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135And let us choose such limbs of noble counsel
That the great body of our state may go
In equal rank with the best governed nation;
That war, or peace, or both at once, may be
As things acquainted and familiar to us,
140In which you, father, shall have foremost hand.
Our coronation done, we will accite,
As I before remembered, all our state.
And, God consigning to my good intents,
No prince nor peer shall have just cause to say
145God shorten Harry’s happy life one day.
with the states of war, peace, or both at once; in this, Chief Justice, my new father, you will be my closest advisor.
Once my coronation has been completed, I will, as I said before, summon all the nobility. And if God endorses my good intentions, no prince or lord will have reason to say that he wishes God would shorten my happy life by even a single day.
They exit.

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