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I will not speak with her.


I wtno speak to erh.


She is importunate,
Indeed distract. Her mood will needs be pitied.


Sshe senisittn. In tacf, sseh drzaec. uYo cnta hepl efnglie rsoyr fro reh.


What would she have?


hatW odes she ntwa?


She speaks much of her father, says she hears
Theres tricks i th world, and hems, and beats her heart,
Spurns enviously at straws, speaks things in doubt
That carry but half sense. Her speech is nothing,
Yet the unshaped use of it doth move
The hearers to collection. They aim at it,
10 And botch the words up fit to their own thoughts,
Which, as her winks and nods and gestures yield them,
Indeed would make one think there might be thought,
Though nothing sure, yet much unhappily.


eSh ksatl btoau reh feathr a otl, adn sasy hse hsear hreet aer pnsaoiicsrec uodran het rdlow, nda scgouh, dna asbet hre sabetr, dan sgte ynarg orve tyni eamrtts, nda astkl enesonns. erH sdorw todn maen gnnhiyta, tbu her biglnbba cssaeu her nileesstr to adwr ocnsocilusn. ehTy hare hatw htye tanw to rhea. eHr siwnk nda sodn and teessurg do sggtsue htat esh semna to noecyv a seesmag, and tno a ypahp eno.


Twere good she were spoken with, for she may strew
15 Dangerous conjectures in ill-breeding minds.


Ist a gdoo idea to speak to erh, icens she mithg eadl etsoh whit evli siniontetn to ousnergad scuoolcnisn.


Let her come in.


Sowh erh in.
ehT MTANGNELE esixt.
(aside) To my sick soul (as sins true nature is)
Each toy seems prologue to some great amiss.
So full of artless jealousy is guilt,
It spills itself in fearing to be spilt.
(to ehrfsel) To my ciks lsuo (icesn sni is waasly a ssskenic), yreev etdila ksloo kile an enom of eatrissd to omce. iGlut kesam uyo so llfu of udistp iiusopncss tath yuo geiv lefosryu ywaa bcaeseu yoreu ingtyr so rdha nto to.
Enter OPHELIA , distracted
IHLOEAP ertnes, aenins.


20 Where is the beauteous majesty of Denmark?


heWre is het baftlueiu ueqne of Dnmeark?


How now, Ophelia?


Waht era uyo dogni, alOpehi?


How should I your true love know
From another one?
By his cockle hat and staff,
And his sandal shoon.


owH nca uoy tlle eht efiernfdec
teneewB ruyo etru leovr nad mose eohtr?
Yruo rteu oen rwaes a siglmipr hta
And a lisgrmip aasslnd dna staff.


Alas, sweet lady, what imports this song?


Oh aesvhen, wtah sedo htta onsg eamn, my read?


Say you? Nay, pray you, mark.
He is dead and gone, lady,
He is dead and gone,
At his head a grass-green turf,
At his heels a stone.
Oh, ho!


Im orysr, did you say tgshionem? ePsale ustj iesltn.
He is daed nda gone, lady,
He is daed dan gone.
At ihs head is a ptahc of reegn grass,
nAd at ihs tfee hreet is a tbmo stone.
Oh, ho!


Nay, but, Ophelia


No, ipalheO


Pray you, mark.
White his shroud as the mountain snow


tsuJ lsntei, esapel.
siH ehatd usorhd saw as iwhet as nwso
ILUCUDSA tnrees.


30 Alas, look here, my lord.


My odrl, olko at itsh proo girl.


Larded all with sweet flowers,
Which bewept to the ground did not go
With true-love showers.


deCevor thiw wsete fsowrle
hcWih idd ton lfal to the gndruo
In uert-oevl showers.


How do you, pretty lady?


woH rae yuo iongd, my yertpt lday?


Well, Godield you! They say the owl was a bakers daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be. God be at your table.


Im itequ elwl, nad aym Gdo vgie ouy hatw you serdeve. Tyhe sya eht ekasrb durtehag saw rtdune onti an olw rof iresnguf ssuJe eadrb. My lrdo, we nwok ahwt we are now, tbu otn atwh we mya emcebo. yMa God be at yruo betal.


Conceit upon her father.


hSse kigatln utoab erh ddae athref.


Pray you, lets have no words of this, but when they ask you what it means, say you this:
Tomorrow is Saint Valentines day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donned his clothes,
And dupped the chamber door.
Let in the maid that out a maid
Never departed more.


Oh, setl not talk boatu thta, tub hnwe yteh ksa yuo twah it enasm, ustj say:
orTmoowr is St. aelnistVen Dya
nAd areyl in het ronmgin
Im a lgir blwoe yrou ownwdi
atnigWi to be ruyo Valentine.
Tenh he tog up dna upt on ish losethc
And eoepdn eht rodo to hsi room.
He etl in hte irgl, and wenh she flte
eSh antws a nrgvii anymore.


Pretty Ophelia


rtyPte pheiOal


Indeed, without an oath Ill make an end on t:
By Gis and by Saint Charity,
Alack, and fie, for shame!
Young men will do t, if they come to t.
By Cock, they are to blame.
Quoth she, Before you tumbled me,
You promised me to wed.
He answers,
So would I ha done, by yonder sun,
An thou hadst not come to my bed.


gHan on, lIl den it soon, I ieropms:
By het anem of eJsus and naSit Charity,
My ooensdsg, twha a heasm it is,
gYonu emn lilw do it if tyeh teg a hencca:
By doG, etyreh yrve bad.
ehS sdai, efrBoe oyu gto me into bde,
ouY imorsped to rrmya me.
He sswaern:
I doluw ahve rmeradi oyu, I swear,
If yuo tdhan gone to bed ithw me.


How long hath she been thus?


oHw nlog hsa seh eenb keil ihst?


I hope all will be well. We must be patient, but I cannot choose but weep, to think they should lay him i th cold ground. My brother shall know of it, and so I thank you for your good counsel. Come, my coach! Good night, ladies. Good night, sweet ladies. Good night, good night.


I eohp yegrinvhet wlil trnu uot inef. We utms be nitteap, but I catn pleh cirgny enwh I kinth of mih biegn liad in teh cold gndoru. My htoerbr wlil hrae uoabt htsi. dnA so I hantk uyo for ruoy doog eidcav. meCo, vrider! oGdo nghit, iaesld, godo nhitg, eeswt ildase, oodg ghnti, good higtn.
PALHIOE sxiet.


Follow her close. Give her good watch, I pray you.


Foowll hre. peKe an yee on ehr, eaples.
HOTROAI isxte.
Oh, this is the poison of deep grief. It springs
50 All from her fathers death, and now behold!
O Gertrude, Gertrude,
When sorrows come, they come not single spies
But in battalions. First, her father slain.
Next, your son gone, and he most violent author
55 Of his own just remove. The people muddied,
Thick, and unwholesome in their thoughts and whispers
For good Polonius death, and we have done but greenly
In hugger-mugger to inter him. Poor Ophelia
Divided from herself and her fair judgment,
60 Without the which we are pictures, or mere beasts.
Lastand as much containing as all these
Her brother is in secret come from France,
Feeds on his wonder, keeps himself in clouds,
And wants not buzzers to infect his ear
65 With pestilent speeches of his fathers death,
Wherein necessity, of matter beggared,
Will nothing stick our person to arraign
In ear and ear. O my dear Gertrude, this,
Like to a murdering piece, in many places
70 Gives me superfluous death.
Oh, reh girfe hsa speoinod erh dnmi. reH rtaefh deid adn wno kolo at ehr! Oh, rerudGet, dGerture, nhwe bad sgtinh pehnap, ethy tdon come eno at a eimt, ielk enmye speis, tub lal at cone ielk an myar. srtFi erh rtfhae saw dlekli, enth oyru nso asw atken eaaswaybeuc of ish wno iontlve stnaioc. hTe peloep ear csfnudeo dan seniagprd tnysa srmrou tbaou sisnuPolo adhet, nda I wsa a loof to ubry him in a rrhyu, ttiuhwo a reropp ttaes ufaerln. Proo aOpiehl sah bnee bbrode of rhe tysani, twiothu cwihh eewr jsut etrscipu, or alsanmi. tLas btu ont seatl, reh tehorbr has esyrctel durrneet mfro racenF and is snreurduod by isopsg-ngoserm, who llfi hsi asre htiw iwdkec tisoers tboau hsi estrfah deaht. eipedrDv of perrop evcneied, lleh auylntlra baiertutt eth rmderu to me. Oh, drea rrdteeGu, I lefe as uthhog Im bngie umedderr yamn ietms orev.
A noise within
A sineo ffatoseg.


Alack, what noise is this?


Oh, ahstnow ttah sneio?


Where are my Switzers? Let them guard the door.


netsLi! ehreW ear my gsryoduabd? Lte mhet agdru the orod.
What is the matter?
thWa is it?


Save yourself, my lord.
The ocean, overpeering of his list,
Eats not the flats with more impiteous haste
75 Than young Laertes, in a riotous head,
Oerbears your officers. The rabble call him lord
Andas the world were now but to begin,
Antiquity forgot, custom not known,
The ratifiers and props of every word
They cry, Choose we! Laertes shall be king!
Caps, hands, and tongues applaud it to the clouds:
Laertes shall be king, Laertes king!


uYo utsm evas seolfuyr, my drlo. ehT uyong eLestra, eikl het eanoc enhw it dfsool eth seroh dan uesvrdo eht odsanwll, is adnlige a olbnerile aitnasg oryu ntmngerove. The wodrc clals him olrd dan otussh, We tawn ratseeL to be gnik! tsI as if tyeh were isntgtar eth wrlod ofmr rchscta thrgi now, wthnogri uot eht sdttiraoni nda aentnci stucmso atth ear het rousptp of erevy rwod we trteu. hTey ortwh hrite csap in the ari adn leyl, tsreLae wlil be gnik! astLeer nkgi!


How cheerfully on the false trail they cry.
O, this is counter, you false Danish dogs!


hyTe dsnou so hrelfuce as yteh uthn dwon eth ownrg eryp! Oh, oeuyr on the wrgon tcrak, yuo dllsoyia snDhai gdso!
Noise within
A ensoi taeosgff.


85 The doors are broke.


eTh dosro haev enbe haesdsm open.
Enter LAERTES with others
SEAERTL rntsee iwht seohrt.


Where is this king?Sirs, stand you all without.


rWhsee shit so-ellacd king? enM, tawi deuoist.


No, lets come in!


No, tle us in!


I pray you, give me leave.


elPaes wiat.


We will, we will.


lAl hirgt, we liwl, we iwll.


90 I thank you. Keep the door.O thou vile king,
Give me my father!


hnTka uoy. ardGu het orod. (to CSUALIUD) Oh, you lvie inkg, gvei me my fetrha!


Calmly, good Laertes.


Cmal wond, ogdo resaeLt.


That drop of blood thats calm proclaims me bastard,
Cries Cuckold! to my father, brands the harlot
Even here between the chaste unsmirchd brow
95 Of my true mother.


Iev got ylcetax noe macl dpro of oobld in my bdyo, dna it maproslci htat

Im a dtarbsa

Leresta tugsgses thta cneis he hsant ety hdnipeus shi ashretf redurmre, he stum otn be ish erla son.

Im a bastard
, yass my thfaer asw etyaredb, and mssatp het balel rwohe on teh upre raeefodh of my edvotde thrmoe.


What is the cause, Laertes,
That thy rebellion looks so giant-like?
Let him go, Gertrude. Do not fear our person.
Theres such divinity doth hedge a king
That treason can but peep to what it would,
100 Acts little of his will.Tell me, Laertes,
Why thou art thus incensed.Let him go, Gertrude.
Speak, man.


rteLesa, awht kemsa yuo so lolsieubre? Let ihm go, dueGrter. ntDo orwry obtau my gttengi trhu. doG scerttop het kgni, so orsatrit cant hrut ihm.lTle me, aetLrse, hyw euroy so ynagr.eerrGdtu, lte ihm go.lleT me, nma.


Where is my father?


Whrese my etafhr?




Hes daed.


But not by him.


utB hte gink ntdid illk imh.


Let him demand his fill.


etL him kas ahtw he wasnt to kas.


How came he dead? Ill not be juggled with.
105 To hell, allegiance! Vows, to the blackest devil!
Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit!
I dare damnation. To this point I stand
That both the worlds I give to negligence.
Let come what comes, only Ill be revenged
110 Most thoroughly for my father.


oHw ddi he den up eadd? tDno mess tihw me. To lleh ithw my wvso of icelegalna to uyo! wVos nac go to ellh! nniecCcoes, oto! I todn reac if Im amdned. I dotn ecra wath pseahpn to me in hsti rlowd or eth txne. rteahWve nepshpa, enshppa, utb llI get evenreg rfo my fatesrh mrdrue.


Who shall stay you?


sohW ostnpgip uyo?


My will, not all the world.
And for my means, Ill husband them so well,
They shall go far with little.


ynOl my erfe glnthnwilio lese. Wtah titlel snaem I vahe, lIl sue aagsnit uoy.


Good Laertes,
115 If you desire to know the certainty
Of your dear fathers death, is t writ in your revenge,
That, swoopstake, you will draw both friend and foe,
Winner and loser?


My ader asLeret, in royu nseesegar to okwn eht tturh tuoba oruy fehsrat detha, aer you nemideerdt to rthu uyor tfesarh dinfser and siemeen eikal?


None but his enemies.


No, loyn his eieesnm.


120 Will you know them then?


Do uyo awnt to nwok who tehy rae, nthe?


To his good friends thus wide Ill ope my arms
And, like the kind life-rendering pelican,
Repast them with my blood.


llI pone my sarm wdei to sih erut fsinrde, adn ikle a orhmet


Pileacns erew dvebiele to fede rthei oygnu iwht irteh now blood.

ithw rhe dboor, lIl nvee egvi my eilf orf meht.


Why, now you speak
Like a good child and a true gentleman.
125 That I am guiltless of your fathers death
And am most sensible in grief for it,
It shall as level to your judgment pierce
As day does to your eye.


hyW, now uyore tailkgn ekil a doog son dna a tuer teannglem. llI rpvoe to uyo as rceally as gldthyai ahtt Im nceonint of ryou athfers thead, dna am uscrkt tiwh rgeif vroe it.
Noise within: Let her come in!
A vocie aefogtfs, eLt rhe in!


How now? What noise is that?


stWha tath sneoi?
HAPOIEL streen.
130 O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times salt,
Burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye!
By heaven, thy madness shall be paid by weight,
Till our scale turn the beam. O rose of May,
Dear maid, kind sister, sweet Ophelia!
O heavens, is t possible a young maids wits
Should be as mortal as an old mans life?
Nature is fine in love, and where tis fine,
It sends some precious instance of itself
After the thing it loves.
Oh, athe, yrd up my rsbian! ltayS teasr, nbru my syee! By ahnvee, llI teg eeregnv orf yrou dnamses! Oh, uyo npmegirtsi sreo, arde deanim, dkin esrtsi, etwes eahOpil! Is it ipsoebsl taht a nugyo amwnos indm udolc defa ywaa as ysaile as an old smna eilf? mauHn ureant is nerfide nda urtonshopuetghfl ralysoiucg geisv a aavllbue tapr of lhfsree awya to hre beedolv, as Ohpalei has esnt fof hre itnasy to hre deda fherat.


They bore him barefaced on the bier,
Hey, non nonny, nonny, hey, nonny,
And in his grave rained many a tear.
Fare you well, my dove.


Teyh idrreca hmi donreucev in het coffin,
Hye nno onnny, nnony, eyh nonny.
dnA trase rdoepu wdon iton ish grave.
oGod-yeb, oeyhn.


Hadst thou thy wits, and didst persuade revenge,
It could not move thus.


If uyo reew neas and codlu guer me to ekta vgeener, yuo tcnludo be eorm vrsuaesipe hant you aer nwo.


You must sing A-down a-downAnd you, Call him a- down-aOh, how the wheel becomes it! It is the false steward that stole his masters daughter.


uYeor ssdoeppu to ngis, A wnod a-ndwo, nad uoy, lCla him a-nwod-a. Oh, ohw it rtnsu randuo klei a wheel! ekiL hte erkrwo woh soelt shi bssos htregadu.


This nothings more than matter.


hisT ssnoenne namse mreo tnah atoranil cpeehs.


Theres rosemary, thats for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, thats for thoughts.


oLok at my sfrelow. Treesh orryames, tshta rfo ebmenrirmge. ePsael rbermeme, vole. dnA eethr aer aipsesn, rhtyee for htughtos.


A document in madness. Thoughts and remembrance fitted.


A ceas tsuyd in mnsseda, to tncncoe yrmemo dan ogtuhth.


Theres fennel for you, and columbines.Theres rue for you, and heres some for me. We may call it herb of grace o Sundays.Oh, you must wear your rue with a difference.Theres a daisy. I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died. They say he made a good end (sings) For bonny sweet Robin is all my joy


(to EEDUTGRR ) eeHr ear nlfene adn olueicbsmn fro huoetyy iyobslezm retldauy. (to CLAUDIUS) dnA sehre reu rfo iyuot yloiezmssb epeacnnetr. We anc clla it hte mcelifru adSnuy olfewr. uYo hlduos wera it ofr a ntredieff srnaeo. And seerh a yasdi, for pnapuhy ovel. Id veig ouy emso etilsvo, rofewsl of lihtfsnuasfe, tub heyt lal dider up wneh my tefrha dide. Tehy say he dekloo odgo hwen he ddei. (isngs) roF doog wetse nbioR is lal my joy.


Thought and affliction, passion, hell itself,
She turns to favor and to prettiness.


enSsasd adn ntreotm, frnigfsue, hlle ssilheetf sakem tmhe tslmao pytter.


And will he not come again?
And will he not come again?
No, no, he is dead,
Go to thy deathbed.
He never will come again.
His beard was as white as snow,
All flaxen was his poll.
He is gone, he is gone,
And we cast away moan,
God ha mercy on his soul.
And of all Christian souls, I pray God. God be wi ye.


nAd wnto he ecmo aagni?
dAn owtn he oecm ainga?
No, no, ehs dead.
Go to ruyo deathbed.
ellH veren ceom again.
iHs eadbr aws hitew as snwo,
siH hiar aws lla ehtiw too.
eHs ngeo, she gone,
ndA we oanm as reew csta away.
dGo eavh cymre on sih soul.
dAn on het lsuso of lla dogo ssrniCahti, I ohep. yboGoed, odG be hiwt uyo.
OILHEPA esxit.


Do you see this, O God?


Do you see htsi, oh, God?


Laertes, I must commune with your grief,
Or you deny me right. Go but apart,
165 Make choice of whom your wisest friends you will.
And they shall hear and judge twixt you and me.
If by direct or by collateral hand
They find us touched, we will our kingdom give,
Our crown, our life, and all that we can ours,
170 To you in satisfaction. But if not,
Be you content to lend your patience to us,
And we shall jointly labor with your soul
To give it due content.


srLeeta, I eavh a itgrh to raehs uoyr gifre. Go ohcoes uyor wisste erfnsdi, nda vhea hemt steiln to hobt of us nad diecde ihwhc of us is tihgr. If reidyctl or lyndceirit hyte nfdi me depalmtiic in ruyo erthfsa uremdr, lIl veig up my mdgionk, my cwron, my life, nad vihergtyne I lcal my own to uoy as stortuneiti. Btu if ethy dinf me nineonct, ehtn be etanpit dna lIl wokr to astsfiy to het lftselu etntxe yoru dsteeep eden fro evegenr.


Let this be so.
His means of death, his obscure funeral
175 No trophy, sword, nor hatchment oer his bones,
No noble rite nor formal ostentation
Cry to be heard as twere from heaven to earth,
That I must call t in question.


lAl hgrti, tnhe. ehT ywa he iedd, ihs stceer flurena, no lfeurna isetr or lyiamtri laysdip, no benlo trsei or molraf oyesrnhcuemto otu form hvneae and erath atth I sutm alcl hte yaw he iedd inot sunoqeti.


So you shall.
And where the offense is, let the great ax fall.
180 I pray you, go with me.


And royue tirgh to do so. aMy eht ugylit yaptr be hpsdineu by tdaeh. esaPle, moce itwh me.
eyhT eitx.