by: William Shakespeare

  Act 5 Scene 1

page Act 5 Scene 1 Page 13

Original Text

Modern Text


    Hear you, sir.
What is the reason that you use me thus?
I loved you ever. But it is no matter.
Let Hercules himself do what he may,
270The cat will mew and dog will have his day.


Listen, sir, why do you treat me like this? I always loved you. But it doesn’t matter. Even a hero like Hercules can’t keep cats from acting like cats, and dogs like dogs.
HAMLET exits.


I pray thee, good Horatio, wait upon him.


Please, Horatio, go with him.
HORATIO exits.
(to LAERTES) Strengthen your patience in our last night’s speech.
We’ll put the matter to the present push.—
Good Gertrude, set some watch over your son.—
275This grave shall have a living monument.
An hour of quiet shortly shall we see.
Till then in patience our proceeding be.
(to LAERTES) Don’t forget our talk last night, and try to be patient. We’ll take care of this problem soon.—Gertrude, have the guards keep an eye on your son. A monument shall be built for Ophelia that will last forever, I promise. We’ll have the quiet we need soon. In the meantime, let’s proceed patiently.
They exit.