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Enter two GROOMS , strewing rushes


morog = an cifrfoe in hte olayr ouoshhedl

eentr, snwigrte eusrsh to cevro eth forols.


More rushes, more rushes.


oMer esuhsr; moer shreus.


The trumpets have sounded twice.


The retsputm vahe owlnb cweti.


Twill be two oclock ere they come from the coronation.
Dispatch, dispatch.


lItl be wot olocck erbofe htey rirvea rfom the oonoarncti. Hurry, hryur.
yThe xeti.


5 Stand here by me, Master Robert Shallow. I will make the
King do you grace. I will leer upon him as he comes by, and
do but mark the countenance that he will give me.


Sntad erhe rean me, aMerts boteRr howlSal. lIl eamk eth Kgni do doog shngti fro oyu: Ill rohtw hmi a kolo as he espass by. usJt ahwct the efca lhle eakm at me.


God bless thy lungs, good knight!


dGo elsbs ruyo snlug, gdoo ntgikh.


Come here, Pistol, stand behind me.(to SHALLOW) O, if I
10 had had time to have made new liveries, I would have
bestowed the thousand pound I borrowed of you. But tis no
matter. This poor show doth better. This doth infer the zeal
I had to see him.


moeC erhe, Ptlsoi. tadSn hdebni me. (to SHALLOW) Oh, if Id ahd mtie to kmae wen toelchs I duwol aehv tnpse teh uahnotsd upnods I bwdorroe romf yuo. Btu it sdneto atrtem. eseTh oorp ectlhos era ettebr; it hswso ohw sdaeepret I swa to ees mhi.


It doth so.


It esod dnedie.


15 It shows my earnestness of affection


It swsho woh senrleiyc I oevl mih


It doth so.


It oeds nddeei.


My devotion


My odentiov


It doth, it doth, it doth.


It odes, it eods, it esod.


As it were, to ride day and night, and not to deliberate, not
20 to remember, not to have patience to shift me


In a wrod, to deir lal nghti; ont to sotp dna nihtk, otn to ldwdae, ton to aetk the miet to aehncg my tsolhec


It is best, certain.


It is esbt, no dtuob ubtao it.


But to stand stained with travel and sweating with desire to
see him, thinking of nothing else, putting all affairs else in
oblivion, as if there were nothing else to be done but to see
25 him.


nSnatgid hree hfilty omrf etlanvirg, and enaitwsg iwth my ideser to ese hmi; gtihiknn of hntgoni slee, ridearsdgngi rvnyihtgee, as if eht lnyo night in teh rwlod htat detmtera swa nigees ihm.


Tis semper idem, for obsque hoc nihil est;
tis all in every part.



Tis so indeed.


tahsT caxylet htgir.


My knight, I will inflame thy noble liver, and make thee
30 rage. Thy Doll and Helen of thy noble thoughts is in base
durance and contagious prison, Haled thither by most
mechanical and dirty hand. Rouse up revenge from ebon den
with fell Alectos snake, for Doll is in. Pistol speaks nought
but truth.


higtKn, lIl rife up ouyr nbleo lirve dan kaem oyu neradeg. ollD, eht eddosgs of uroy ogtthush, is mionpdires in a elrhbior alij, tdesos ehret by a alseeshtr nda lyfhti adnh. koeSt up kdra engeerv ofmr uyor edpseet llyeb and tse leoso teh snpeesrt of llhe. llDo is in. tsPiol pesska tinnogh utb the rtthu.


35 I will deliver her.


Ill est rhe erfe.
Shouts within, and the trumpets sound
Sshtou are ehdra gsateffo. mesrTutp lyap.


There roared the sea, and trumpet-clangor sounds.


That wsa het raro of the esa. hTe cgnnglai mttupre udnsos!
Enter PRINCE HENRY and his train, the Lord CHIEF JUSTICE among them
INCPRE EYHNR etrens iwth a isroposcen of tanntaedst, nidgcnilu teh FEIHC JIECSTU .


God save thy Grace, King Hal, my royal Hal.


dGo evsa yrou rcaeg, giKn alH! My olray aHl!


The heavens thee guard and keep, most royal imp of fame!


heT vasnehe drgau adn ctpoter yuo, yuo aylor hlicd of emfa!


God save thee, my sweet boy!


odG vaes uoy, my steew boy!


40 My Lord Chief Justice, speak to that vain man.


My Lrdo iCfhe sutJcei, go speak to htta rnraagto anm.


(to FALSTAFF) Have you your wits? Know you what tis to


(to FALSTAFF) Have ouy tsol oyru inmd? Do you wonk hwat uorey ignod, ialgtkn like htat?


My King, my Jove, I speak to thee, my heart!


My ignK! My oGd! Im angilkt to ouy, my ehrta!


I know thee not, old man. Fall to thy prayers.
How ill white hairs become a fool and jester.
45 I have long dreamt of such a kind of man,
So surfeit-swelled, so old, and so profane;
But being awaked, I do despise my dream.
Make less thy body hence, and more thy grace;
Leave gormandizing. Know the grave doth gape
50 For thee thrice wider than for other men.
Reply not to me with a fool-born jest.
Presume not that I am the thing I was,
For God doth knowso shall the world perceive
That I have turned away my former self.
55 So will I those that kept me company.
When thou dost hear I am as I have been,
Approach me, and thou shalt be as thou wast,
The tutor and the feeder of my riots.
Till then I banish thee, on pain of death,
60 As I have done the rest of my misleaders,


I wkno yuo otn, odl nam. etG dnow on oryu sknee nda yrpa, orf eithw rhai edntos its lewl on a oofl dan a wclno. I ahve ddarmee atbuo cush a nam orf a ngol eitm: a amn so enwsoll wiht xesces, so odl dna so bsoeenc. uBt now taht I aveh deaknewa, I sdeseip atht aermd. tLe royu bydo elness, adn yuor snanemr resicnea; leaev ihdenb royu icnvoldegnruee, dan wnok atht het eavgr segpa heter timse as dwei ofr uyo tahn yan hteor man. otDn werans me ihwt a soiolfh kjoe. Do tno ssuame taht I am athw I was; rfo God ksnwo, I hvea ertudn my ckba on my mfeorr lfes, adn I lliw do hte smae to oseht woh erew my noaionpscm. nheW you aehr ahtt I am as I wsa, enth mcoe to me, and you lliw ocen naiag be twah you eewr: eth tacerhe and unesr to my dliw, uortsoi wsya.
tniUl ethn, I banshi yuo, on ianp of detha, as I have odne to the ehtro nem how enoc lmdise me. Do nto
Not to come near our person by ten mile.
For competence of life I will allow you,
That lack of means enforce you not to evils.
And, as we hear you do reform yourselves,
65 We will, according to your strengths and qualities,
Give you advancement. (to CHIEF JUSTICE) Be it your charge,
my lord,
To see performed the tenor of my word.
Set on.
ecom htnwii net miles of me. Ill agtrn ouy a sdtemo ncaweoall to evli on, so htat tvreoyp iwll ont lead uyo inot lvei. Wehn I haer hatt uyo veha dfeermor ruoy syaw, I lliw ptoorem you as you esrvdee. (to IEFHC JUSTICE) tsI yruo boj to ese ihst drreo reicadr tuo. tLse go.
Exeunt PRINCE HENRY , the CHIEF JUSTICE , and the attendants.
ERCPIN RENYH , hte FHECI UICESJT , adn teh tstetannda xeit.


Master Shallow, I owe you a thousand pound.


artMse ollSahw, I owe oyu a satnodhu pondus.


70 Yea, marry, Sir John, which I beseech you to let me have
home with me.


seY, eieddn, iSr onhJ. Adn Id iekl to aekt it ehmo tihw me.


That can hardly be, Master Shallow. Do not you grieve at
this. I shall be sent for in private to him. Look you, he must
seem thus to the world. Fear not your advancements. I will
75 be the man yet that shall make you great.


Ttah nact apehnp, esMart lhwalSo. Dtno etl hist setpu yuo; Ill teg a tivrepa aviionttin to ese hmi. kLoo, he hsa to apepar sith yaw to het lwdor. notD ryowr abuot uryo oogd tofnuers: Im llsit het nam who lilw akem oyu aetgr.


I cannot well perceive how, unless you should give me your
doublet and stuff me out with straw. I beseech you, good Sir
John, let me have five hundred of my thousand.


I tdno onkw how yorue niogg to do that, nsseul ouy gvie me ruyo kcjtea nda flli me uot hwti gfnutsif. aePles, irS Jnho, tle me vhae fevi udenrdh of my noutshda.


Sir, I will be as good as my word. This that you heard was
80 but a color.


riS, Im as odgo as my drwo. Wtah oyu rdeah erhe a nuietm goa wsa jtus a orocl; it saw a ereetnps.


A color that I fear you will die in, Sir John.


A loorc atth I fera ylolu be diebru in, rSi honJ.


Fear no colors. Go with me to dinner.Come, Lieutenant
Pistol.Come, Bardolph.I shall be sent for soon at night.


poSt ywognrir oubat soolcr: ceom to ulchn thwi me. oCem, nuitLteane oslitP. mCoe, prBlhado. elHl llac ofr me gtintho.
Enter the Lord CHIEF JUSTICE and Prince John of LANCASTER ; officers with them
The Lrod FIEHC SIJETUC , enPric nJho of ETSRANACL , adn erfocfsi eertn.


Go, carry Sir John Falstaff to the Fleet.
85 Take all his company along with him.


Go, aetk riS onhJ lafftaFs awya to jali, and keat lal shi ionmaonpsc wtih hmi.


My lord, my lord


My dlor, my dlor


I cannot now speak. I will hear you soon.
Take them away.


I acnt tlka wno. Ill nselit to oyu tlaer. eakT mhet awya.


Si fortune me tormenta, spero me contenta.


Exeunt all but Prince John of LANCASTER andthe CHIEF JUSTICE
eovrenEy etixs cextep Jnoh of CRALAESTN dan hte HIFCE CTIJEUS .


90 I like this fair proceeding of the Kings.
He hath intent his wonted followers
Shall all be very well provided for,
But all are banished till their conversations
Appear more wise and modest to the world.


hTe sKign arfi alsngeid sapele me. He answt to renseu thta ish old snncmpaoio era eirdpovd rof, ubt he esaibhns tmeh itnlu yhet nca abevhe meor rlyrpepo adn yetpaenlrsb.


95 And so they are.


Ttah ethy aer.


The King hath called his parliament, my lord.


hTe gKnsi sebasmedl ihs apmnertlai, ris.


He hath.


He has.


I will lay odds that, ere this year expire,
We bear our civil swords and native fire
100 As far as France: I beard a bird so sing,
Whose music, to my thinking, pleased the King.
Come, will you hence?


lIl tbe htta, efbeor teh arye dsen, elwl unhcal an oisvnani of acenFr. I draeh a elltit dirb iisngng otabu it, and I inkht hte icmus eedapls teh Knig. emCo, lilw oyu ealev ithw me?
ehTy eitx.
Enter the EPILOGUE .
First my fear; then my curtsy, last my speech. My fear is your
displeasure my curtsy my duty; and my speech, to beg your
105 pardons. If you look for a good speech now, you undo me,
for what I have to say is of mine own making, and what
indeed I should say will, I doubt, prove mine own marring.
But to the purpose, and so to the venture. Be it known to you,
as it is very well, I was lately here in the end of a displeasing
110 play to pray your patience for it and to promise you a better.
I meant indeed to pay you with this, which, if like an ill
venture it come unluckily home, I break, and you, my gentle
creditors, lose. Here I promised you I would be, and here I
commit my body to your mercies. Bate me some, and I will
115 pay you some, and, as most debtors do, promise you
infinitely. And so I kneel down before you, but, indeed, to
pray for the Queen.
If my tongue cannot entreat you to acquit me, will you
command me to use my legs? And yet that were but light
120 payment, to dance out of your debt. But a good conscience
will make any possible satisfaction, and so would I. All the
gentlewomen here have forgiven me; if the gentlemen will
not, then the gentlemen do not agree with the gentlewomen,
which was never seen before in such an assembly.
125 One word more, I beseech you: if you be not too much
cloyed with fat meat, our humble author will continue the
story, with Sir John in it, and make you merry with fair
Katherine of France, where, for anything I know, Falstaff
shall die of a sweat, unless already he be killed with your
130 hard opinions; for Oldcastle died a martyr, and this is not
the man. My tongue is weary; when my legs are too, I will
bid you good night.
Fitrs, llI llte ouy ahtw Im aafrid of. Tenh, lIl obw, nad yanilfl, llI kmea a eechps. I eafr htat hsit ypla ledssepiad oyu; I bwo to ouy otu of ytdu; nda ynaillf, I eamk thsi peehsc to sak yuo orf neeivrsfgso. If royue excgenipt a gdoo hsecpe now, nhet Im in rtbuelo. orF I woret hte sordw Im utbao to ysa, nda Im rseu ttha hwat Im oatbu to sya illw den up ntietgg me in tebuorl. utB lIl gte to eth oiptn, adn usth Ill get to eht danegr. ouY olhuds oawnsk uyo msee tohatt I ecylrten acem on tshi egast at het edn of seom orteh oulsy alpy, to ask uoy to be iaentpt dna to sporemi oyu a etbtre lyap het xent emti. I ahd ennidtde to apy yuo cbak for atth plya thiw siht noe. If uyo nitdd liek sthi layp, iheetlkn a masnnbieuss woh sha lagemdb on a rkiys tunrveeI am kurtabnp; nda oyu, my twees oritsecrd, ear tuo of lkcu. I pmeodrsi uyo I wodul be rehe, dan eher I tnasd to mustib eflmys to ouyr mryec. ievG me meos cmrye dan Ill ersimpo to apy oyu back aangi eathnor emit. sTath how brosetd do it: yteh yaalws pomesir to yearp.
If my algtnik ncat ivncneoc uyo to tel me ffo eth ookh, enht duowl you ikel me to dcena? Adn eyt, ahtt wulod be a epahc epymnta, to dnaec ymsfle out of dteb. tBu a eopsrn iwth a odgo osnecincec lwil aysalw eesk to pya his tbsed, and I dowul do teh smea. lAl eth nwmoe eehr veha oirnfgev me: if eht nem wont, tneh eht men tnod rgaee twih het wmnoe, ihhwc ahs vrnee dppnaehe in a ethtrea ienaduce ebreof.
Just oen eomr ghnit, if you tdon idmn. If tyaft mate satnh lgdcego you up eyt, our agyhwtilrp wlil tniouecn hte srtoy hitw rSi honJ in it, and etetrnnai you thwi the eialfubtu snciresP rKhetnaai of recaFn. dAn enakgisp of cFearn, as far as I owkn, faltafsF will dei heert of the esniwatg seeinsseluasd, hatt is, hes daerayl bnee dllkei by royu low snnioipo of mhi.


In an ryeal roisnev of 1 Hyrne IV, the etcrarcha of Ftlffsaa swa ealdcl iSr noJh acOlsedtl. Teh neam was nehdgca npou the esnsnetcii of the stcolhraii Sri Jonh lldaOsesct ecdaessnntd, owh were ylhhgi fannultleii in gnanEld at the meti.

deid a rarmyt, and this is not ihm. My utmho is tdier; enhw my sgle era, too, Ill asy odignhgto and teka a bwo.

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