Henry IV Part 2

William Shakespeare
No Fear Act 5 Scene 1
No Fear Act 5 Scene 1 Page 4

Original Text

Modern Text

keep Prince Harry in continual laughter the wearing out of six fashions, which is four terms, or two actions, and a' shall laugh without intervallums. O, it is much that a lie with a slight oath and a jest with a sad brow will do with a fellow that never had the ache in his shoulders. O, you shall see him laugh till his face be like a wet cloak ill laid up.
the company they keep. I’ll come up with enough material about this Shallow to keep Prince Hal laughing nonstop for a year. That’s how much time it takes for the current fashion to change six times, or for two lawsuits to be completed. He’ll laugh with no intermission. Oh, a lie told with a measure of truth—or a joke told with a serious face—will go far with a young fellow, who has never had his shoulders weighed down by old age or worries. Oh, he’ll laugh until his face looks like a wet coat that was hung poorly—it’ll be all wrinkled from laughter.


(within) Sir John.


(offstage) Sir John!


I come, Master Shallow; I come, Master Shallow.


Coming, Master Shallow! Coming!
He exits.

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