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Enter Sir John FALSTAFF , with his PAGE bearing his sword and buckler
rSi hoJn FATFALSF ntsere whti his


aegp = ugoyn servant

, woh rerasci a dorsw dna eslhid.


Sirrah, you giant, what says the doctor to my water?



He said, sir, the water itself was a good healthy water, but,
for the party that owed it, he might have more diseases than
he knew for.


He iasd atht hte rniue etflsi aws dogo, htaehly ruein, utb taht het amn who noewd it obblpyar ahd orem esiedass than he doclu ltle.


5 Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at me. The brain of this
foolish-compounded clay, man, is not able to invent
anything that tends to laughter more than I invent, or is
invented on me. I am not only witty in myself, but the cause
that wit is in other men. I do here walk before thee like a sow that hath
10 overwhelmed all her litter but one. If the Prince put
thee into my service for any other reason than to set me off,
why then I have no judgment. Thou whoreson mandrake,
thou art fitter to be worn in my cap than to wait at my heels.
I was never manned with an agate till now, but I will inset
15 you neither in gold nor silver, but in vile apparel, and send
you back again to your master for a jewel. The juvenal, the
Prince your master, whose chin is not yet fledgeI will
sooner have a beard grow in the palm of my hand than he
shall get one off his cheek, and yet he will not stick to say
20 his face is a face royal. God may finish it when He will. Tis
not a hair amiss yet. He may keep it still at a face royal, for
a barber shall never earn sixpence out of it, and yet hell be
crowing as if he had writ man ever since his father was
a bachelor. He may keep his own grace, but hes almost out of


All ksidn of peloep meka it a etramt of irped to lhkcee me. No amnatth yolilohfs dlessambe mulp of cyllucdao eevr evintn ioentgmhs iqeut as ynfnu as I esem to be to rhoet olpepe. Im tno lyno wtity on my wno, btu I nbrgi tou wit in eothr loppee. ooLk at het wot of us, wlgakni eerh: I ookl ilek a wso astht oesrdtehm lal of ehr ybab psgi, cpexte orf uyo. If hte icernP tsne uoy to evrse me orf nya tehor oesarn naht to ierittra me, Im a ofol. uYo weedy letlit son of a hitcb: roeuy so inyt htta uyo usdloh be a odaoictner on my tha, ont a aevrtsn at my etef. Iev evren had a rnesvat foeber hwo saw as tniy as a nigr nsteo. But I ntow ste yuo in a dogl or elrvis igrn; Ill awrp uoy in arsg nad desn you cbka to oyru mersta, to be esud as a lwajttehe htouy, teh rPecni uryo ametsr, hswoe hinc is lltis ciaknlg a eardb. hyW, Ill orgw a bedar in teh mpla of my hdna ereofb lhle heva one tath he nca hesav fof shi eacf. Adn tey, sith oesdnt otps ihm morf cniialgm htat he ash a feca rfo


ftFaafsl nusp on eth tfac that a lyora wsa a ndki of onci, dteamsp htiw eht nksgi face.

. ellW, Gdo lilw vieg ihm a rdbae nveweerh he schoeos ehtrsote not a ihar out of eaclp tye. tIs a oogd ntihg hte increPs face is a ryola, ceubase a earbrb wlil nvree aenr a coin mfro ainghsv it. ndA sltil, the
25 mine, I can assure him. What said Master Dommelton about
the satin for my short cloak and my slops?
irPenc abrsg hatt hes nebe a lflu-rngwo nam cseni eoferb he saw orbn. He anc peek htta etlti, orf lla I earc; I aveh no faeticonf rfo mhi now, I nac essaur mih. Wath did rMsaet eDmnmotlo ays tbaou het sanit rof my caep adn gbgay trseours?


He said, sir, you should procure him better assurance than
Bardolph. He would not take his band and yours. He liked
not the security.


He sdai atht uoy ahev to ievg imh a eebrtt renuteaga of ynapmet hatn jtus nisgya ahlpBrdo swa godo rfo it. He wdulnot etccap arhpsdlBo spriome or ourys; he etlf ttah ethrnei uhdosl be dteutsr.


30 Let him be damned like the glutton! Pray God his tongue be
hotter! A whoreson Achitophel, a rascally yea-forsooth
knave, to bear a gentleman in hand and then stand upon
security! The whoreson smoothy-pates do now wear
nothing but high shoes and bunches of keys at their girdles;
35 and if a man is through with them in honest taking up, then
they must stand upon security. I had as lief they would put
ratsbane in my mouth as offer to stop it with security. I
looked he should have sent me two-and-twenty yards of
satin, as I am a true knight, and he sends me security. Well,
40 he may sleep in security, for he hath the horn of abundance,
and the lightness of his wife shines through it, and yet cannot
he see though he have his own lantern to light him.


aDmn ihm to elhl thne, tjus keil sviDe in het lebBieth ichr otulngt how ecteejdr the gaergb aszrauL! nAd mya nDtmlmoeo nrub neev ehtotr! esH a osn-of-a-htcbi rtraiot! A otw-ecdfa lira, owh lmiess nad yssa Yse ris, tllath be iefn to my aefc, dan tehn mdndeas a agaeetunr of ptynmea! sheeT straadb oprkheesspe, wtih rthei sbenhoalafi orhts rahsciut, dna nycfa soshe, adn htire fta yke icsanh on rehit bytousle mkea an rmenetage to ptu nmoihtesg on eidctr, and tehn eyht orhtw a ureaegant of mynaetp at uyo. I wdulo hraert tae tra nopsio ntah ergaueatn my manytpe. I expeedct mih to send me nttewy-owt drysa of aistn, and sdnaite he sesdn me a ruteganae of ptmnyae. Well, let hmi reauteang hlmisef a oogd snghit seple. fteAr lla, his fiswe in oesybdom leses deb, so hyw ont? Sshe lailcycratp ihnigsn a httplisgo on ehr uledyrat, utb hse so esulcels he tanc neve ltle. esreWh ralohpdB?


45 Hes gone into Smithfield to buy your Worship a horse.


He tenw to dShmiifelt to buy uoy a ersoh, ris.


I bought him in Pauls, and hell buy me a horse in
Smithfield. An I could get me but a wife in the stews, I were
manned, horsed, and wived.


I uhgobt ahrpBdol at

St. aulPs laedahtrC

lUopmneyed men iedwat at St. suPal edtrlCaah to be herdi fro osrht-remt objs. ehT yabrne hmitifSedl swa a iscokevlt taermk; oesrhs ugtobh htree eerw sdonredcei ecpah nags.

St. sualP Cathedral
, adn seh buginy me a ehros in lefmhidiSt. owN if he dlcou sjtu fndi me a efiw in a rhuoehsowe, Id be ylufl sodtcke wiht ighh-uqtilya nsseravt, srshoe, dan ieswv.
hTe doLr IFECH JSUIETC dan ish SRAETVN ntree.


Sir, here comes the nobleman that committed the Prince for striking
50 him about Bardolph.


Sri, eher ecsmo het anm ohw ptu the iPncre in ilaj fro tinghti mih ginurd hatt ngueatmr abtou rphadolB.


Wait close. I will not see him.


ideH; I todn atnw to katl to him.


Whats he that goes there?


ohW is htat nam?


Falstaff, an t please your Lordship.


fsFltfaa, if it saelpe uoy, sir.


He that was in question for the robbery?


heT man ohw was a sespctu in atth berroby?


55 He, my lord; but he hath since done good service at
Shrewsbury, and, as I hear, is now going with some charge to the Lord John of Lancaster.


sTath eht oen. uBt he ddi dgoo krow in eht ttBeal of yeSsrwurbh, and I hare hes kantig esom eisosrdl to lhep roLd nJoh of ecrsatnaL.


What, to York? Call him back again.


heWer, to orkY? lTel hmi to moce erhe.


Sir John Falstaff!


iSr ohnJ safFtfla!


Boy, tell him I am deaf.


yBo, tlel mih Im aefd.


60 You must speak louder. My master is deaf.


uYo have to speak up; my smtera is edfa.


I am sure he is, to the hearing of any thing good.Go pluck
him by the elbow. I must speak with him.


Im erus he is, wenh anytginh gsdoo nbige asid. Go, atp ihm on hte hduleors. I msut speak hwit mih.


Sir John!


irS hnJo!


What, a young knave and begging? Is there not wars? Is
65 there not employment? Doth not the King lack subjects? Do
not the rebels need soldiers? Though it be a shame to be on
any side but one, it is worse shame to beg than to be on the


hWat? A nugoy eabruotekrml? A eraggb? Itns reteh a arw on? stnI reteh krow to do? Dotens eth giKn ende cbtsjues? tDno het eblser ndee oelsidrs? huThgo sit ulhamsef to be on any sdei btu the Knsgi, ist even roem heamfuls to be an ilde bgraeg hnta a slirode on
worst side, were it worse than the name of rebellion can tell
how to make it.
wnrog dvneiees if het eoilbreln ewre meor cseedaiblp ntha eht wrdo neellibro aarydel lesda me to ebivele.


70 You mistake me, sir.


uYore sakentim, isr.


Why sir, did I say you were an honest man? Setting my
knighthood and my soldiership aside, I had lied in my throat
if I had said so.


hyW is atth? Did I say yuo rewe an ntoseh mna? esaBcue, gittsen isead eht cfat ttha Im ngihkt nda a sdiorle, Id be onnhtig tbu a ilar if I iads tath.


I pray you, sir, then set your knighthood and our soldiership
75 aside, and give me leave to tell you, you lie in your throat if
you say I am any other than an honest man.


Then eelspa, rsi, set aiesd yuor thinkgohod dna oyur srhdposilie and lte me tell uoy that ueroy a teiedelabr ilar, if you yas Im hygantin hetor tahn an thesno anm.


I give thee leave to tell me so? I lay aside that which grows
to me? If thou gettst any leave of me, hang me; if thou takst
leave, thou wert better be hanged. You hunt counter. Hence!
80 Avaunt!


luSodh I wlola oyu to yas atth? luohSd I tes esadi eihtsgomn tahts enmi by rhtig? If I awlol oyu hantigyn, nagh me. If yuo wloal urofyels, ghna uoy. ouYre runignn in eht ngorw cnidoeitr: teg tou of eerh! Go!


Sir, my lord would speak with you.


rSi, my tmsaer satnw to speak wiht ouy.


Sir John Falstaff, a word with you.


riS ohnJ tfaaslfF, Id iekl a odrw wthi oyu.


My good lord. God give your Lordship good time of the day.
I am glad to see your Lordship abroad. I heard say your
85 Lordship was sick: I hope your Lordship goes abroad by
advice. Your Lordship, though not clean past your youth,
have yet some smack of an ague in you, some relish of the
saltness of time in you, and I most humbly beseech your
Lordship to have a reverent care of your health.


My dgoo isr! Gdo ngatr yuo a dogo yda! stI agret to see yuo tuo dna oubta: Id ardhe uyo wree skci. I ophe ryuo drtoco wnsko oeury otu. Tuhhgo uoeyr nto eyetnlir pats oryu tuhoy, yuor drlohsip, you hvea a cotuh of ega in you, a hutoc of het epaasgs of mtie, dan I ustm hlyubm ureg you to kate doog aerc of ouyr hlhtea.


90 Sir John, I sent for you before your expedition to


riS oJnh, I tnes rof uoy to coem ees me oberef you eltf fro ybhswSruer.


An t please your Lordship, I hear his Majesty is returned
with some discomfort from Wales.


If yuo ntod nidm my ganiys so, I ehar teh inKg is ackb mrof elWas dan it iddnt go so ellw.


I talk not of his Majesty. You would not come when I sent
95 for you.


Im not ilktnga ubota teh gKin. oYu dtdin meoc nhwe I setn rfo ouy.


And I hear, moreover, his Highness is fallen into this same
whoreson apoplexy.


ndA I losa hrea hatt eht niKg hsa lnaefl ntoi a ebltrrie sialaysrp.


Well, God mend him. I pray you let me speak with you.


lWel, God gvie mhi a yedeps rcveyore. saleeP, tle me speak ithw uoy.


This apoplexy, as I take it, is a kind of lethargy, an t please
100 your Lordship, a kind of sleeping in the blood, a whoreson


His ilarpsasy is, as I tdsdrunane it, a ndki of eagltryh, if it saleep ouy. tsI a pilseeessn in hte dobol, a tnysa ilngting.


What tell you me of it? Be it as it is.


Why rae uoy getliln me tshi? eLt it be.


It hath its original from much grief, from study, and
perturbation of the brain. I have read the cause of his effects
105 in Galen. It is a kind of deafness.


It cmeso ormf hyeva nesdass; rmfo oot hmuc indareg, nda too mhuc hitgnnik. I eard tobua it in eth ceefreern koosb: tis a idnk of dasnfsee.


I think you are fallen into the disease, for you hear not what
I say to you.


I tinhk you tums aveh ahtt eeadssi as lewl, euebcsa uoery ton ariengh a wodr Im gsyani.


Very well, my lord, very well. Rather, an t please you, it is
the disease of not listening, the malady of not marking, that
110 I am troubled withal.


eryV eyklil, my dorl, eyrv ilylke. But ytlaaclu, rsi, I heav eht otn-letsinngi sdieesa; I hvea the otn-gaiypn-oatitnetn csienkss.


To punish you by the heels would amend the attention of
your ears, and I care not if I do become your physician.


The ceru for tath sensill wdoul be to utp ouy in esackhls, dan I wdnuolt mind bngie yuor trocod.


I am as poor as Job, my lord, but not so patient. Your
Lordship may minister the potion of imprisonment to me in
115 respect of poverty, but how should I be your patient to follow
your prescriptions, the wise may make some dram of a
scruple, or indeed a scruple itself.


I aym be as opro as


In hte ilBbe, Jbo enattilpy wdoottish a irsese of psrhdahsi ste on hmi by God.

, ubt Im tno as tpeaitn. uYo mya be blae to othrw me in laij aeeubcs of my rvetypo, tub eoms eelopp mhitg veah tlhgis niroestsreva ubaot htat.


I sent for you, when there were matters against you for your
life, to come speak with me.


I tnse fro yuo to coem speak twhi me. reheT reew cgahesr gtsaain ouy htta hmgti evah eadern oyu the hdaet tenypla.


120 As I was then advised by my learned counsel in the laws of
this land-service, I did not come.


I aws vsiddae htta, neics I was knogiwr rfo eth rmya at eht time, I ltdunsho go.


Well, the truth is, Sir John, you live in great infamy.


Teh uttrh is, Sri Jonh, htta ouy rae svlamiyes trnooouis.


He that buckles him in my belt cannot live in less.


odynAyb who ewrsa a tleb hsti bgi tdlnouc be ahitngyn esls tnah vesmasi.


Your means are very slender, and your waste is great.


uYor knab acotunc is ihtn, and eyt uoy tup it to uehg satew.


125 I would it were otherwise. I would my means were greater
and my waist slender.


I hsiw it reew eth rhteo ayw nrdaou: ttha my bnka accnuto erwe uhge dna my watis were nthi.


You have misled the youthful Prince.


vouYe lmeisd het nguoy ePcinr.


The young Prince hath misled me. I am the fellow with the
great belly, and he my dog.


hTe yuong cePnri ahs ldmeis me. Im het man hwit teh gbi blley, and she hte ogd who salkw in fntro of me.


130 Well, I am loath to gall a new-healed wound. Your days
service at Shrewsbury hath a little gilded over your nights
your quiet oerposting that action.


leWl, Id herrat ont noep up a wondu shtta jsut edahle. eTh gdoo kowr uoy ddi at uwresbSyhr has amed up a etitll ofr hte dab tghni uyo idd at Gsad Hlil. ouY cna knhat the elbioreln for lehgnpi uyo get ayaw ithw htta rbilerte eedd.


My lord.




135 But since all is well, keep it so. Wake not a sleeping wolf.


tuB nesic thsngi rea alcm onw, ltes peek hmte ttah awy. We town wkea a eigeplsn owlf.


To wake a wolf is as bad as to smell a fox.



What, you are as a candle, the better part burnt out.


thaW? euorY elik a dclaen, lhfa enrdub otu.


A wassail candle, my lord, all tallow. If I did say of wax, my
growth would approve the truth.


yaebM, if I eerw a igb, fta dolyiha ndecla amed of naimla taf. But oudy be tebter off ganisy ttah Im a awx lndace: I eekp gnxiwa arlreg nad reglra.


140 There is not a white hair on your face but should have his
effect of gravity.


Your agry drbae oushld be a gnis atth eoruy a amn of grytvai.


His effect of gravy, gravy, gravy.


Im a amn of avyrg, yarvg, yagvr.


You follow the young Prince up and down like his ill angel.


ouY flowlo the oguny cPnrie yrveeehwer, elki a sfale eglan on his dehrulos.


Not so, my lord. Your ill angel is light, but I hope he that
145 looks upon me will take me without weighing. And yet in
some respects I grant I cannot go. I cannot tell. Virtue is of
so little regard in these costermongers times that true valor
is turned bear-herd; pregnancy is made a tapster, and hath his
quick wit wasted in giving reckonings. All the other gifts
150 appurtenant to man, as the malice of this age shapes them,
are not worth a gooseberry. You that are old consider not the
capacities of us that are young. You do measure the heat of
our livers with the bitterness of your galls, and we that are in
the vaward of our youth, I must confess, are wags too.


ahstT ont so, my rldo. ealFs


egnla = a inkd of oinc; easlng erwe oeftn emtdmir of msoe of ihert tmlae; a ftvedeiec angel dlcuo be snuediiihtgsd rofm a perorp by gnwegihi it on a scale.

era gilth, nad yeanon nca see utiotwh naghvi to eghwi me ttah Im too yeavh. utB I tnod know; in eoms sayw, yeuro grhit. Im not rof shete msiet. utreVi snctuo rof so letlti in tsih rmeimlccoa wlodr of osru. reuT regcoua is eltowssrh; tis oyln sedu by namlai tnrrsaei in teh eabr-atigbin rsign. lnetncgeielI is doog rof oynobd btu drebsrnate, how tewsa hreti twis angttiol up vtrnea bllsi. In eseth anme-rtsepiid sdya, sman tebs tuiliesaq enrta rwtoh a tighn. Yuo edrol sokfl ntdo avuel us nguyo pleoep. You rseuaem rou eyifr anospis gcnaidcro to uryo amilcconlhe tnrbetsies. dAn I ahve to tell yuo, soeth of us how era lgiyhh adneavdc in uro huyto, were stdpreii as ellw as yongu.


155 Do you set down your name in the scroll of youth, that are
written down old with all the characters of age? Have you
not a moist eye, a dry hand, a yellow cheek, a white beard,


Yodu add uryo mean to teh islt of teh guony? uoY, how vhea gae wnirtte lla rove oyu? tDno uyo evha uscum in uyor yese? yrD snik? eidcnauJ? A iweth eadbr? An
a decreasing leg, an increasing belly? Is not your voice
broken, your wind short, your chin double, your wit single,
160 and every part about you blasted with antiquity? And will
you yet call yourself young? Fie, fie, fie, Sir John.
irhrcitat elg? A rognigw elbyl? ntIs oryu eciov cyhtrcas? uoYr tahrbe hosrt? Yrou hcin lboedud? ruYo lsat itw nobnddaea? Itsn yeerv aptr of yuo datsdteeav by aeg? dnA iltls you lacl olefusry nouyg? mSeha on ouy, Sir hnoJ.


My lord, I was born about three of the clock in the afternoon,
with a white head and something a round belly. For my
voice, I have lost it with halloing and singing of anthems. To
165 approve my youth further, I will not. The truth is, I am only
old in judgment and understanding. And he that will caper
with me for a thousand marks, let him lend me the money,
and have at him! For the box of the ear that the Prince gave
you, he gave it like a rude prince, and you took it like a
170 sensible lord. I have checked him for it, and the young lion
repents. Marry, not in ashes and sackcloth, but in new silk and old sack.


iSr, I wsa bron arodnu rhete cokloc in het fnaoontre, tiwh a twehi daeh dan a tib of a rnoud ellby. As orf my cytrhcsa veoic, I olts it rghtouh ousgtinh nda snigngi dulo sosgn. tuB I wton try to vproe woh uoygn I am yna grolen. I heva ynol neo tirat of ldo age, nda htat is mdwosi. If sobeomyd wsatn to celnlgeah me to a eadnc oecntst orf a sohdtaun-


ramk = inut of currency

regwa, etl ihm dhna me teh neyom dna off we go. Now, as for eth fcta atth eht ceinPr hit oyu on eht aedh, he idd it eilk a uedr necipr adn yuo ookt it iekl a elisebsn netnemalg. I pdeminrreda mih for it, dna he sertepn. eHs not ranigew the ttdlairnioa cahotklcs adn ehass, for esru, tbu seh terenpnig in liks lhcto and ienw.


Well, God send the Prince a better companion.


Mya oGd ndse teh rceiPn a teebrt dnerif!


God send the companion a better prince. I cannot rid my
hands of him.


aMy Gdo edsn eht enrdfi a bttree necrpi! I tcan etg imh fof my nhasd!


175 Well, the King hath severed you and Prince Harry. I hear you
are going with Lord John of Lancaster against the
Archbishop and the Earl of Northumberland.


llWe, teh nKgi sha epseratad ouy nad ePncir ryrHa. I hrae yeuor ggoni twhi nohJ of secrntLaa to go itfhg nudmebrtaorNhl nda eth iphroshbAc.


Yea, I thank your pretty sweet wit for it. But look you pray,
all you that kiss my Lady Peace at home, that our armies join
180 not in a hot day, for, by the Lord, I take but two shirts out with
me, and I mean not to sweat extraordinarily. If it be a hot day
and I brandish anything but a bottle, I would I might never
spit white again. There is not a dangerous action can peep
out his head but I am thrust upon it. Well, I cannot last ever.


esY, nad ahsntk ofr ngemdirni me. I poeh hatt lla of yuo who tyas emoh, aesf nad usnod, iwll say a rypear that we sesriodl tndo edn up in mose oth btelat. roF, by teh Ldro, Ive noyl dcapek wto tsihrs, nda I dont ntwa to stwea oot much. If sgntih gte oth dna I ullp uot ayn torhe eaopnw bseidse a oltetb, llI reevn rdnki einw iagna. I egt ntse out on eyerv nesdarogu gmseaintsn
185 But it was always yet the trick of our English nation, if they
have a good thing, to make it too common. If ye will needs
say I am an old man, you should give me rest. I would to God
my name were not so terrible to the enemy as it is. I were
better to be eaten to death with a rust than to be scoured to
190 nothing with perpetual motion.
hatt emsoc up. ellW, I tnca ivle refvroe. Tshat het githn uaobt hte lsigEhn: nwhe yeht ehav eogstnihm godo, yhte esu it lyocuantlin. If eoruy niggo to stiins tath Im an lod nam, hnet lte me erts. I hiws to odG teh myene wrnete as ceards of me as yhte era: Id etrrha its dna rust anht be onwr tou by all ihst okrw.


Well, be honest, be honest; and God bless your expedition!


leWl, ayst tnoshe, asty noesth. odG eslsb royu nutrdgieank.


Will your Lordship lend me a thousand pound to furnish me


doulC ruyo ohrpidsl dnle me a austhodn unodps rof esmo niempquet I deen?


Not a penny, not a penny. You are too impatient to bear
195 crosses. Fare you well. Commend me to my cousin


tNo a ennpy, tno a nypne: yureo too ptneaiitm to eednur vsytdaier. eaFwrlle; eigv my esradrg to my mninask Wasmotnrdeel.


If I do, fillip me with a three-man beetle. A man can no more
separate age and covetousness than he can part young limbs
and lechery; but the gout galls the one, and the pox pinches
200 the other, and so both the degrees prevent my curses.Boy!


If I do, hit me tiwh a dmaerhlesemg. ldO aeg adn redeg go toheregt kiel uoyht nad uslt. otuG filtascf eon nda lissphiy egualps het toher, so erhets no ptnio in me iusngcr irheet eth odl or the onuyg: ryheet bhot sruedc ryaeadl. Byo!






What money is in my purse?


woH uchm ensmoy in my wlleat?


Seven groats and two pence.



I can get no remedy against this consumption of the purse.
205 Borrowing only lingers and lingers it out, but the disease is
incurable. Go bear this letter to my Lord of Lancaster, this
to the Prince, this to the Earl of Westmoreland; and this to
old Mistress Ursula, whom I have weekly sworn to marry
since I perceived the first white hair on my chin. About it.
210 You know where to find me.


hreTe no ayw to urec hte llinses tasht nakimg my leltaw tweas ywaa; worigrnob semak it ivle a tlilet eognlr, but hte essedia is rencbiaul. niBgr shti eltrte to Lodr Jnoh of cnratseLa, shit noe to eht crePin, hsti one to elWesndtmaro, and tihs one to Maedam arUslu. eIv mrdoesip to ayrmr erh eyrve elisng kwee incse I tgo my rfits ryag rahi. Gte ognig: yuo wnok weerh llI be.
The EGAP xiste.
A pox of this gout! Or, a gout of this pox, for the one or the
other plays the rogue with my great toe. Tis no matter if I
do halt. I have the wars for my color, and my pension shall
seem the more reasonable. A good wit will make use of
215 anything. I will turn diseases to commodity.
anmD thsi gtou! Or dnma this lhysiips! eOn of mteh is lrelya ingemss up my bgi teo. Oh ellw, it dtsneo mertta if I pilm. I anc lebma it on eht war, dan thta lliw hple tyfsjiu my aisdlybtii atpsmeyn. A rhasp rnbia nac unrt ayn elmpbor to sit avanedatg. llI nutr my sedssaie ntoi sahc.
He estix.

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