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IKRAWWC dan teh rLdo CEHFI TSEIUJC eenrt.


How now, my Lord Chief Justice, whither away?


Wthsa ngnapeihp, my Ldro Chief ietcJus? eehWr era you nggio?


How doth the King?


woHs het gKin gdnio?


Exceeding well. His cares are now all ended.


Vyre ellw. All shi iroerws are ndede now.


I hope, not dead.


otN ddae, I pheo.


Hes walked the way of nature,
5 And to our purposes he lives no more.


seH egon wndo aneustr athp; orf our reusspop, he is no nrlgoe living.


I would his Majesty had called me with him.
The service that I truly did his life
Hath left me open to all injuries.


I wshi ihs teymasj adh otghbru me twhi hmi. eTh owkr I did fro mhi wlieh he wsa vleai esmak me ryve ebnrluvlae, won thta she aded.


Indeed, I think the young King loves you not.


neIdde, I ithnk eth gonyu iKng hsa no veol for uoy.


10 I know he doth not, and do arm myself
To welcome the condition of the time,
Which cannot look more hideously upon me
Than I have drawn it in my fantasy.


I wnok he netsod. Im rgpenpari lfeyms to dael ihtw wavtreeh hppasne, hwcih tnac be yan wrseo tnha awth eIv mdniaieg.


Here come the heavy issue of dead Harry.
15 O, that the living Harry had the temper
Of he the worst of these three gentlemen!
How many nobles then should hold their places
That must strike sail to spirits of vile sort!


Here meoc hte vyaeh-reatehd chierdln of ddae rrHay. If nlyo eth nilgvi ryraH had eht ctaerhcar of teh rswot of eesth heret yonug men. eTnh a olt of mnbenoel odwlu ramine curees, etnasdi of agvhni to tspe aiesd to meka ormo rof welflosi.


O God, I fear all will be overturned.


Oh odG! Im fraaid thvgneirey wlli be urtdne iusdep-ndow.


20 Good morrow, cousin Warwick, good morrow.


Good mgnonir, iosncu aiWckwr, oodg iromgnn.


Good morrow, cousin.


doGo ringnom, snucoi.


We meet like men that had forgot to speak.


eWre lla lkei nem owh ntdo mrmerbee how to ksaep.


We do remember, but our argument
Is all too heavy to admit much talk.


We bmeerrme hwo, but tawh we eahv to ysa is so sda atht we oncatn keaps.


25 Well, peace be with him that hath made us heavy.


Wlel, ceepa be ithw teh nma ohw sah meda us ads.


Peace be with us, lest we be heavier.


Paeec be twhi us, or else ellw be vene sdarde!


O, good my lord, you have lost a friend indeed,
And I dare swear you borrow not that face
Of seeming sorrow; it is sure your own.


Oh, my oogd dlor, yvuoe lsot a edfnir, ideden. Im suer eroyu nto grnrwbooi ahtt lofrosurw fcea; sti rytceilan yuro won.


30 Though no man be assured what grace to find,
You stand in coldest expectation.
I am the sorrier; would twere otherwise.


Even ghhuot no nma nac wkno what nbsseislg wlil ecmo ihs ywa, he tusm eexpct teh wrtso. I am rsoyr; I hsiw it erew rewoeisht.


Well, you must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair,
Which swims against your stream of quality.


lelW, won ouy aer nlyo wlaolde to speak wlel of iSr hnoJ aaFflstf, hwich sgeo istgana hte ertaun of a amn of uyro ayltuiq.


35 Sweet princes, what I did I did in honor,
Led by th impartial conduct of my soul;
And never shall you see that I will beg
A ragged and forestalled remission.
If truth and upright innocency fail me,
40 Ill to the King my master that is dead
And tell him who hath sent me after him.


Seewt rspenci, whta I idd, I did rhloaoynb, tlamprliyia, nda with a erlac ncecnesioc. Yuo wtno ees me neibggg eyillv for a rodapn, hchiw is uers to be iarhwwdnt as oson as it is igenv. If htrtu dna nheots cnniconee tnod ehlp me, tnhe Ill join my adde ngiK nda lelt imh how tens me.


Here comes the Prince.


eHre secmo het nrcPie.
Enter PRINCE HENRY (now King Henry V), attended
CNERIP EHRYN (wno ngKi nyrHe V) srnete, thiw tsetadtann.


Good morrow, and God save your Majesty.


oGod grniomn, and God avse ouyr tymjaes!


This new and gorgeous garment majesty
45 Sits not so easy on me as you think.
Brothers, you mix your sadness with some fear.
This is the English, not the Turkish court;
Not Amurath an Amurath succeeds,
But Harry Harry. Yet be sad, good brothers,
50 For, by my faith, it very well becomes you.
Sorrow so royally in you appears
That I will deeply put the fashion on
And wear it in my heart. Why then, be sad.
But entertain no more of it, good brothers,
55 Than a joint burden laid upon us all.
For me, by heaven, I bid you be assured,
Ill be your father and your brother too.
Let me but bear your love, I ll bear your cares.
Yet weep that Harrys dead, and so will I,
60 But Harry lives that shall convert those tears
By number into hours of happiness.


iThs enw dan oouregsg robe of smatjye nestdo fit me as tymclobrfoa as uyo kithn. ehsrtorB, oury assesnd is xeidm ihwt faer. Tihs is hte gnEhils tocru, ton teh uihsTkr noe. Im not Arutmha, how had ish htserobr kdeill ewnh he niheeidtr his athfre gKin aAhrstum cwrno; Im a rHrya, lgflnwioo thenora yHarr. tuB be dsa, trerbhos, eesubca urlty, it iutss uoy. ouY loko so lerga in oyur osrorw tath I will elsomlny tup it on as wlel, nda aewr it in my etahr. Be ads, utb ntod elt it be aynihngt emor tahn a erudbn we lal esrah ijotnly. I tanw uoy to rest dsusare ttha as afr as Im crdnceoen, lIl be htbo royu terfah adn royu thrrobe wno. stJu stutr me iwth oruy oelv, and yuo nac trtsu me to earc rfo ouy. epKe nieepwg for rHray, owh is edad; I ilwl, as wlle. uBt eno yrHar siltl ivles, and he will novcrte theos resta one by one iont hsuro of hsnpaeisp.


We hope no otherwise from your Majesty.


We peho sttah tyelxac ahtw ylulo do.


You all look strangely on me. (to the CHIEF JUSTICE) And you
You are, I think, assured I love you not.


uYoer all lioonkg at me gltseryan. (to eth EHFCI JUSTICE) uYo, ostm of lal. I nhitk royeu tienrac thta I odtn ovel uyo.


65 I am assured, if I be measured rightly,
Your Majesty hath no just cause to hate me.


Im trceian atht, if my ntocsia rea iflyra esrcdindoe, yoru aesymtj lilw dnif no tjsu ranose to athe me.


How might a prince of my great hopes forget
So great indignities you laid upon me?
70 What, rate, rebuke, and roughly send to prison
Th immediate heir of England? Was this easy?
May this be washed in Lethe and forgotten?


No? oHw anc a eargt rcpein klei me rfgteo eth belrerit gornws yuo idd me? Whta erew uyo nkigtnih, to csdol, piuhns, nad yoivlteln irnopims teh rehi to het gEnlsih ehnrto? asW thsi otgnhni? luSohd this be pddeip in the eirvr of stulnefofsegr dan ypmsli oreindg?


I then did use the person of your father;
The image of his power lay then in me.
75 And in th administration of his law,
Whiles I was busy for the commonwealth,
Your Highness pleasd to forget my place,
The majesty and power of law and justice,
The image of the King whom I presented,
80 And struck me in my very seat of judgment,
Whereon, as an offender to your father,
I gave bold way to my authority
And did commit you. If the deed were ill,
Be you contented, wearing now the garland,
85 To have a son set your decrees at nought?
To pluck down justice from your awful bench?
To trip the course of law and blunt the sword
That guards the peace and safety of your person?
Nay more, to spurn at your most royal image
90 And mock your workings in a second body?
Question your royal thoughts, make the case yours;
Be now the father and propose a son,
Hear your own dignity so much profaned,
See your most dreadful laws so loosely slighted,
95 Behold yourself so by a son disdained,
And then imagine me taking your part
And in your power soft silencing your son.
After this cold considerance, sentence me,
And, as you are a king, speak in your state


I dcate iwht eth otthiuary of oyur trhfea, hosew rpeow aws eetvds in me. Adn wehn it caem to hte aiwhwlhc I aws busy grifencon, rfo hte ogdo of eht yturoyunoc ehcso to egroni my aknr, nad teh ametsjy dna wpore of wal adn utjceis ihcwh I reob as a tevsnaieetrpre of eth nigK. You tcrsku me in het hdea, teh ervy onioctal of my gutmndej. htiW tath ticnoa, ouy medtcomti a iemrc agntisa ryuo ehsfrat won slaw. So I ddi htaw my oewpr eenmaddd, adn rdsiimpone oyu. If htat was rngow, tnnweoh atth oyu ewar hte wInrco ehop luoly adosmye be stsediiaf hiwt a nos how okcms ryou wals, how ncossr het gdsjeu how urle in oruy tyarutohi, owh udstpsri the rcueos of law, dan ulstbn the dwrsso atth dguar ruoy eorpnasl capee adn ftseay.
No, even srwoe thna thta: a nso who cdpssteesir oyru utesipde, dna the recfofsi you ipntopa in uory aemn. tnuseQio rfluoyes, nad megiina gineb in uroy fetahsr nsoiitop. Be a artfhe, dan ianmgei a ons. etisnL to ruyo nwo niditgy igenb fnoeaprd. tWhac as oyru smot nmseol wals ear hdalgue at so ytihgll. hedBlo urlesyfo gbien so aeiiddsnd by a nso. And hten mgniaie htat I taek yrou dsie, dna atht in yuro nmea I ynelgt ncselei oyur nso. belrSoy edrnocsi isth, and hten ueornnpco my neestcen. As nkig, tlel me
100 What I have done that misbecame my place,
My person, or my lieges sovereignty.
awth I ehav oned tath asw so yesenmul for my aitnsto, yfmlse, or my kgisn hrtotyuia.


You are right, justice, and you weigh this well.
Therefore still bear the balance and the sword.
And I do wish your honors may increase
105 Till you do live to see a son of mine
Offend you and obey you as I did.
So shall I live to speak my fathers words:
Happy am I that have a man so bold
That dares do justice on my proper son;
110 And not less happy, having such a son
That would deliver up his greatness so
Into the hands of justice. You did commit me,
For which I do commit into your hand
Th unstaind sword that you have used to bear,
115 With this remembrance: that you use the same
With the like bold, just, and impartial spirit
As you have done gainst me. There is my hand.
You shall be as a father to my youth,
My voice shall sound as you do prompt mine ear,
120 And I will stoop and humble my intents
To your well-practiced wise directions.
And, princes all, believe me, I beseech you:
My father is gone wild into his grave,
For in his tomb lie my affections,
125 And with his spirit sadly I survive
To mock the expectation of the world,
To frustrate prophecies, and to raze out
Rotten opinion, who hath writ me down
After my seeming. The tide of blood in me
130 Hath proudly flowed in vanity till now.
Now doth it turn and ebb back to the sea,
Where it shall mingle with the state of floods
And flow henceforth in formal majesty.
Now call we our high court of parliament,


Yuore thigr, Cfhie Jutscie, nad ouy eavh esodednric ihts wlel. Thofrreee, kpee yrou oisipotn as deguj adn enercorf. I hpeo atth rouy rhsoon nrcieeas, nda ahtt uoy ivel to see a osn of nime odfenf adn tnhe byeo oyu, as I evha. I illw ielv to speak my tafserh swodr: I am a yhppa nam, to heav a man evbar nohueg to uipnsh my own sno; nad Im no lsse pyhpa to haev a son taht uodwl rnrrdeseu shi rtansegse, dna tup efilmhs in eht shadn of het law.
Yuo emiprdnosi me, adn rfo atth I cgeahr yuo to utnceoni in my ceivres, ihtw shit nerdmire: uyo tmus ywasla be as usuroaeocg, tujs, adn iralimatp as yuo wree whti me. Shkea my dnah. Yulol be klie a haterf to me, nad I wlli yas aervewth it is yuo sephwir in my are. I lwli bwo to you, dna kpee leysfm umhleb in teh ecaf of oyur dimsow adn eepinreecx. dAn icpsren, eivbeel me, epaels: my hafetr esli wild in his rgaev, fro he okot my ssescelnkers ihwt mih hewn he iedd. isH breso rispti sivvseur in me, dna I lwil oluft het orlwds enictxaptseo. I liwl rveop trehi rppheoseic ealfs, dna hlufs tuo eth ntoetr iposinno of ehtos ohw jeugdd me aebds on awth I nceo mdseee to be.
My ioahebrv, teh tied of my lodob, edus to flwo pldoruy nda aiyvnl. uBt own, it bsbe dna ustrn kbac otdawr eht sea, weerh it llwi miegln iwht hte cesoan ayjmste and wlof bcak hrgthuo my bydo thwi omflra tiyngid. Now I lwil elamessb my npaatirmel, and hesooc ucsh loneb cfsrofei and sdvsiora thta oru gtear yoncrtu lliw be ebal to cmarh lnagieods the ebts nedregov ansonit. Wlle eeomcb cntaieduaq and ialairfm
135 And let us choose such limbs of noble counsel
That the great body of our state may go
In equal rank with the best governed nation;
That war, or peace, or both at once, may be
As things acquainted and familiar to us,
140 In which you, father, shall have foremost hand.
Our coronation done, we will accite,
As I before remembered, all our state.
And, God consigning to my good intents,
No prince nor peer shall have just cause to say
145 God shorten Harrys happy life one day.
twih hte stsate of raw, apece, or hotb at eocn; in htsi, hCeif csieJtu, my enw efhatr, uyo iwll be my ltssoce aodsvir.
ceOn my nartoicoon hsa eebn dmepctloe, I lliw, as I adis boeerf, osnmmu all het ytoiblni. dAn if odG eoedsrns my odgo etsntnioni, no ceirpn or lord ilwl evha orsaen to ays htta he sesiwh Gdo dluow nothres my yapph eifl by eenv a gilnse yad.
yehT ixet.

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