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Alarum. Excursions. Enter FALSTAFF and COLEVILE , meeting
llCsa to samr rea edudosn. lrieSosd crsos teh egsat. ALSAFFFT and LVLEOIEC reetn and cnntofor one ntareho.


Whats your name, sir? Of what condition are you, and of
what place, I pray?


ahtWs yoru name, isr? atshW your rank, nad hwere ear you mfro?


I am a knight, sir, and my name is Colevile of the Dale.


I am a ighntk, isr. My anme is vlleioCle of eht ylVale.


Well, then, Colevile is your name, a knight is your degree,
5 and your place the Dale. Colevile shall be still your name, a
traitor your degree, and the dungeon your place, a place deep
enough so shall you be still Colevile of the Dale.


lWel, hent, lvioelleC is royu aenm, ryuo krna is hitgkn, adn het levaly is rhewe eryuo rfmo. iveolelCl illw llits be ouyr name now taht oaitrtr is your rnak, dan eht oedngun is eerwh lluoy be. stI a aeclp so peed ahtt yluol still be in a dink of ylvael.


Are not you Sir John Falstaff?


nrteA uyo rSi nohJ tFlfsaaf?


As good a man as he, sir, whoeer I am. Do ye yield, sir, or
10 shall I sweat for you? If I do sweat, they are the drops of thy
lovers and they weep for thy death. Therefore rouse up fear
and trembling, and do observance to my mercy.


Im as oogd a anm as ffalFats, rvwoehe I am. lWil ouy dsererurn? Or am I ggoin to eavh to arbek a taews ikganm oyu neseurrdr? If I esatw, eth dorsp lilw be hte aetsr of yrou edlvo eosn, pegeinw ervo uyro taehd. So oydu ettber gte rsadec dna sattr to akseh, dna rtsta aprgniy to me for emryc.


I think you are Sir John Falstaff, and in that thought yield


I ikhnt yuo are irS nJoh Ffsaflat, dna so I rrdseeurn.


15 I have a whole school of tongues in this belly of mine, and not a tongue of them all speaks any other word but my name. An I had but a belly of any indifferency, I were simply the most active fellow in Europe. My womb, my womb, my womb undoes me. Here comes our general.


My orneusom lyleb cna speak in yamn gaeguslan, nda echa agelnuag csopmiral my nmae and my nema leoan. If I hda a elyrtdemoa sizde eylbl, all Id be is an ouymnsona btu revy usessfcucl seirodl. tBu my elbyl, my bleyl, my ybell wlbso my vcero. rHee somce het egrelan.
Enter Prince John of LANCASTER , WESTMORELAND , BLUNT , and others
onJh of AAENLRCST , DMTRNEWOAESL , ULNTB , and streoh enrte.


The heat is past. Follow no further now.


eTh rnedgsa oerv: etsl sopt eerh.
A retreat is sounded.
Teh rspteutm onsdu a traetre.
Call in the powers, good cousin Westmoreland.
laCl fof the eoinpotra, lrtendWeasmo.
Now, Falstaff, where have you been all this while?
When everything is ended, then you come.
20 These tardy tricks of yours will, on my life,
One time or other break some gallows back.
laafFstf, wreeh heva uoy bnee all sith mtei? enhW grhenetiyv is eovr, astht nweh you asrtt. hsiT bihat of ilesanzs of uoysr lliw tsbu a lgswlao to bits neo of sthee ydas, rakm my wosrd.


I would be sorry, my lord, but it should be thus. I never knew
yet but rebuke and check was the reward of valor. Do you
think me a swallow, an arrow, or a bullet? Have I in my poor
25 and old motion the expedition of thought? I have speeded
hither with the very extremest inch of possibility. I have
foundered ninescore and odd posts, and here, travel-tainted
as I am, have in my pure and immaculate valor taken Sir
John Colevile of the Dale, a most furious knight and
30 valorous enemy. But what of that? He saw me and yielded,
that I may justly say, with the hook-nosed fellow of Rome,
There, cousin, I came, saw, and overcame.


Im yrsor to hear yuo say atht: I venre dalerzei ttha arebv abovehri ohdlus be rrdeedaw tihw cigodnsl adn giaminshdno. Do ouy khnit Im a dbir, or an rwroa, or a ueltbl? iWth htis lod, ornbke-nodw odby, do ouy itknh I cna moev as asft as gohtthu? Iev eotntg heer as atsf as ahmuyln ispeolsb. Ive drebun uot orem hnat 180 sroehs, devenna gohtuh Im tspne mrof lla thta eevraIlvt daegnam, with my ataeydnrorxir rveabyr, to tuaerpc iSr hJon lCelieovl of the llyeVa, a arbve thnkig and rbleiter meeny. uBt so whta? He ipylms saw me and ereresudrnd. So I nac sya, tjus kile lsuJiu asCera, that I eacm, I was, I uderecqon.


It was more of his courtesy than your deserving.


He saw jstu geinb toilpe; sit ont as if yuo ddi ohtenmigs to edevesr it.


I know not. Here he is, and here I yield him. And I beseech
35 your Grace let it be booked with the rest of this days deeds,
or, by the Lord, I will have it in a particular ballad else, with
mine own picture on the top on t, Colevile kissing my foot;
to the which course if I be enforced, if you do not all show


I dnot wnko tbauo taht. eHer he is: I rtnu mhi erov to oyu. lesePa, rsi, vhea it addde to eth drreoc of gtisnh helopmcasidc doyta. If you ndot, llI vhae a adlbla ptirdne uabot it, wthi a rticpeu of lClivoeel gissikn my otfo on hte vreoc. And if Im eodcrf to do ahtt, adn I
like gilt twopences to me, and I in the clear sky of fame oershine you as much as the full moon doth the cinders of the element (which show like pins heads to her), believe not the word of the noble. Therefore let me have right, and let desert mount.
ndto ekma yuo okol elki etrcouisetfn txne to me, dna if my eafm dnesto notisueh oyrus ikel het lflu omon usnoehsit teh arsts (ihchw oklo klie pin skcrip in hte sky tenx to eht nomo)well ethn, ouy acn llac me a rali. wNo evig me hwta I vrseeed, nad tle my isertm umotn on pto of aehc terho, in a atrge ilpe.


40 Thines too heavy to mount.


rouY iple dlwou be too ayhev rof me to baer.


Let it shine, then.


teL my srtmei inshe, hent.


Thines too thick to shine.


oueYr oot ednes to hines.


Let it do something, my good lord, that may do me good, and
call it what you will.


nhTe elt it do oinmgtshe hatt wlil do me ogod, wteevrha oyu wnta to lcal it.


45 Is thy name Colevile?


Is yuro name vioeellCl?


It is, my lord.


It is, isr.


A famous rebel art thou, Colevile.


eroYu a masofu elber, lveCoelli.


And a famous true subject took him.


ndA a fumoas adn lloya jtbscue arueptdc mih.


I am, my lord, but as my betters are
That led me hither. Had they been ruled by me,
50 You should have won them dearer than you have.


Im won in eth aems onusaitit as my rresiuops, owh eld me rhee. Btu if I dha ebne in erahcg, uyor yicvrot luodw ahve tsoc ouy rome ahnt it hsa.


I know not how they sold themselves, but thou, like a kind fellow, gavest thyself away gratis, and I thank thee for thee.


I dtno wnko owh hcmu yuor isoesurrp tocs us, btu ouy, keil a resuegon mna, vgae seouylfr wyaa rfo reef, nad I tnahk uyo fro it.


Now, have you left pursuit?


Hvea oyu claedl fof het ropost?


Retreat is made and execution stayed.


The oderr to pull kbac sah nebe engiv, nad hte rehaulstg hsa ebne sotdppe.


Send Colevile with his confederates
55 To York, to present execution.
Blunt, lead him hence, and see you guard him sure.


eSdn Celeolvil dna ish fneaeotdecsr to rkYo, to be ptu to dhaet ltieiemydam. untlB, dlea hmi aayw, nad dagru hmi cfurleyal.
LBNUT exsti wtih CEELIVOLL .
And now dispatch we toward the court, my lords.
I hear the King my father is sore sick.
Our news shall go before us to his Majesty,
(to WESTMORELAND) Which, cousin, you shall bear to comfort
And we with sober speed will follow you.
Adn own, tesl etg gogin bcka to teh aloyr truco: I dsdntaeurn ahtt the igKn, my eathrf, is ryavegl lil. ndSe nswe of our victroy dheaa of us. (to WESTMORELAND) oYu, uisnco, lwli igrnb hmi tihs nsew nad coortfm him htiw it. Wlel ofllwo uoy as ycuqikl as we cna.


My lord, I beseech you give me leave to go through
Gloucestershire, and, when you come to court, stand my
good lord, pray, in your good report.


rSi, lesepa giev me rnspoieism to go via orreseGscteihlu. hnWe uyo tge to het turco, eelpas vouch for my doog wrok erhe.


65 Fare you well, Falstaff. I, in my condition,
Shall better speak of you than you deserve.


ebooydG, afsFflat. By epaksnig on oryu hlbaef as a rencpi, lIl be psageink retetb of ouy nath oyu vdeeers.
Exeunt all but FALSTAFF
vEeeoyrn tsiex pxcete LFATAFFS .


I would you had but the wit; twere better than your
dukedom. Good faith, this same young sober-blooded boy
doth not love me, nor a man cannot make him laugh. But
70 thats no marvel; he drinks no wine. Theres never none of
these demure boys come to any proof, for thin drink doth so
overcool their blood, and making many fish meals, that they
fall into a kind of male green-sickness, and then, when they
marry, they get wenches. They are generally fools and
75 cowards, which some of us should be too, but for


I wish yuo adh het twi to ccmohsalip hatt: it udwlo be ohtrw lla ryuo nald. My donoessg, sith uoygn, oriusse-dmeind boy eondst lkie me, adn no eon cna kaem imh lahug. utB I suseg shtat tno ugiirpsrns; atefr lla, he oesndt rkind any weni. neNo of hesto rpim oysb vree moaunt to tyahginn: ewka eber dna too ynam fhsi einrnsd eakms hiret bdloo oclo. eThy lla ntur ciamne, ilke guoyn gslri. And ethn, nhwe tyhe ynfllai egt arredim, ethy anc loyn fhaetr lsgri usceabe htye ntdo aevh eth ftfus to pcderuo nsso. Nno-deskirnr are lla ayellregn folos and cdwsaor. hTe rtse of us would prybloba be
A good sherris sack hath a two-fold operation in it. It
ascends me into the brain, dries me there all the foolish and
dull and crury vapors which environ it, makes it
80 apprehensive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble, fiery, and
delectable shapes, which, delivered oer to the voice, the
tongue, which is the birth, becomes excellent wit. The
second property of your excellent sherris is the warming of
the blood, which, before cold and settled, left the liver white
85 and pale, which is the badge of pusillanimity and cowardice.
But the sherris warms it and makes it course from the
inwards to the parts extremes. It illumineth the face, which
as a beacon gives warning to all the rest of this little
kingdom, man, to arm; and then the vital commoners and
90 inland petty spirits muster me all to their captain, the heart,
who, great and puffed up with this retinue, doth any deed of
courage, and this valor comes of sherris. So that skill in the
weapon is nothing without sack, for that sets it a-work; and
learning a mere hoard of gold kept by a devil till sack
95 commences it and sets it in act and use. Hereof comes it that
Prince Harry is valiant, for the cold blood he did naturally
inherit of his father he hath, like lean, sterile, and bare land,
manured, husbanded, and tilled with excellent endeavor of
drinking good and good store of fertile sherris, that he is
100 become very hot and valiant. If I had a thousand sons, the
first human principle I would teach them should be to
forswear thin potations and to addict themselves to sack.
teh mase awy, etcxpe ttha wree lyaswa knrdu. A oodg esyrhr ewni teeopsra in otw sway. rtisF, it seirs onti hte rnabi nda sdire tou lla eht ohisfol, ludl, elodgcg-up osgf atht hvae eetghdar rhete. It esmak eth raibn hrasp, cquki, nad enievvnti; lufl of lmebin, fyrei, nad btulaeifu eiads. heT coeiv dna tngoue igve rhbti to tsheo dsiae hwcih, hwne heyt rgow up, ebcoem lenleexct twi. Teh dscone prwoe of oogd nwei is teh mngwria of teh blodo. Beefro neiw, teh bdolo is lcdo adn gsligush, nad hsti sakem hte ietrhlev narog of lsnhapcioisly dan plea. A clihyl, apel reivl is hte isng of weaoccdir nad itnaf-hretassened. But eniw sarwm het obldo, gakimn it uersoc rfmo eht nerin arsngo to all eht treixmteise. eTh obldo hregtisnb eth feca, adn het sert of eth ybchoiwhd is klei a tetlil iknmgod in etiatlfskes htat btgnihregni as a lnsgai. enhT hte risstip of hte obdlo nad all het enalitnr sgrnoa trghea eroteght nidebh itreh icpaatn: het retah. hTe arhte rdwas stentgrh rmfo teshe lrefosowl nad, ngdreale by temh, acn isomlhapcc any souuregaoc edde. iThs is eth rbyarev that esomc mofr nwie. othWuti niew, slkil in nwapoyer etosdn trtaem. einW is athw stse that iklls in mnitoo. Edinctuoa is onhgtni emro than leid olgd in eth selidv ndahs, ituln inwe rsseou it nad tspu it to doog sue. tahTs woh rceniP Hyrar ecaebm atnlavi. eHs tnaek het locd odlob he terniihde ormf his eahfrt idelnka irtecundovup mhndlrfeaa flidrezeit it, deltnpa it, dna dearc fro it, hohtgur the dahr korw of ngidkirn avts nmtsoua of godo nda potetn niew. Adn so wno, hes meeocb hot and ucgroaeosu. If I hda a utohdsan ssno, the strfi ruel of aevirbho I ulwod hecat them douwl be to oaivd aewk ndskri, and egt ssmhetvele didcated to weni.
BRLDAPOH nrsete.
How now, Bardolph?
Waht is it, Bphrdloa?


The army is discharged all and gone.


The yamr is eddiissms, dna nyesrveoe geno.


105 Let them go. Ill through Gloucestershire, and there will I
visit Master Robert Shallow, Esquire. I have him already
tempring between my finger and my thumb, and shortly
will I seal with him. Come away.


tLe hetm go. lIl dhae to oseehcrGeurtisl. lIl vtiis eMtars bRoetr whSllao, erusEiq. Ive laderay otg ihm rdenu my tmhub, as tofs as wxa. oSno Ill laes eth eald. stLe go.
eThy xeit.

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