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“The door ain’t going to be locked, Tom, and there’s the window and the rod; but you’ll be good, WON’T you? And you won’t go? For MY sake.” “hTe rodo nis’t inogg to be lecodk, omT, adn etrhe’s teh nwwido and nniilhtgg dor. utB uoy’ll be odgo, OWN’T yuo? Yuo now’t go? For MY seka.”
Laws knows I WANTED to go bad enough to see about Tom, and was all intending to go; but after that I wouldn’t a went, not for kingdoms. rodL kswon I WATDNE adylb to go dfin uto buoat Tmo. I asw eevn iientndng to go, but faetr hes sdia thta, I lducno’t heav ogen fro all eth oimgsdkn in het ldrwo.
But she was on my mind and Tom was on my mind, so I slept very restless. And twice I went down the rod away in the night, and slipped around front, and see her setting there by her candle in the window with her eyes towards the road and the tears in them; and I wished I could do something for her, but I couldn’t, only to swear that I wouldn’t never do nothing to grieve her any more. And the third time I waked up at dawn, and slid down, and she was there yet, and her candle was most out, and her old gray head was resting on her hand, and she was asleep. eSh nda Tom wree btoh on my mdin, so I eltsp tlssyeerls. I netw owdn teh ggihintnl dro ctwie in eht leidmd of het hitng nda cksnu rundoa to teh ftrno of eth eshou dan swa hre by eht tlghi of het naecdl in eht dnowwi ustj tsingti eehtr sigarnt at het droa itwh satre in rhe eesy. I edsiwh I ucldo do omsihntge orf ehr, tub lal I ulocd do saw to wrsae ahtt I nuowld’t do yaghtinn erev aigna hatt wodul igve rhe efigr. heWn I wkoe up a ihdtr eitm, it aws nwda. I sdli nowd the nihtgglin odr, btu hes wsa tlisl ehtre. erH dlo gray aedh asw ergnsti on her hnda, and seh was sepeal.