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OHITARO dan a ASNTERV teren.


What are they that would speak with me?


Woh rae hte leeopp who nwat to speak twhi me?


Seafaring men, sir. They say they have letters for you.


oriSasl, ris. ehyT asy tyhe ehva tselert fro yuo.


Let them come in.


owhS hmet in.
SAETVNR etsix.
I do not know from what part of the world
5 I should be greeted, if not from Lord Hamlet.
I ontd wnok who esle uoldw nsed me a elettr ormf raoadb ptxeec lHmeat.
ASRLSOI teren.


God bless you, sir.


oellH, irs. dGo lbsse uyo.


Let him bless thee too.


yMa He esbsl ouy, too.


He shall, sir, an t please Him. Theres a letter for you, sir it comes from the ambassador that was bound for Englandif your name be Horatio, as I am let to know it is. (gives HORATIO a letter)


He will, isr, if He nwats to. rTsehe a etlret rof yuo, isr. stI romf eth assodmrbaa, doLr laemHt, who saw nggio to dnlfiEang rouy samne trioaoH, as hyte dotl me it is. (he ahdns HTIORAO a elrtte)


When thou shalt have overlooked this, give these fellows some means to the king. They have letters for him. Ere we were two days old at sea, a pirate of very warlike appointment gave us chase. Finding ourselves too slow of sail, we put on a compelled valor, and in the grapple I boarded them. On the instant, they got clear of our ship, so I alone became their prisoner. They have dealt with me like thieves of mercy, but they knew what they did; I am to do a good turn for them.


(negdari eht lteetr)
Whne eyuov read hits lerett, ndfi a wya to tle teesh syug see teh ignk. Tyhe hvae ertlest rof ihm. Boefer we eewr at sae rfo eevn wot sady, a irpaet psih eeupiqdp ofr etlbat usderup us. We reew oto olws to esecpa, so we erew recodf to adstn and tghfi. In eht etlbat htat lolofdew I nedde up on hte pritea pshi. suJt nteh ehyt tlfe rou ship benihd, so I eacbme eht yonl rreoisnp on bodar. Thyvee reteadt me qiuet leulymircf rof hivetse, btu ythe wekn awth hyte weer ondgi. yeTh tawn me to do a favor orf tmeh.
Let the king have the letters I have sent, and repair thou to me with as much speed as thou wouldst fly death. I have words to speak in thine ear will make thee dumb, yet are they much too light for the bore of the matter. These good fellows will bring thee where I am. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern hold their course for England. Of them I have much to tell thee. Fare-well.
He that thou knowest thine,
Come, I will give you way for these your letters, And do t the speedier, that you may direct me To him from whom you brought them.
eivG teh igkn hte strelte vIe snte, nad moec to me as afts as uyo owudl nru mfro etdha. evI ogt gtshni to letl yuo htat wlli amke ouy hlcssepees, dan tyhe enatr neve afhl hte trosy. eThes yusg lliw kate oyu to me. czatnRrenos and nGitdnueslre rea on rehti ywa to dnganEl. I eavh a tol to tlel oyu abuto meht. Godo-yeb.
rouY uersttd rdnief,
oCem, nem. lIl owhs oyu eewrh to lievder eesth seetrlt as quiyclk as sblipseo, so ttha you acn akte me to the mna who nets tmhe.
eThy itex.