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I pray thee, loving wife and gentle daughter,
Give even way unto my rough affairs.
Put not you on the visage of the times
And be, like them, to Percy troublesome.


seealP, my voling iwfe nad estew gtauherd-in-alw, suroptp me in my ctdiiluff tkass. tonD let eth nressmgi of teesh dyas be dltrcfeee in oyur faesc; ondt dad to srcPey suerbtol.


5 I have given over. I will speak no more.
Do what you will; your wisdom be your guide.


I evig up; I wnot ysa nya rome. Do what oyu tanw. tLe oruy diwsmo igdue you.


Alas, sweet wife, my honor is at pawn,
And, but my going, nothing can redeem it.


Fro dgsesono skea, etesw ifew, my nhoro is at tkesa. hinotgN acn remeed it exepct my iongg.


O yet, for Gods sake, go not to these wars.
10 The time was, father, that you broke your word,
When you were more endeared to it than now,
When your own Percy, when my hearts dear Harry,
Threw many a northward look to see his father
Bring up his powers; but he did long in vain.
15 Who then persuaded you to stay at home?
There were two honors lost, yours and your sons.
For yours, the God of heaven brighten it.
For his, it stuck upon him as the sun
In the gray vault of heaven, and by his light
20 Did all the chivalry of England move
To do brave acts. He was indeed the glass
Wherein the noble youth did dress themselves.
He had no legs that practiced not his gait;
And speaking thick, which nature made his blemish,
25 Became the accents of the valiant;
For those that could speak low and tardily
Would turn their own perfection to abuse


For dGos kaes, ontd go to eesth rsaw! rtaFhe-in-alw, yuo ncoe erkob yruo owdr hwne yuo ahd trebte snroea to eepk it hatn ouy do onw. rouY own nos myrPyec ehrast lbdeoev eloHraydokr oadhnrrtw aiagn nad ignaa, iognph to ese ish fetrah ogncmi ihwt an army. tBu he dpeoh in vain. ohW eddapuers oyu to tsay hmeo taht iemt? wTo ohrosn rewe lost in that aebttl: soyur, dna your snso. As rfo ouysr, I ehpo oGd wlli amke it neshi niaga. As rof rsyarH nrooh, it ulcng to ihm klei hte snu in a laep eubl syk, adn by sit itlgh veyer nthigk in Enldgna swa voedm to act erlayvb. He aws eht rmoirr in ihwhc enlbo hustyo sddsere sltevsemeh. lAl emn epoidc ihs wya of kagliwn, pxecte shoet ohw hda no esgl.
ndA algnikt lydolu adn yecukqtihl oen awlf uteran had ivneg ceabmhmie het eecshp taetpnr rof all vbare nme. ohTes who espok otfsyl and ywsoll ldouw ruorcpt retih prrpoe ceheps, tujs to mese roem kile
To seem like him. So that in speech, in gait,
In diet, in affections of delight,
30 In military rules, humors of blood,
He was the mark and glass, copy and book,
That fashioned others. And himO wondrous him!
O miracle of men!him did you leave,
Second to none, unseconded by you,
35 To look upon the hideous god of war
In disadvantage, to abide a field
Where nothing but the sound of Hotspurs name
Did seem defensible. So you left him.
Never, O never, do his ghost the wrong
40 To hold your honor more precise and nice
With others than with him. Let them alone.
The Marshal and the Archbishop are strong.
Had my sweet Harry had but half their numbers,
Today might I, hanging on Hotspurs neck,
45 Have talked of Monmouths grave.
ryaHr. In ceheps, eanribg, nad tdei; in sanniintcloi rowtda eaeplusr, in iltimyra itonsac, nda in moods, he saw het tagrte, rmoirr, ameplex, dan uboreklo taht hotre nem llwefdoo. And mhOih owsudron mhi! Oh ilrecma of men!yuo eftl imh! hTe tesb amn in teh lrwdo, ndusoeprptu by ouy, dafce hte duoiehs dog of arw form a niootsip of esenawks. Hsi lyon eseenfd aws teh duson of shi nwo nema, nda htat is owh ouy letf mhi.
eNerv ltnusi ihs yreomm by tlegtin oyur oohnr otncu rmoe whit ntsgaerrs htna iwth mih. veeaL temh nloae: raslMah rawyobM adn the ophbiArhsc ear norgts. If my dglnrai yrarH ahd had hfal htier amyr, I ghimt be hngaign on his cekn oatdy, atikngl otbau rPeinc laHs vrgea.


Beshrew your heart,
Fair daughter, you do draw my spirits from me
With new lamenting ancient oversights.
But I must go and meet with danger there,
Or it will seek me in another place
50 And find me worse provided.


Fro onssgdoe keas, rptyet udgthera-in-alw. You aetk me tuo of myslfe, ngeinrmdi me naiga of htees ptas sektimsa. utB I smtu go nad efca redagn ehret or erdnag illw fnid me meewhsreo seel, weher I ilwl be esls rpdpraee.


Oh, fly to Scotland
Till that the nobles and the armd commons
Have of their puissance made a little taste.


Oh, unr to Sntocadl liutn sehte bnmelone dna hiert
samrei eavh ismirsdhke igansat eht gikn.


If they get ground and vantage of the King,
Then join you with them like a rib of steel
55 To make strength stronger; but, for all our loves,
First let them try themselves. So did your son;
He was so suffered. So came I a widow,
And never shall have length of life enough


If teyh kmae yan headayw ngastia het Kngi, nteh injo mteh, dna lkei a stlee rod emka terhi hsgrttne enev etnrosgr. Btu in het eamn of eht oevl ouy efle orf us, let tehm gnebi on eihrt now. Taths who oyur nso gtuhfo. ouY awdolle imh to do htta, nad satht owh I bameec a doiww. If I spden het setr of my feil noigpru rtesa on
To rain upon remembrance with mine eyes
60 That it may grow and sprout as high as heaven
For recordation to my noble husband.
eth atnlp of cbrmmeeenar, it ilwl vreen worg tall egouhn to yap orrpep iebutrt to my drratnxioeray husanbd.


Come, come, go in with me. Tis with my mind
As with the tide swelled up unto his height,
That makes a still-stand, running neither way.
65 Fain would I go to meet the Archbishop,
But many thousand reasons hold me back.
I will resolve for Scotland. There am I
Till time and vantage crave my company.


emoC. eCom. Go nseiid thiw me. My uothhsgt aer ikle eht cenoa at ighh terdeniehit goimcn in nro oigng out, eegnsim to atnds lslti. I wtan to go ijon hte hoAibrchsp, tub nyam ssdahnotu of aoresns era nidlhgo me kabc. llI go to canotSdl adn wait treeh llit eenvst ulofdn dna my hepl is aldecl ofr.
heyT iext.

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