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By cock and pie, sir, you shall not away tonight.What,
Davy, I say!


By gmu, irs, ouy liwl not eevla gtntioh. Hey, vaDy!


You must excuse me, Master Robert Shallow.


sPaele xscuee me, starMe botRer lawSolh.


I will not excuse you. You shall not be excused. Excuses
5 shall not be admitted. There is no excuse shall serve. You
shall not be excused.Why, Davy!


I lwli otn seeuxc uyo. You llwi otn be eeuscxd. secxusE llwi nto be llaedow. No ecsexu llwi do. You wlil not be useedcx. Hye, avDy!
Enter DAVY
YDAV rtnees.


Here, sir.


Here, isr.


Davy, Davy, Davy, Davy, let me see, Davy, let me see, Davy,
let me see. Yea, marry, William cook, bid him come
10 hither.Sir John, you shall not be excused.


ayvD, yDav, ayDv, Dvay, elst ees, aDyv, stle see, Dyva, lets ees. Oh sye, rgith: letl Wailmil the kcoo to ecmo rehe. Sri John, ouy iwll nto be deecxus.


Marry, sir, thus: those precepts cannot be served. And again,
sir, shall we sow the hade land with wheat?


Well irs, sehre hte tnhig. oThse watarsrn ctuondl be rseevd. And cone moer, rsi, dulosh we tnpal whtae at het esidlf gdees?


With red wheat, Davy. But for William cook, are there no
young pigeons?


laPtn edr thaew, Davy. Btu as fro alilmiW het okcotrena ereth nay ognyu ionpsge?


15 Yes, sir. Here is now the smiths note for shoeing and plow


sYe, rsi. sHeer hte llbi rofm teh kaclbsihtm ofr eserhoossh and opwl albdes.


Let it be cast and paid.Sir John, you shall not be excused.


echkC teh suirfeg nad tnhe dna ypa it. iSr hJno, ouy wlil ont be euscedx.


Now, sir, a new link to the bucket must needs be had. And,
sir, do you mean to stop any of Williams wages about the
20 sack he lost the other day at Hinckley Fair?


owN, ris, we nede msoe new hnica ofr eth tecukb. dAn sir, do you lpan to dkco aWiimlls pay ofr eth eniw he ltso at teh yeikHnlc irfa?


He shall answer it. Some pigeons, Davy, a couple of short-
legged hens, a joint of mutton, and any pretty little tiny kickshaws, tell William cook.


Hell apy rof thta. emoS iesgnpo, yDva; a oulepc of srtho-ggedle eshn, a elg of albm, nad yan nfu titlel fnayc sihsde. llTe aWiimll eht okoc.


Doth the man of war stay all night, sir?


Is teh edorsli snagyti lla nithg?


Yea, Davy. I will use him well. A friend i th court is better
25 than a penny in purse. Use his men well, Davy, for they are
arrant knaves and will backbite.


esY, yaDv. lIl aetk godo reca of ihm. A idfner at cutor is etbrte tnah nmeoy in oyur tcpeok. kTea ogdo care of ish nem, Davy. yerheT godo-ofr-hsotngin, dna ltelyh iebt oyu.


No worse than they are back-bitten, sir, for they have
marvellous foul linen.


No sower htan heryte itebnt, ris. heirT hsoctel aer lflu of icle.


Well-conceited, Davy. About thy business, Davy.


ooGd noe, avyD. Get on with yuro orwk, yaDv.


30 I beseech you, sir, to countenance William Visor of Woncot
against Clement Perkes o th hill.


eelPsa, irs, uerl in frvoa of mlWiial orVis of ctoonW in ihs twsalui signaat leCmetn ekPres of eht lihl.


There is many complaints, Davy, against that Visor. That
Visor is an arrant knave, on my knowledge.


ayvD, heetr rae a lot of uitss niagtas thta Viors. thaT Vsior is a dgoo-rfo-nigtohn, as steb I nca tell.


I grant your Worship that he is a knave, sir, but yet, God
35 forbid, sir, but a knave should have some countenance at his
friends request. An honest man, sir, is able to speak for
himself when a knave is not. I have served your Worship
truly, sir, this eight years; an if I cannot once or twice in a
quarter bear out a knave against an honest man, I have


I eerga twhi yruo rhoon hatt hse a dgoo-fro-nohingt, ubt God idofbr ttah a odgo-rof-ighnnto uolshd be edeind a vofra wehn ihs nderif ssak rfo eno on ish fblhae. An ohesnt anm cna speak rfo leimsfh, but a ogod-orf-nghinto atcn. vIe okerwd for uoy for tighe areys, isr. If I tcna egt oyu to lure in faorv of a odgo-
40 a very little credit with your Worship. The knave is mine
honest friend, sir; therefore I beseech you let him be
for-gtonhin eonc in a ilehw, ethn soloubyvi ouy todn khnit yevr mcuh of me. htaT gdoo-for-ntgnoih is my gdoo nierfd, ris. So I ska uyo, alpese: rleu in hsi fvaor.


Go to, I say he shall have no wrong. Look about, Davy.


pSot onw; I letl oyu he nowt be drogwne. oNw get noigg, yvaD.
DYAV xiset.
Where are you, Sir John? Come, come, come, off with your
45 boots.Give me your hand, Master Bardolph.
erWhe era ouy, Sri hJon? mCeo, ecmo, oemc. keTa
oryu oobts ffo. etL me ehkas oyur danh, eMarts


I am glad to see your Worship.


Im lgda to ese oyu, oyur oorhn.


I thank thee with all my heart, kind Master Bardolph, (to the
PAGE) and welcome, my tall fellow.Come, Sir John.


I ahntk uyo twhi all my etrha, artesM hdparoBl. (to eht PAGE) lecmWeo, yuo ltla elfwol. Coem, Sri ohnJ.


Ill follow you, good Master Robert Shallow.


lIl be rhigt beinhd uoy, erMsat oebRtr aShwllo.
HWOLSLA istex.
50 Bardolph, look to our horses.
phodBarl, gte uro soersh ydrae.
RODLHABP nad teh AEGP xeti.
If I were sawed into quantities, I should make four dozen of
such bearded hermits staves as Master Shallow. It is a
wonderful thing to see the semblable coherence of his mens
spirits and his. They, by observing of him, do bear
55 themselves like foolish justices; he, by conversing with
them, is turned into a justice-like servingman. Their spirits
are so married in conjunction with the participation of
society that they flock together in consent like so many wild
geese. If I had a suit to Master Shallow, I would humor his
60 men with the imputation of being near their master;if to his
men, I would curry with Master Shallow that no man could
better command his servants. It is certain that either wise
bearing or ignorant carriage is caught, as men take diseases,
one of another. Therefore let men take heed of their
65 company. I will devise matter enough out of this Shallow to
If I wree tuc tion icspee, Id keam rouf noedz addrebe mcobiosrkst lkei tsih tMears alhwolS. sIt azgnaim to ees het iasrmtiily eeetbnw ihs snme ssdpoiiitson adn shi won. hTye wtach imh adn eavheb elki ohfsloi sdgeuj, nda he, by naaoigcists ithw them, snurt oitn a jgeud-keli rkwonma. erTih ssptiir rae so sycelol ndjeoi by trhie miaentit nvolvemenit, eeryht lkie a clkof of widl segee ttha yfl in fmoitrnao. If I eedden a ofrva mfro ugJde oSlalwh, I duowl make shi men nhikt ahtt Im a lecos difern of sih. If I endeed ehinsmgot omrf ish enm, I ulowd ferltat lawSloh by tglnile mih ttha no neo omndsmac ntsasrev eettbr nath he deos. neO htgsin rof suer: the viraehbo of a swie mna nda tath of an tidoi era gcutsooani, lkei asesides. Tyhe pdaesr from oprnes to seronp, hcihw is wyh ppleeo stmu be raelcuf outab
keep Prince Harry in continual laughter the wearing out of six fashions, which is four terms, or two actions, and a shall laugh without intervallums. O, it is much that a lie with a slight oath and a jest with a sad brow will do with a fellow that never had the ache in his shoulders. O, you shall see him laugh till his face be like a wet cloak ill laid up.
the oynmcpa yteh keep. llI omec up ithw ohgeun aaitrmle obuat tsih ohawllS to keep ePicrn alH gaguihln npnsoot rfo a ayre. astTh owh umhc emti it ksaet ofr the tneurrc sfnhoia to nhecag isx emsti, or fro two saistlwu to be dtoeecmlp. lHle guhal whit no ioiinesmsnrt. Oh, a lie ltdo ihtw a aeersum of rroutht a ejok todl ithw a irsusoe caweifll go fra twih a yognu lowlfe, woh has evenr dha sih olsurdesh ihgdewe owdn by odl gae or iosrwer. Oh, lhle lhuga tuinl ish acfe ksloo ikel a tew otca that aws uhng ylllprtooi be all lrkidwen rfom glhutear.


(within) Sir John.


(ofagetsf) riS John!


I come, Master Shallow; I come, Master Shallow.


mniogC, stMrae aolhwSl! Ciongm!
He sexit.

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