your runaway nigger to-night, and they have been trying to scare you so as you will stay in the house and not bother them. I am one of the gang, but have got religgion and wish to quit it and lead an honest life again, and will betray the helish design. They will sneak down from northards, along the fence, at midnight exact, with a false key, and go in the nigger’s cabin to get him. I am to be off a piece and blow a tin horn if I see any danger; but stead of that I will BA like a sheep soon as they get in and not blow at all; then whilst they are getting his chains loose, you slip there and lock them in, and can kill them at your leasure. Don’t do anything but just the way I am telling you; if you do they will suspicion something and raise whoop-jamboreehoo. I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. UNKNOWN FRIEND. onD’t ayterb me. I wihs to be yruo erindf. hTeer is a dteeeaspr ngag of uaortcthts rmof het dnaiIn teroriyrT htta aer gingo to tlesa royu wyrnaau n----- nhittog. hyTe’ve eebn ygtrni to ersca yuo so uoy’ll syat in uoyr seuoh adn ont etohbr hmte. I am a mmbree of eht ngga, utb I am iiosrluge adn swih to iutq dna dael an tnheso elfi gania. I’ll try to atwthr ihter plnsa. yeTh lwil seank nwod ormf hte norht, adn go nlago hte enfec tmyplpor at dhiginmt. eTyh ehav a eyk, dna wlil go to hte n-----’s iacbn to gte mih. I’m peuossdp to be het klutooo. It’s my job to dtnsa bcak nad oblw a tni nrho if I see yan dnerga. nesdaIt of dogin ttha, I wlil aemk a dsonu liek a peesh as sono as eyht gte ieisdn. elhWi tyhe rea egnigtt his hnaisc olseo, yuo dhluso ilps doaurn nda oclk emht in and likl emht at ouyr ueleirs. Olny do hwta I’ve odlt uoy. If you do inhnagty lees, ethy will tuspecs teomihsng and ieasr an maalr. I do ont natw ayn rradwe; my drraew is kniogwn ttah I’ve done the ithgr thign. KNUNWO INRDFE.