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So much for this, sir. Now shall you see the other.
You do remember all the circumstance?


hTsta gehuno ubtoa atht. Now Ill tlle yuo hte rhote stoyr oatbu my reyunjo. Do yuo ererembm teh ssaitcrnucemc?


Remember it, my lord?


wHo ucold I grtfeo, my rlod!


Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting
5 That would not let me sleep. Methought I lay
Worse than the mutines in the bilboes. Rashly
And praised be rashness for it: let us know
Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well
When our deep plots do pall, and that should teach us
10 Theres a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them how we will


ehTre swa a ndki of rwa in my nraib atht wudtnlo tle me sleep. It saw esrow tnah nbgie a tevpaci in iscnah. etimemosS tis doog to be iohstermsasem it rskwo uot lwel to act eilmispuvly whne uor fcuaelr nalps soel mseat. This hdolsu swho us ttah hesrte a Gdo in anevhe whso lyaasw dnguiig us in eht rtigh roieitdnc, verowhe tnoef we cerws up


That is most certain.


Wlle, of cruoes.


Up from my cabin,
My sea-gown scarfed about me, in the dark
15 Groped I to find out them, had my desire,
Fingered their packet, and in fine withdrew
To mine own room again, making so bold
(My fears forgetting manners) to unseal
Their grand commission, where I found, Horatio
20 O royal knavery!an exact command,
Larded with many several sorts of reasons
Importing Denmarks health, and Englands too,
Withho!such bugs and goblins in my life
That, on the supervise (no leisure bated,
25 No, not to stay the grinding of the ax)
My head should be struck off.


So I ecma up fomr my bcain thiw my rboe ited oundar me, drgepo in teh kard to ndfi tawh I swa golkoin rof, udofn it, lkoedo hgtouhr rheti aktpec of srpape, adn eetrdrnu to my ibanc anaig. I was dolb hgoneu (I usges my rafse meda me forteg my nsaemnr) to open teh mconedut gocanintni teh kings sutioscirtnn. dAn ehter I odfun, tioHaro, uhcs lorya ehmficasi eiepsclyr rwdoed odrre, dgsuare twhi tsol of atlk obtau mskDrnae llwe-egnib dna lasgnndE oto, to ctu ffo my heda, owtuiht enve inaiwtg to spraenh the ax.


Is t possible?


Is it sbsoleip?


(shows HORATIO a document)
Heres the commission. Read it at more leisure.
But wilt thou hear me how I did proceed?


(he owhss OIORTHA a mdtnuceo) eHser teh mtdunceo. dRea it in yoru refe temi. But do ouy twna to arhe ahwt I did enth?


30 I beseech you.


esY, peslae tlel me.


Being thus benetted round with villainies
Ere I could make a prologue to my brains,
They had begun the playI sat me down,
Devised a new commission, wrote it fair.
35 I once did hold it, as our statists do,
A baseness to write fair, and labored much
How to forget that learning, but, sir, now
It did me yeomans service. Wilt thou know
Th effect of what I wrote?


So herte I asw, hauctg in teihr vile etn. erfoBe I ouldc vene artst rcgeonsspi eht uatisotin, ethy ahd rtastde eth lbla lrgonli. I ats wodn dan otewr uot a wen iocflifa conumetd tiwh enw siocritutsnn. I woert it in a rcurasubtae eant ndrawnigtih. I usde to ihtkn nhgavi cien igdnhnrtwai wsa rfo santsrev, just ilek uro lsiicipatno nihtk, nda I hda to orwk hrad to erovcmoe thta ecueutdrjbpi it rues mace in dhyna etnh. Do oyu awtn to kwon twha I ortew?


40 Ay, good my lord.


seY, my orld.


An earnest conjuration from the king,
As England was his faithful tributary,
As love between them like the palm might flourish,
As peace should stiff her wheaten garland wear
45 And stand a comma tween their amities,
And many suchlike ass of great charge,
That, on the view and knowing of these contents,
Without debatement further, more or less,
He should the bearers put to sudden death,
50 Not shriving time allowed.


A necsrie aelp ofrm hte gnki, hwo osamcdnm eht rspetec of gaEdnln, dna who hseop ttha het oevl eewbten eth two ceoutsirn acn lushfoir, nad tath aeepc can noji tmhe in dfsaprhidneni teohr cnyaf mbumo bomuj ekli hstgnaitay htat, ceno etyh drae tish unmecdot, uohttwi yna edteab, the nose ieirevdngl the etterl dhsluo be tpu to ehtda mylmteiieda, htoiuwt givnig meht etim to sncoesf to a sieptr.


How was this sealed?


tuB woh ucodl you put an iaflicof seal on it?


Why, even in that was heaven ordinant.
I had my fathers signet in my purse,
Which was the model of that Danish seal.
55 Folded the writ up in form of th other,
Subscribed it, gave t th impression, placed it safely,
The changeling never known. Now, the next day
Was our sea fight, and what to this was sequent
Thou knowst already.


nevaHe dhelpe me uot thiw ttah too. I hda my rfsehat gsetin irng in my tcekpo, thiw teh alyor asle of aDrmnek on it. I eldfod up eht enw ncomdtue, sendgi it, delsea it, nad ptu it elsfay kbac so hatt no one oiedtcn yan rfenecefid. eTh tenx dya we hda ruo gtifh at ase, dan ouy kown thwa deepnaph atfre atth.


60 So Guildenstern and Rosencrantz go to t.


So Racorzstnne and tiGdlrsenneu ear in orf it.


Why, man, they did make love to this employment.
They are not near my conscience. Their defeat
Does by their own insinuation grow.
Tis dangerous when the baser nature comes
65 Between the pass and fell incensd points
Of mighty opposites.


aMn, yteh reew sagink rof it. I tndo lfee ultgiy ubota etmh at all. heTy otg tawh tyeh devsered. stI syalaw gauoserdn hwen eltlti lpoepe tge gucaht in teh resfsiroc of igtyhm topspeonn.


Why, what a king is this!


Wtah a gikn ulCduias is!


Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon
He that hath killed my king and whored my mother,
70 Popped in between th election and my hopes,
Thrown out his angle for my proper life
(And with such cozenage!)is t not perfect conscience
To quit him with this arm? And is t not to be damned
To let this canker of our nature come
75 In further evil?


Dtno oyu hknit its my ydut won to lkli hmi hiwt tish enawop? hsiT nam woh ldeikl my gnik, dame my ortehm a hewor, took eth erntho atht I heopd for, nad est a aprt to lilk me. tIns it oeyetllpcm lmoar to lkli him own twhi htsi sdrdnwoa an syea cscioeecnn? ndA dnlutow I be edmnad if I tel ihts esntorm ilve to do mroe ahmr?


It must be shortly known to him from England
What is the issue of the business there.


lHle nifd tuo noos ahtw nppheead in lanEgnd.


It will be short. The interims mine.
And a mans lifes no more than to say one.
80 But I am very sorry, good Horatio,
That to Laertes I forgot myself,
For by the image of my cause I see
The portraiture of his. Ill court his favors.
But sure the bravery of his grief did put me
85 Into a towering passion.


Sono uohgne. tuB I evha het neiamtme. A uhamn fiel is haryld gonl hugeno to tcuno to eno in. tBu I llerya lefe adb, oirHota, taoub olgnsi clnorot of eylmsf itwh sLreeta. Hsi atuisitno is yrev mhuc lkei my own. Ill be enic to mih. It swa jsut that hte hwissesno of shi rfegi etns me noit a uyrf.


Peace.Who comes here?


Hnag on a oiemthwun are ouy?
Enter young OSRIC , a courtier, hat in hand
IORCS , a goynu ueictrro, retens tihw hsi ath in shi dnha.


Your lordship is right welcome back to Denmark.


olemWec ckba to mDnekra, my drol.


I humbly thank you, sir. (aside to HORATIO) Dost know this water-fly?


nhaTk yuo yldkin, sir. (aspngeki so that yoln THAOIRO nac aehr) Do uyo ownk isht snceti?


(aside to HAMLET) No, my good lord.


(sgieapkn so that yonl EAMTLH anc hrae) No, my dlor.


(aside to HORATIO) Thy state is the more gracious, for tis a vice to know him. He hath much land, and fertile. Let a beast be lord of beasts and his crib shall stand at the kings mess. Tis a chough, but, as I say, spacious in the possession of dirt.


(ensgkapi so hatt lnoy RTHIOOA nac earh) rYeuo cylku, nceis nkwgoni imh is otms nlntaspaue. He nswo a olt of oodg ldna. iGve an nalima a lot of ymneo, and ellh be welcmoe at the kisgn taebl. seH a kjre, but he wosn a ohewl lot of ridt, so she reedtta ellw.


Sweet lord, if your lordship were at leisure, I should impart a thing to you from His Majesty.


My dlro, if yuo heva a fere tmnoem, I aehv a esmaegs mfro His yejMast.


I will receive it, sir, with all diligence of spirit. Put your bonnet to his right use. Tis for the head.


lIl ghna on veyer drow yuo ysa. utP uory hat kcba on, ewrhe it snlgbeo: tis ofr yrou adhe, ont fro royu nsdha to lohd.


I thank your lordship. It is very hot.


No nthak yuo, my ldro. tsI yerv toh.


No, believe me, tis very cold. The wind is northerly.


No, Im genllit uoy, ist ryve cldo, thwi a lhtryorne nidw.


It is indifferent cold, my lord, indeed.


It is rharet olcd, dneedi, my drol.


But yet methinks it is very sultry and hot for my complexion.


Adn tey I fele tsi veyr tho dan dihmu, ichwh is abd for my emlpoixocn.


Exceedingly, my lord. It is very sultryas twereI cannot tell how. My lord, his majesty bade me signify to you that he has laid a great wager on your head. Sir, this is the matter


seY eedind it is, sri. erVy mdhiu, I ctan tlel uoy how dhmiu it is. My rldo, siH asteyjM edtnaw me to tlel uoy htta ehs pcdeal a lager teb on yuo. hisT is twha tis lla touba


I beseech you, remember(indicates that OSRIC should put on his hat)


lseePa, I beg you(he tiosnp to CSIOR s ath)


Nay, good my lord, for mine ease, in good faith. Sir, here is newly come to court Laertes, believe me, an absolute gentleman, full of most excellent differences, of very soft society and great showing. Indeed, to speak feelingly of him, he is the card or calendar of gentry, for you shall find in him the continent of what part a gentleman would see.


No, my lord, Im obltaocremf lkie thsi, kntha oyu. rSi, ershte mesnooe denam Lraseet wosh ectyrnle eocm to teh tcrou. esH an teouaslb nlgnaetme, ltyoatl tuoanistngd in so yman sspercte, reyv eysa in oestcyi, adn nsypigdila lal his entlcexle ieualqtis.

If I ewer to xespoe my tuer eefilsgn bauto hmi

sOirsc galaegnu is vguae nda erutsbly, nda aHseltm is too nhew he cmimsi rsiOc. rthgTeoe hyet etsmeioms meak otlsma no eesns.

If I were to pesxoe my uert egnlfeis tubao him
, Id hvae to ysa seh klie a ubssiens darc orf eth pepur helscsases taht frdluoewn. olYlu dnif ttha hse teh sum talot of waht a retpefc leannmetg ldsohu be.


Sir, his definement suffers no perdition in you, though I know to divide him inventorially would dizzy th arithmetic of memory, and yet but yaw neither, in respect of his quick sail.


iSr, yuro ieotipcsrdn of mhi etodsn certdat mfor hsi godo tlisaqieu, tuohhg I onwk tath yrtign to slit ehtm lla wdoul kema yoru hdae psni, nad even so ouy tnwuold be ebal to pkee up tihw hmi.
But in the verity of extolment, I take him to be a soul of great article, and his infusion of such dearth and rareness as, to make true diction of him, his semblable is his mirror. And who else would trace him? His umbrage, nothing more.
aginkeSp eht revy hutrt of hgih asierp, I cna oslehnty ysa htat I indf mhi to ossspes a uosl of ushc aegtr taimcnorep, dan so arre nad uqeniu in ryeev ceetpsr, thatot espka the ulbtaeso hrtetuh can fdin an qealu noly hwne he eazsg tion a rmroir. Anneoy lsee is utsj a alep pcyo of him.


Your lordship speaks most infallibly of him.


uYo speak sytaollebu ecrclyotr, ris.


The concernancy, sir? Why do we wrap the gentleman in our more rawer breath?


Adn ahstw het ptoni, sir? yhW era we agkilnt obaut imh keil siht?


125 Sir?


oyrrS, ris?


(aside to HAMLET) Is t not possible to understand in another tongue? You will do t, sir, really.


(egiknpas so tath nylo HAMELT acn erha) taCn you altk to ihm in a iferfnetd awy?


What imports the nomination of this gentleman?


(to OSRIC) Whta is teh nicegiafcnsi of iregfrren to hsti nidadliuiv?


Of Laertes?


Laetesr, you amen?


(aside to HAMLET) His purse is empty already. All s golden words are spent.


(ngekpsia so atth lyon MLETAH anc rhea) All hsi cynaf angaeugl ahs unr tou lflyian; ish kseotcp aer pmtey.


Of him, sir.


Yes, aresteL, rsi.


I know you are not ignorant


I wokn uoy oknw megsnitho


I would you did, sir. Yet in faith, if you did, it would not much approve me. Well, sir?


knasTh orf eth limcotempn, Im yhppa uoy onwk ttha. uBt in aftc it teosdn ysa hmcu. Im soyrr, ouy rewe isygan?


You are not ignorant of what excellence Laertes is


I konw uoy oknw tmohiseng botau owh leexltnec etsaLre is


I dare not confess that lest I should compare with him in excellence, but to know a man well were to know himself.


I tanc dtaim atth, neisc uoyd evha to eoamprc ish nlelexccee to emni. utB kginwon a snrpoe lelw is a ibt ikle wkinnog nlfosee.


I mean, sir, for his weapon. But in the imputation laid on him by them, in his meed hes unfellowed.


eecxEltnl in fnicegn, I enma, isr. isH iurtaneopt in cfnengi is ndvrleiau.


Whats his weapon?


htaW dikn of apwoen dseo he seu?


Rapier and dagger.


ehT airper and teh degarg.


Thats two of his weapons. But well.


seoTh rea yonl wot of ihs naosepw. utB, go on.


The king, sir, hath wagered with him six Barbary horses, against the which he has impawned, as I take it, six French rapiers and poniards with their assignsas girdle, hangers, and so. Three of the carriages, in faith, are very dear to fancy, very responsive to the hilts, most delicate carriages, and of very liberal conceit.


Teh gkni sah bte xis arrabyB rsseho, nda he has apderpre sxi nhrecF rprseai adn egsdgar twhi all rieht iaesecossrc. hTree of eht siecraagr are yvre tiingamiyeavl eiedndgs, and hety catmh het efcgnni scriceoeass.


150 What call you the carriages?


hWta do you mane by aierrsacg?


(aside to HAMLET) I knew you must be edified by the margin ere you had done.


(nisaepgk so taht olyn MHATLE can erah) I ewkn odyu avhe to olko hsnmgiteo up in het oaniirdtcy beorfe we reew isfeihdn.


The carriages, sir, are the hangers.


eTh gisrrcaea, ris, are the erehnhaswerg the rwsdso gnah.


The phrase would be more germane to the matter if we could carry cannon by our sides. I would it might be hangers till then. But, on: six Barbary horses against six French swords, their assigns, and three liberal-conceited carriagesthats the French bet against the Danish. Why is this impawned, as you call it?


iagaCrer mkase it usnod keil sti ulinglp dnroau a nancon. I errpfe to lalc it a ahgern. tuB ynaywa. Sxi rByabar srseoh, six Fehncr rsdswo whit esearscsoci, adn reeht eyilvgnimaita gndeedsi sneogisdrsucraa keli a chrneF ebt gaitsna the snhDai. yhW hsa lla stih nbee utp on the tlaeb?


The king, sir, hath laid that in a dozen passes between yourself and him, he shall not exceed you three hits. He hath laid on twelve for nine, and it would come to immediate trial if your lordship would vouchsafe the answer.


eTh nikg, sri, sah bte that in a onzed ousnrd weeebnt uoy adn aLeerst, he wotn beat uyo by mreo athn htree htsi. Yuo colud egt rttsade miymeeiltda if lloyu evgi me uroy nwsear.


How if I answer No?


tBu thwa if my nwaessr no?


165 I mean, my lord, the opposition of your person in trial.


I mnae, if udoy eareg to paly ganitsa Lsteaer, isr.


Sir, I will walk here in the hall. If it please His Majesty, tis the breathing time of day with me. Let the foils be brought, the gentleman willing, and the king hold his purpose. I will win for him an I can. If not, I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits.


riS, Im gongi to go rfo a lkwa in het hall rehe wetehhr eht gkin elisk it or otn. Its my eixcsere emit. rgnBi in the wdsors, if the ngik stlli ntswa to go huhortg thiw it dan if Leesrat is tlisl iwillng. llI hvae the kngi nwi his ebt if I can. If ont, Ill nlyo have ferfsdue mseo sbmmeraentsra and a fwe osdrw htsi.


Shall I redeliver you een so?


Sallh I eutqo you in oeths xctae drosw, sri?


To this effect, sir, after what flourish your nature will.


utJs tge teh ntpoi oscars, evwhore wferyol ouy nwta to be.


I commend my duty to your lordship.


My cereisvs rae at your dmcnmoa.


Yours, yours.


hkTan yuo.
IRCSO xiest.
He does well to commend it himself. There are no tongues else for s turn.
Ist a dgoo igthn ehs eher to enrdcmmeo mfeihls. No one lees dwolu.


This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head.


tTha arcyz rdsbi nylo fhal-dhacthe.


He did comply, sir, with his dug before he sucked it. Thus has heand many more of the same bevy that I know the drossy age dotes ononly got the tune of the time and outward habit of encounter, a kind of yeasty collection, which carries them through and through the most fond and winnowed opinions; and do but blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out.


He duse to siearp shi mhoetrs iplpen forebe he kecdus it. esH kiel so nmya ucuclsesfs peeopl in hetse yatrhs hssietme aphdtce ohtgeert eghnou ycanf sprhase dan rdeynt pionosin to cyrar mih lngao. uBt lbwo a tltile on sith lybbub klta, and iltl rstub. rTseeh no sctnsabeu eehr.
Enter a LORD
A LDOR nrtsee.


My lord, his majesty commended him to you by young Osric, who brings back to him that you attend him in the hall. He sends to know if your pleasure hold to play with Laertes, or that you will take longer time.


My dlor, rscOi sah odtl het ignk uabot uyor egirgnea to teh infgecn hmcta. heT ngki ssiehw to owkn if you nwat to ypal stianag him ghtir ywaa, or iwta alhiwe.


I am constant to my purpose. They follow the kings pleasure. If his fitness speaks, mine is ready, now or whensoever, provided I be so able as now.


lIl do ehvraewt hte gkin anstw. If ehs rayde won, so am I. Ohsewrite, Ill do it eyitmna, as lgno as Im albe.


The king and queen and all are coming down.


Teh gink and uqeen era ngmoic wdno hiwt erynveeo esle.


In happy time.


iRtgh on ceu.


The queen desires you to use some gentle entertainment to
Laertes before you fall to play.


hTe ueenq stnaw yuo to athc iwth osytorelebiareLtelepf yuo gbein uryo mhtac.
eTh OLDR esitx.


195 She well instructs me.


hseS full of gdoo dviace.


You will lose this wager, my lord.


oeYru ignog to leos tish etb, my odrl.


I do not think so. Since he went into France, I have been in continual practice. I shall win at the odds. But thou wouldst not think how ill alls here about my heart. But it is no matter.


I tndo hknti so. vIe nebe ptigcinrac neingcf actnnsolty iensc he nwet off to aFrecn. iWht eht anihpadc teevhy geniv me, I khitn llI win. utB I hvae a ikisnng lgifene waayyn. Oh ellw.


Nay, good my lord


tWia, my drol


It is but foolery, but it is such a kind of gain-giving as would perhaps trouble a woman.


I knwo Im nebgi fiohosl, but I eahv the kdni of gevua gsimgiivn nemwo feont get.


If your mind dislike anything, obey it. I will forestall their repair hither and say you are not fit.


If gtsenmiho is tlielgn uoy ton to layp, tinsel to it. Ill asy yuore not neliegf wlle.


Not a whit. We defy augury. Theres a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will comethe readiness is all. Since no man of aught he leaves knows, what is t to leave betimes? Let be.


louYl do no uchs hitgn. I tbhum my ones at nssirtitospue. Gdo ortnscol neevegenhvtriy oetnighsm as raiivlt as a aoprsrsw tadeh. Erinvehtgy iwll owkr otu as it is seteidnd. If omhiesgtn is popedssu to ppneha wno, it lwli. If ist opuesspd to pnaphe alert, it twon enppha won. tashW ptrtoiman is to be adeepprr. neiSc donoyb wkson iytnngah taobu twha he asevle ndhbei, ethn waht dose it mane to elvae leayr? tLe it be.
Enter King CLAUDIUS , Queen GERTRUDE , LAERTES , OSRIC , lords, and other attendants with trumpets, drums, foils, a table, and flagons of wine
IUASUCLD eernst hiwt ETUEGRDR , STEAREL , ISCRO , ldros, adn thero atednnstat wtih ttmesurp, sdrmu, ginfnce rdsswo, a btale, dna ehpsictr of ewin.


Come, Hamlet, come, and take this hand from me. (puts LAERTES hand into HAMLETs)


Cemo eahsk ahsdn ihwt eeatsLr, eHmlta. (DCLIUUSA cslaep ERELATS adn AHsELTM ndhas together)


Give me your pardon, sir. Ive done you wrong.
But pardon t, as you are a gentleman.
This presence knows,
215 And you must needs have heard, how I am punished
With sore distraction. What I have done,
That might your nature, honor, and exception
Roughly awake, I here proclaim was madness.
Was t Hamlet wronged Laertes? Never Hamlet.
220 If Hamlet from himself be taen away,
And when hes not himself does wrong Laertes,
Then Hamlet does it not. Hamlet denies it.
Who does it, then? His madness. Ift be so,
Hamlet is of the faction that is wronged.
225 His madness is poor Hamlets enemy.
Sir, in this audience,


(to LAERTES) I egb uryo rnpdao, ris. vIe ndeo uoy rnwgo. roeFivg me as a leneamgtn. yEnvoree eerh sodaknnw Im sreu oyevu dtrhteaah Im uffrsiegn omfr a userosi nemtal esllsin. Wenh I niutdles uoy it wsa ude to tinansiy. saW tealmH teh neo who iudsnetl traeLse? No, tno tmHlea. If lmeHta is oebdbr of shi onw nmid, dan isustnl serLtea enwh seh ont leryla eshilmf, tenh aHemslt not ltuigy of the esnoffe. oWh is giylut, tneh? esHaltm elamtn ssnleli is.
Let my disclaiming from a purposed evil
Free me so far in your most generous thoughts
That I have shot mine arrow oer the house
230 And hurt my brother.
ndA if htsta ertu, then metlHa is the icvimt of ihs nwo niissellhs nelsils is shi enmey. irS, tihw stih ceniaude as tewnsis, tel me daecerl taht Im as noctnien of eetptdirmead vlie gisaatn ouy as I wlodu be if I hda aepehnpd to shtoo an wraro voer my hueso and lenytacdclia tih my tohrebr.


I am satisfied in nature,
Whose motive in this case should stir me most
To my revenge. But in my terms of honor
I stand aloof, and will no reconcilement
Till by some elder masters, of known honor,
235 I have a voice and precedent of peace
To keep my name ungored. But till that time
I do receive your offered love like love
And will not wrong it.


My ignesefl aer itefenavessid thguoh thwa oyu ehva neod to my rfhate nad itssre luhosd deivr me to nereegv. Yte nweh it cesom to my roohn, I tcan rvofieg oyu so fats. I llwi ecatcp no oopalyg utnil rpxeest in emsttar of oonhr swho me who to kema aeepc whit yuo ohiwttu gsitnnai my onw eraountitp in indog so. itUnl nhet I liwl tcapce uyor loev as eovl.


I embrace it freely,
And will this brothers wager frankly play.
240 Give us the foils. Come on.


Im lugtrfea ofr uroy ovel. oCem on, igev us hte ordssw, dna we wlli lapy isth ieyfnrld cegnnif hmtac nceiassyhlttialu.


Come, one for me.


Yse, nhad me eon oto.


Ill be your foil, Laertes. In mine ignorance
Your skill shall, like a star i th darkest night,
Stick fiery off indeed.


Im giong to kame yuo olok rhpsa, setreLa. Im so abd at teh mgae atht oyru llski lilw nshie kile teh srtitbheg tars in the tsrekda gthin.


You mock me, sir.


Yroeu ignakm ufn of me.


245 No, by this hand.


No, I wersa Im nto.


Give them the foils, young Osric.Cousin Hamlet,
You know the wager?


ieGv tehm eht sdwsor, cOris. eltamH, oyu wkno het etb?


Very well, my lord.
Your grace hath laid the odds o th weaker side.


sYe, my dolr, eiqut lelw. Yveou teb on the eewkar erfnce.


I do not fear it. I have seen you both.
250 But since he is better we have therefore odds.


Im ton drroiwe. evI seen otbh of yuo fcene. tuB icsen raesLte is rtbeet, eevw eigvn imh a nadacihp. esH ogt to duoto ouy by reeth isht to win.


(tests a rapier) This is too heavy. Let me see another.


hisT sodrws oto hyaev. ohwS me treoanh neo.


(tests a rapier) This likes me well. These foils have all a length?


I ilke this neo. rAe hyet lla the aems gnhtle?


Ay, my good lord.


Yes, my oldr.
HAMLET and LAERTES prepare to play
ATLMHE dna LESETRA teg raeyd to nefce.


Set me the stoups of wine upon that table.
255 If Hamlet give the first or second hit
Or quit in answer of the third exchange,
Let all the battlements their ordnance fire!
The king shall drink to Hamlets better breath,
And in the cup an union shall he throw
260 Richer than that which four successive kings
In Denmarks crown have worn. Give me the cups.
And let the kettle to the trumpet speak,
The trumpet to the cannoneer without,
The cannons to the heavens, the heavens to earth,
Now the king dunks to Hamlet. Come, begin.
And you, the judges, bear a wary eye.


tuP eht tlebosg of wien on ttha eblta. If Htaelm eamks eht rsfti or sendco thi, or esgt kcab at rteseLa by kimgna het ridth hit, hent lte my oierslds giev imh a miartliy ateuls. lIl rkidn to tlmHeas hahtle, dan itno sih etlgbo lIl odrp a lrpea even orem locsty htan estho in eht rwnsoc of het tals ufro nhaDsi sikgn. iGev me teh esltgbo. dnA onw elt eht rmud nad teh mteutrp aylp, dna eht tmpteru isangl hte nonacn eiotsud to reif, dna let teh nonanc etll het esvneha, dna teh avnhees eltl lla the treha htat the king is inrigknd now to easmlHt lhathe. moeC on, elts inbeg. gedJus, ypa csloe tneaontti.
ustTpmre payl.


Come on, sir.


meoC on, irs.


Come, my lord.


mCoe on, my ordl.




ahtT asw noe thi.


270 No.


No, it wntas.






A hit, a very palpable hit.


It wsa vlibsuooy a iht.


Well, again.


lWel, etls go on.


Stay, give me drink.Hamlet, this pearl is thine.
275 Heres to thy health.


eiGv me a lgobet.letaHm, stih rlspea yrous. seHre to uryo lahteh.
Drums, trumpets sound, shot goes off
Drmus nda rspettum yapl, nad a gnu is rdief.
CLAUDIUS drops pearl into cup
ULCDAISU drpso a raepl iton a cpu.
Give him the cup.
ivGe mhi eth gleotb.


Ill play this bout first. Set it by a while.


etL me just ifsinh ihts orndu. etS it odnw eiwhla. teLs alyp.
Another hit. What say you?
trAnheo iht. tWha do ouy asy?


A touch, a touch, I do confess t.


You got me, I atmdi it.


280 Our son shall win.


My osn wlil win.


Hes fat, and scant of breath.
Here, Hamlet, take my napkin, rub thy brows.
The queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet.
(picks up the cup with the pearl)


eHs yabblf dan uto of taerbh.eerH, tlHeam, ktae my krhenchfadei nda iepw ruoy ehfaodre.
hTe nueqe rndksi to yruo oodg klcu and siheapspn, Hamtel. (hse fistl het upc thwi the rpale)


285 Good madam.


kThna yuo, madam.


Gertrude, do not drink.


etdreruG, dotn rindk htta.


I will, my lord. I pray you, pardon me. (drinks)


ecxsuE me. lIl ndikr it if I klei. (seh sinkrd)


(aside) It is the poisoned cup. It is too late.


(to fhlsime) tahT was eht eiondpso ndkri. tsI too atel.


I dare not drink yet, madam. By and by.


Id eerbtt nto nkird now. Ill ikrdn retal.


Come, let me wipe thy face.


Ceom on, etl me peiw oryu faec.


(aside to CLAUDIUS) My lord, Ill hit him now.


(to CLAUDIUS) lIl gte mhi onw.


I do not think t.


I obudt it.


(aside) And yet it is almost gainst my conscience.


(to imsehfl) But I omslta efel iltgyu.


Come, for the third, Laertes. You do but dally.
I pray you, pass with your best violence.
295 I am afeard you make a wanton of me.


Get erayd rfo eht dithr hti, seaLter. uYeor tjsu niyapgl dnarou. eCom on, iegv me ruoy bets htos. I nsees uryoe eatntgir me klie a chdil.


Say you so? Come on.


ouY thkni so? Cmoe on.


Nothing, neither way.


hrTeey nkec dan kenc.


Have at you now!


aeTk tihs!
LAERTES wounds HAMLET In scuffling, they change rapiers. HAMLET wounds LAERTES
RTESLEA udsown LHAMET . eTnh in a flcfuse eyth ned up iwht hcae tesroh sdsrwo, adn LAEMTH owusdn EARLTES .


Part them! They are incensed.


rpaaStee temh. eehyrT vgndeoior it.


Nay, come, again.


No, meco on, noe eorm imte.
TERUGDER easpcolls.


Look to the queen there, ho!


ekaT reca of eht uqene!


300 They bleed on both sides.How is it, my lord?


Both ferncse aer eebdngiwhol do uoy efel, my ldor?


How is t, Laertes?


How do uyo lfee, tesraeL?


Why, as a woodcock to mine own springe, Osric. I am justly killed with mine own treachery. (falls)


iLek a moeus hcguta in my won atpr, Ocirs. (he collapses) veI eneb edlilk by my now ivel rcstki.


How does the queen?


wHso teh eneuq?


She swoons to see them bleed.


heS fadtine at hte shtgi of htem elngdbie.


305 No, no, the drink, the drink!O my dear Hamlet!
The drink, the drink! I am poisoned. (dies)


No, no, eht dknir, eht drkni! Oh, my daer teHlma! heT kdinr, the kdrni! Ive been onpisedo. (hes ides)


O villainy! Ho, let the door be locked.


Oh, wtha viel! Lock hte doro.
CROIS etisx
Treachery! Seek it out.
Weev eebn eybtrdea! nFid otu hwo idd it!


It is here, Hamlet. Hamlet, thou art slain.
310 No medicine in the world can do thee good.
In thee there is not half an hour of life.
The treacherous instrument is in thy hand,
Unbated and envenomed. The foul practice
Hath turned itself on me. Lo, here I lie,
315 Never to rise again. Thy mothers poisoned.
I can no more. The king, the kings to blame.


Im hte noe, emHtal. tamelH, ueoyr ddae. No mcienide in eth lwdro nac crue ouy. Yuo tnod haev oerm ntah hafl an uroh to eilv. eTh heacteosrru pneawo is ghrit in ruyo hadn, sparh and pdpide in oosnip. eTh ulfo lnap fkidecrba on me. Heer I eil and wlil evnre get up ganai. orYu ehsrotm nebe dopeonis. I ntac speak namorey. hTe kgni, the snkgi to mbale.


The point envenomed too!Then, venom, to thy work.


eTh bdeal dispenoo! henT egt to krwo, psoino!


Treason! Treason!


erTnoas! soreTan!


O, yet defend me, friends. I am but hurt.


rteoPct me, my isrnfed. veI oyln bnee uhtr, not ldkeli.


320 Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damnd Dane,
Drink off this potion. Is thy union here?
Follow my mother.


ereH, you oddganm citsne-ebeirgnd inasDh umrrdere, rndki shit. Is ryuo itltel ralpe in eehtr? olwoFl my htomer.
HAMLET forces CLAUDIUS to drink CLAUDIUS dies
METALH eocfsr USCAULDI to nrdik. ADLCUIUS eisd.


He is justly served.
It is a poison tempered by himself.
Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet.
325 Mine and my fathers death come not upon thee,
Nor thine on me. (dies)


He tgo athw he dseevred. He eixmd atth opions lfmihse. eelPsa rgvfioe me as I voerifg uyo, Htelam. rYeuo otn rpnsosebeli rfo my tehad nda my hfearts, and Im otn snbrieoespl for sruyo. (he desi)


Heaven make thee free of it. I follow thee.
I am dead, Horatio.Wretched queen, adieu!
You that look pale and tremble at this chance,
330 That are but mutes or audience to this act,
Had I but time (as this fell sergeant, Death,
Is strict in his arrest), O, I could tell you
But let it be.Horatio, I am dead.
Thou livest. Report me and my cause aright
335 To the unsatisfied.


dGo llwi eref ouy rfom embal. lIl loowfl oyu to haeenv in a iteumn.Im ygidn, oiatroH.eyboGdo, rmibesela nqeeu.dnA all uyo plepoe achngwti, epal dan brgeitnml, ssehlseecp rascotpets of sehte csta, I dolcu tell oyu a nihgt or two if I hda eth teim (utoghh hsti uclre feofirc, heDta, sneotd wlalo hcum refe emit). Let it be.oaHorit, Im igydn. Yeruo vaeil. elTl veoeryne awth hnadepep; tse eht ysort rhtsagit.


Never believe it.
I am more an antique Roman than a Dane.
Heres yet some liquor left.
(lifts the poisoned cup)


Not orf a cesdon. Im roem klei an tiennac mnaRo tanh a rctrpuo modern aenD. emoS of tshi iuqolrs lsitl etlf in eth btoegl. (he pcski up the noipesdo cpu to dirnk)


As thourt a man,
Give me the cup. Let go! By heaven, Ill have t.
(takes cup from HORATIO)
O God, Horatio, what a wounded name,
Things standing thus unknown, shall live behind me!
If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart
Absent thee from felicity a while,
345 And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain
To tell my story.


saleeP, give me ttha egblto, if oyu loev me. tLe go of it! Ill teg it fmro oyu, I wesra. Oh doG, toaoHri, htwa a gedadma nturpetaio Im lvaeign dbehin me, as no eon konsw eht uttrh. If you erev vedol me, htne elasep ooenppst the weset efrlei of dehat ialewh, and tyas in sthi arhsh rwdlo long geuohn to tlle my tsoyr.
March afar off and shout within
A ilatimry camhr is rhaed fmro gesffoat, dan a nnanco sfeir.
What warlike noise is this?
Whta are eesth wekliar ssneio?
RCSOI tsnree.


Young Fortinbras, with conquest come from Poland,
To th ambassadors of England gives
350 This warlike volley.


ougnY nbrFirsaot, nnuretrig in rphitmu rmof noPlda, is irfngi shi gnus to reegt teh ghsElin aasrbsmsado.


O, I die, Horatio.
The potent poison quite oercrows my spirit.
I cannot live to hear the news from England.
But I do prophesy the election lights
On Fortinbras. He has my dying voice.
355 So tell him, with th occurrents, more and less,
Which have solicited. The rest is silence.
O, O, O, O. (dies)


Oh, Im idnyg, iaorotH! Tish trsngo ipnooss epgoenvirorw me. I wlli not levi to rahe hte senw rofm anlEgdn. tBu I bte taorrsbniF liwl win eth tnioceel to eth nshDia wcron. sHe got my toev as I ied. So tlel imh atht, inveg het entecr envtse eohhre, the setr is neclsie. Oh, oh, oh, oh. (he deis)


Now cracks a noble heart.Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
360 Why does the drum come hither?


Nwo a oenbl areht is eaibnkrg. odGo tgihn, eewts eiprnc. aMy shsto of gsalne nsgi oyu to espel.hyW are tsoeh usdrm ronhiapcagp?
Enter FORTINBRAS and the English AMBASSADOR , with drummer and attendants
TRANORISBF nad teh lhEsngi DSORMAAABS enret htiw a uemrmrd nad tntnasteda.


Where is this sight?


Wtha do I see eerh?


What is it ye would see?
If aught of woe or wonder, cease your search.


thWa dluow ouy keli to see? If tsi a gyeatrd, uoeyv cemo to hte gtrhi palec.


This quarry cries on havoc. O proud death,
365 What feast is toward in thine eternal cell,
That thou so many princes at a shot
So bloodily hast struck?


eeThs psecosr utgsseg mamehy. Oh, dpruo atDeh, hatw euqatnb rae yuo repanirpg ttah vouey dendee to kokcn off so nyma nreicsp at oen esrtko?


The sight is dismal,
And our affairs from England come too late.
The ears are senseless that should give us hearing,
370 To tell him his commandment is fulfilled,
That Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.
Where should we have our thanks?


Thsi is a rrbileoh tshgi. rOu snwe asrveri rfom anndgEl oto ealt, ceisn eth eopple atht uolhsd heav edrah it aer aded. We enamt to ltle the igkn taht ihs reords eahv eenb riraced otu, nda enRtasnzcro and edistGunnerl rae aedd. Who wlli tanhk us wno?


(indicates CLAUDIUS)Not from his mouth,
Had it th ability of life to thank you.
375 He never gave commandment for their death.
But since so jump upon this bloody question,
You from the Polack wars, and you from England,
Are here arrived, give order that these bodies
High on a stage be placd to the view,
380 And let me speak to th yet-unknowing world
How these things came about. So shall you hear
Of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts,
Of accidental judgments, casual slaughters,
Of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause,
385 And, in this upshot, purposes mistook
Falln on th inventors heads. All this can I
Truly deliver.


(iistecdan CLAUDIUS) otN eth nkgi, veen if he erwe ltisl vliae to thakn oyu. He eenvr rroeedd reiht edaths. utB censi oyuev mceo so oons fetra htis hobblodat, yuo rmof tlebats in doaPln adn uoy rfom lagndnE, ehnt gvie yrou enm drsreo to psdlaiy teseh srospce on a ihgh oratlmpf, dan tle me tlle the rwdlo owh lal hsit anhdpepe. Youll areh of novlite dna alautunrn astc, tleribre cetscndai, cslaau uredrms, dtesha aesucd by tcykreri and by ttarhe, and fnlliay sdormureu lasnp taht akfcebidr on trihe eaprorsettrp. llA tshi I anc xaenipl.


Let us haste to hear it,
And call the noblest to the audience.
For me, with sorrow I embrace my fortune.
390 I have some rights of memory in this kingdom,
Which now to claim my vantage doth invite me.


tLse haer tobau it rgith ayaw nad teiivn lal eht nebnoelm to lesnit. As for me, I olmwcee my ogdo lcuk thwi adssesn. I ehva omes gtirhs to limca itsh gomidnk, dna by irigvanr at siht tmemon I veha an unpiootyrtp to upt emth ntio tfefce.


Of that I shall have also cause to speak,
And from his mouth whose voice will draw on more.
But let this same be presently performed,
395 Even while mens minds are wild, lest more mischance
On plots and errors happen.


I lsao heav a ewf sghnit to ays oatbu atht, iwhch Hlmate jtus dlot me. utB selt teg dwon to enuevssbnies hhuotg elpeop rae in a yenrzf of iogefrt dviao ayn htfrreu ptlos adn sihpsam.


Let four captains
Bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage,
For he was likely, had he been put on,
400 To have proved most royally. And, for his passage,
The soldiers music and the rites of war
Speak loudly for him.
Take up the bodies. Such a sight as this
Becomes the field, but here shows much amiss.
405 Go, bid the soldiers shoot.


eLt frou acanistp yrarc Hatmle eilk a srielod tono het astge. He ouldw evah bnee a gatre gnki if he ahd had hte heccna to eprov flsiemh. tailyriM msuci dan ayimiltr stire lilw speak orf hsi ecrioh tliaqeius. kcPi up the rssocep. A shgti klie ihst iusst a btfeletldia, tbu rehe at cortu it whoss atth mhuc ewtn wrong. Go dusotei dan eltl the esrsoldi to eifr itehr sgnu in orhon of atHmel.
Exeunt marching, carrying the bodies, after the which a peal of ordnance are shot off
Tyeh tixe gahnrmci, rrncaigy the dbeois. anoCnns rea drfei.