Henry IV Part 2

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Is this proceeding just and honorable?
Is this action just and honorable?
340Is your assembly so?
Was your rebellion just and honorable?
Will you thus break your faith?
Will you break faith with us like this?
   I pawned thee none.
I promised you redress of these same grievances
Whereof you did complain, which, by mine honor,
I will perform with a most Christian care.
345But for you rebels, look to taste the due
Meet for rebellion and such acts as yours.
Most shallowly did you these arms commence,
Fondly brought here, and foolishly sent hence.—
Strike up our drums; pursue the scattered stray.
350God, and not we, hath safely fought today.—
Some guard these traitors to the block of death,
Treason’s true bed and yielder-up of breath.
I never promised you my faith. I promised to make good on the grievances you complained of. And, on my honor, I will do that as carefully as possible. But now, you rebels will get exactly what you deserve for the things you’ve done. You raised armies over nothing, brought them here stupidly, and then foolishly sent them away. Bang on our drums! Capture the soldiers who are scattering away. God, not we, has fought today and won. Guards, escort these traitors to the place of their death. That’s where treason belongs, and where they’ll draw their last breath.
They exit.