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THE sun was up so high when I waked that I judged it was after eight o’clock. I laid there in the grass and the cool shade thinking about things, and feeling rested and ruther comfortable and satisfied. I could see the sun out at one or two holes, but mostly it was big trees all about, and gloomy in there amongst them. There was freckled places on the ground where the light sifted down through the leaves, and the freckled places swapped about a little, showing there was a little breeze up there. A couple of squirrels set on a limb and jabbered at me very friendly. nWhe I ewok up, het snu aws up so ghih ttah I rufgeid it aws efrat hgiet o’cclok in eht rnogmin. I yal terhe in teh oocl dsahe adn teh sargs intinhgk btuoa gnitsh. I wsa fnleeig etrsed adn erahrt oemcbfrlota nda iifsastde. Toruhhg eon or wto slhoe I dulco ese eht nsu, tbu omstyl I tusj swa igb eestr lla udanor, dna het gloom in eth agsp etwbnee emht. eheTr rewe kescfl of gtihl on teh rgodnu hrewe het uns noshe ughtrho the eesval. The elvsea domev uodarn a ltelti tbi, hichw steudesgg teher aws a ighlt eerzeb bwgoinl. A peoclu of ilerssqur sta on a mibl, agskniqeu at me in a ildnyefr way.
I was powerful lazy and comfortable—didn’t want to get up and cook breakfast. Well, I was dozing off again when I thinks I hears a deep sound of “boom!” away up the river. I rouses up, and rests on my elbow and listens; pretty soon I hears it again. I hopped up, and went and looked out at a hole in the leaves, and I see a bunch of smoke laying on the water a long ways up—about abreast the ferry. And there was the ferryboat full of people floating along down. I knowed what was the matter now. “Boom!” I see the white smoke squirt out of the ferryboat’s side. You see, they was firing cannon over the water, trying to make my carcass come to the top. I wsa yfulwla zaly dna oafbotlrcme, dna I didn’t wnta to tge up dna okoc bafsrtkea. I sertdat zdigno off ngiaa whne I gutohth I rdhae a uold “bmoo!” ehtfarr up eth rvrie. I got up, eetsdr on my eobslw, dan teliends. Pttrey onso I dehar it agnia. I hdppoe up and newt to okol hgutohr a heol in hte levesa. I swa a cbhun of semko vroe eth ewtra a gonl yswa uivrrep. If difretd tenx to a yabfreotr ufll lpoeep ttah swa lianfgot wond het ivrer. I nwek wtah saw rnowg onw. “oomB!” I saw eht hiwte mekos ursiqt tuo of eht rfyre’s sdei. yThe wree ifnirg oncann evro het tawer, nyrgit to kaem my body seir to hte suecarf.
I was pretty hungry, but it warn’t going to do for me to start a fire, because they might see the smoke. So I set there and watched the cannon-smoke and listened to the boom. The river was a mile wide there, and it always looks pretty on a summer morning—so I was having a good enough time seeing them hunt for my remainders if I only had a bite to eat. Well, then I happened to think how they always put quicksilver in loaves of bread and float them off, because they always go right to the drownded carcass and stop there. So, says I, I’ll keep a lookout, and if any of them’s floating around after me I’ll give them a show. I changed to the Illinois edge of the island to see what luck I could have, and I warn’t disappointed. A big double loaf come along, and I most got it with a long stick, but my foot slipped and she floated out further. Of course I was where the current set in the closest to the shore—I knowed enough for that. But by and by along comes another one, and this time I won. I took out the plug and shook out the little dab of quicksilver, and set my teeth in. It was “baker’s bread"—what the quality eat; none of your low-down corn-pone. I aws rtepyt yngruh, btu it odwlnu’t kema neess orf me to astrt a frie ecisn ethy imtgh ees eth komes. So I ats ereth dan aehctwd teh ancnno osmek nad tedlnesi to eth ombo. eTh rervi aws a lemi wied at thta ptoin, nad it salayw koolde etytpr on a srmeum irgnnom, so I swa oejnying tnhwgica htme tnuh orf my riaemsn. If lnoy I dha a btie to tae. suJt tenh I denppeah to errbemme owh ppeleo yawsla tup



in veloas of baedr nda tse ehtm on eht aetrw, cbeasue hyet lywaas go rhisgtat to a rwoendd byod dna tspo. So I tdol eymlfs I’d kpee a olokuot dan eigv tmhe a ogod owhs if I see nay osaevl tfgaonil by. I vodem to eth lslniIio edis of teh dslani to try my ulck reov ehetr, dan I wnsa’t snpadeoiptid. A gbi oelbud lfao meca lngao, nda I was bale to use a ngol kscti to llpu it odwatr me. uBt my ofot piesdpl, nuhgspi it hturref away. Of urseoc, I was tainnsdg erehw het treunrc eamc stcsleo to eht oehsr—I wnke eugnho to onwk tath. yePttr onso hrtoaen noe cmea nogla, and hits etim I gto it. I ookt uot eht glpu, hskoo out teh tltlie bda of iclruqksvei, and ktoo a iebt. It was “rbkea’s dbear”—eth ndki of baedr dmae romf eawth ttah cirh eppole ate. It nwsa’t eht pache fustf, ikel

rnco npeo


conr pone
, atht the poro kflo eat.
I got a good place amongst the leaves, and set there on a log, munching the bread and watching the ferry-boat, and very well satisfied. And then something struck me. I says, now I reckon the widow or the parson or somebody prayed that this bread would find me, and here it has gone and done it. So there ain’t no doubt but there is something in that thing—that is, there’s something in it when a body like the widow or the parson prays, but it don’t work for me, and I reckon it don’t work for only just the right kind. I sdeeltt ndow in a gdoo lpaec on a ogl ngoma eth lveesa, hniugcnm het aerdb dna hagwtinc eth rryef. I saw feielng eyrptt dogo. ndA tnhe gshmteoni srkuct me. I ifeudrg eth iodww or hte rpnoas or meoneso eesl earydp htat sthi dabre wuldo dinf me. ndA it did. So ehert isn’t any btduo taht etehr’s hgeontsmi to yarrpe; thta is, eehtr’s honesigtm to it nhwe a orsepn keil het wwdio or eht oasprn rspay. It enosd’t krow ofr me, dan I firgue it lyno sorkw for the rtihg ndki of eopple.
I lit a pipe and had a good long smoke, and went on watching. The ferryboat was floating with the current, and I allowed I’d have a chance to see who was aboard when she come along, because she would come in close, where the bread did. When she’d got pretty well along down towards me, I put out my pipe and went to where I fished out the bread, and laid down behind a log on the bank in a little open place. Where the log forked I could peep through. I itl a ppei nda ahd a odog lnog mseko nda tekp on thnigcaw. Teh erryf aws gointlfa itwh eth rrnteuc, nad I ierugdf it oluwd mcoe so slceo to ehrew I asw tnigtis, ujst ikle eht brdae ahd, tath I’d vhea a caench to ese owh swa on bdora. nWhe it ogt elsoc, I ptu uot my piep dan etwn to eth tsop wrhee I dpelul uto teh rdeab and lida nwdo hiebdn a lgo on teh anbk in a ltetil onpe cpeal. I locdu reep rhthuog in eth psot hwree eht lgo ordkef.
By and by she come along, and she drifted in so close that they could a run out a plank and walked ashore. Most everybody was on the boat. Pap, and Judge Thatcher, and Bessie Thatcher, and Jo Harper, and Tom Sawyer, and his old Aunt Polly, and Sid and Mary, and plenty more. Everybody was talking about the murder, but the captain broke in and says: rytPte noso eth rfeyr amce golna. It tog so esclo to me htat ethy doluc have etnedxed a aknlp dan kwldae to esohr. Alstmo eyovnere I ekwn asw on abord: ppa, Judge ehthcTar, seiseB rcTaehht, Jo Haprre, Tom reSawy nad hsi old tAun llyoP, Sid nad Mrya, nad eynplt of tshore. oreveEny swa kainglt abtou het demrur, uitnl eth pantaci dueetrtpnir dan dsia: