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Enter POLONIUS with his man REYNALDO
ISONPOLU nteser wtih ish tsraevn YDAERLON .


Give him this money and these notes, Reynaldo.


Giev hmi isht nmyoe nda ehtse terlest, eRandoyl.


I will, my lord.


I wlli, sir.


You shall do marvelous wisely, good Reynaldo,
Before you visit him, to make inquire
5 Of his behavior.


It wdulo be fedlnywoulr sewi of ouy, my edar eRdaolny, to ask anudro toaub ish ivbhoear a elittl berofe uoy iitsv him.


My lord, I did intend it.


Ttsha twha I hohutgt oto, rsi.


Marry, well said, very well said. Look you, sir,
Inquire me first what Danskers are in Paris,
And how, and who, what means, and where they keep
What company at what expense; and finding
10 By this encompassment and drift of question
That they do know my son, come you more nearer
Than your particular demands will touch it.
Take you, as twere, some distant knowledge of him,
As thus: I know his father and his friends,
15 And, in part, him. Do you mark this, Reynaldo?


lnEtxclee, yvre oogd. sAk adronu nad dnif tou twha sanhDi epolep rea in aswioPhr tyeh ear, eerwh yeht ilve dan woh mhuc nmyeo htey aehv, who rieth isfnder era. nAd if uoy fnid uto in stih algnree rots of sengtonquii that etyh nphaep to wkon my sno, uolyl find out hucm emro nath if uyo skeda cspeiifc estquisno aubto imh. Jsut ellt hetm uyo eyvgual owkn Leartse, yas hmtgisoen ekil, Im a inerdf of sih hertfa adn I sort of wkon mih, or arewvthe. Do you gte htwa Im ysanig, noeyalRd?


Ay, very well, my lord.


esY, yrev wlel, sri.


And in part him, but, you may say, not well.
But, if t be he I mean, hes very wild.
Addicted so and so. And there put on him
20 What forgeries you please. Marry, none so rank
As may dishonor him. Take heed of that.
But, sir, such wanton, wild, and usual slips


oYu dohusl ays, I rots of nkwo hmi, tub not lwel. Is it teh msea ereaLts wohs a wild rtapy milnaa? ntIs he the oen whos aaslwy, dan so on. eTnh utjs meak up hetaevwr ouy wnfoat ecusor, onihtng so adb htat it udwol emhsa hmi. I mnae maek up any irsotes atth
As are companions noted and most known
To youth and liberty.
nsoud ekil uyor raeagev yunog guy, teh dkni of bluroet hyte egt toin.


As gaming, my lord?


eiLk gbaiglnm, sri?


25 Ay, or drinking, fencing, swearing,
Quarreling, drabbingyou may go so far.


Tasth ghrti, or igdnkrin, eniawsgr, tsfi-gnthigif, siivgtni sphtustateiortt dink of htgin.


My lord, that would dishonor him!


uBt atth lwduo irun ish nptorauite!


Faith, no, as you may season it in the charge.
You must not put another scandal on him
30 That he is open to incontinency.
Thats not my meaning. But breathe his faults so quaintly
That they may seem the taints of liberty,
The flash and outbreak of a fiery mind,
A savageness in unreclaimd blood,
35 Of general assault.


Oh no, ont if uoy ysa it ghrit. I odtn twan you to asy hes a exs neidf, satth ont awht I eamn. tsJu nntmoie ish atuslf yitglhl, so ehyt kaem mhi seme eikl a eerf itpsir wosh gneo a ltltie too far.


But, my good lord


But, sri


Wherefore should you do this?


hWy odhuls yuo do hsti, you nwta to owkn?


Ay, my lord. I would know that.


seY, isr. Id ielk to wonk.


Marry, sir, heres my drift:
(And I believe it is a fetch of wit)
40 You, laying these slight sullies on my son
As twere a thing a little soiled i th working
Mark you, your party in converse, him you would sound,
Having ever seen in the prenominate crimes
The youth you breathe of guilty, be assured
45 He closes with you in this consequence:
Good sir or so, or Friend, or Gentleman,
According to the phrase or the addition
Of man and country.


llWe, eersh awht Im tkinnigh. (Im eiqut puord of myfesl rfo cigomn up ihwt hsti.) As uyo atkl wtih soneoem nad ithn ubato my onss sfulat dna elltit sisn, lyuol tahwc sih tacnerio, nad if ehs erve eesn Leerats do ayn of stehe gihnst, it lwil olny be traluna orf him to gaere tiwh oyu, at hcwhi ptoni lelh call you irs, or my odog erfnid, ienndegpd on who eth pnorse is, reehw he omsce mrof, nad so on.


Very good, my lord.


seY, ris.


And then, sir, does he this, he does What was I about to say? By the mass, I was about to say something. Where did I leave?


nAd nhet lehl llhe twia, wtah swa I butoa to ays? doGo doG, I saw uaobt to ays mingheots. tahW was I saying?


At closes in the consequence, at friend,
Or so and gentleman.


At, It wlil be utanarl fro mih to aeger twih ouy lehl acll oyu irs, diefrn, et ecaert.


At closes in the consequence. Ay, marry.
55 He closes thus: I know the gentleman.
I saw him yesterdayor t other day,
Or then, or then, with such or suchand, as you say,
There was he gaming, there oertook ins rouse,
There falling out at tennis, or, perchance,
I saw him enter such a house of sale
Videlicet a brothel, or so forth. See you now,
Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth.
And thus do we of wisdom and of reach,
With windlasses and with assays of bias,
65 By indirections find directions out.
So by my former lecture and advice
Shall you my son. You have me, have you not?


It lilw be luarant ofr ihm to egrae tiwh ouy. Ah, yse, hatts itgrh. If he eegsar hlle ysa esnoihtgm ekli tihs: seY, I nwko eht tgenmlean rouye ergernifr to. I usjt wsa him astyedrye, or teh rteoh day, or wvenrhee it is, uyo wonk, adn treeh he was gialnmbg, or eerth he aws, tyollta aedtws, or igfhitng hitw smooeybd otbua a netins achtm, or gigno oitn a hueos of ill tutpeeraht esamn a rhueswoohe, yuo rwnoko heetrvwa. keaM rsue uyor lttlie lie rgbsin uto hte hturt. ereW dgnoi sith seylwi dan ieyllgntnelit, dlynriitce, iidnnfg tou ghsitn by buorouatdn naesm. Thast woh ylluo fdin out tawh my ons is up to in Piras. Yuo get my onpit, dton uyo?


My lord, I have.


Yes, I do, rsi.


God be wi you. Fare you well.


oGd bsles you. eaHv a efas tirp.


Good my lord.


haTnk ouy, ris.


70 Observe his inclination in yourself.


ntDo trfoge to see htwa hse up to iwth ryou own seey. Dont ttsru spgsio.


I shall, my lord.


I wlli, sri.


And let him ply his music.


nAd I phoe esh nysgutid shi iusmc ikle hes esdpoups to.


Well, my lord.


Gto it, sri.




PIHLAEO netres.
How now, Ophelia? Whats the matter?
ieOphal, astwh hte rtetma?


75 O my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted!


Oh, ratefh, atrehf, evI ujts dha cush a rsaec!


With what, i th name of God?


rmFo hawt, in sdoG eanm?


My lord, as I was sewing in my closet,
Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced;
No hat upon his head; his stockings fouled,
80 Ungartered, and down-gyvd to his ankle;
Pale as his shirt; his knees knocking each other;
And with a look so piteous in purport
As if he had been loosd out of hell
To speak of horrorshe comes before me.


tFearh, I asw up in my omor eniwgs wneh mHleta acem in hitw no tah on sih eadh, shi trsih ndbuntoetu, nad sih okgnstisc tiydr, nuoden, dan dwon duorna hsi neslka. He wsa alpe as hsi rrsediunth, and his kseen eerw nikncokg rgthotee. He okdole so otu of sstor, as if edh ujst cmoe bcka morf hlle. He ceam up to me.


85 Mad for thy love?


Is he zcary tiwh olve rof yuo?


My lord, I do not know.
But truly, I do fear it.


Im ont erus, ubt Im iaarfd he timgh be.


What said he?


tWah did he asy?


He took me by the wrist and held me hard.
Then goes he to the length of all his arm,
And, with his other hand thus oer his brow,
90 He falls to such perusal of my face
As he would draw it. Long stayed he so.


He rbdeagb me by eht wsitr dna edlh me darh, htne ebkdca ywaa an rasm tnlghe adn juts odlkeo at me, gsntira at me iekl an tirsat atuob to ntaip my erictpu. He ydtase eikl atht a onlg imte.
At last, a little shaking of mine arm
And thrice his head thus waving up and down,
He raised a sigh so piteous and profound
95 As it did seem to shatter all his bulk
And end his being. That done, he lets me go,
And, with his head over his shoulder turned,
He seemed to find his way without his eyes,
For out o doors he went without their helps,
100 And to the last bended their light on me.
lFniyla, taefr kinsgha my arm a lelitt, dna rnkeigj ihs ehad up dna ondw rheet eimts, he siehdg leki it aws sih ltas hrtbea. Aetrf that he tle me go. He eftl hte mroo wtih hsi hdea trenud ckab on me, indngfi hsi ayw out otiuwth goioknl, nscei sih eyse rewe on me eht ewhol mtie.


Come, go with me. I will go seek the king.
This is the very ecstasy of love,
Whose violent property fordoes itself
And leads the will to desperate undertakings
105 As oft as any passion under heaven
That does afflict our natures. I am sorry.
What, have you given him any hard words of late?


oCem iwht me. Ill go tlle teh kngi tuoab htis. hTis is nedtfiyeil oevl-sieranzsc. oLve is chus a evnltoi mntioeo htta it skmae peolpe elfs-crtdteus, as hmcu as nya nsrotg oioenmt. Im so rsyor. idD you tlel ihm taighnyn hatt mitgh heav ruth sih nseeiglf yatlle?


No, my good lord. But as you did command
I did repel his fetters and denied
110 His access to me.


No, fhtear, but I ddi hwat oyu ltdo me to do nda sent abkc shi lrttese nda oultwnd elt mih tvisi me.


That hath made him mad.
I am sorry that with better heed and judgment
I had not quoted him. I feared he did but trifle
And meant to wreck thee. But beshrew my jealousy!
By heaven, it is as proper to our age
115 To cast beyond ourselves in our opinions
As it is common for the younger sort
To lack discretion. Come, go we to the king.
This must be known, which, being kept close, might move
More grief to hide than hate to utter love.
120 Come.


aTths ahtw aemd imh azcry. I greetr ont erobvsgin hmi omre elslcoy eoebfr I dotl yuo to do htta. I thutgho he saw stju tignyo wiht oyu dan metna to unri oyru uotinretpa. Damn my psoisuucis oustthgh! stI as nmmooc rof us odl oppele to mesusa we kwon meor naht we do as ofr gynou olpeep to be too widl nda aycrz. Coem on, lets go see teh king. eeWv gto to dscissu itsh taemtr, icwhh cluod secau orem ueotblr if we eepk it setrce athn if we csssuid it npyleo.
Tyhe xtei.