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Enter GONERIL and her steward OSWALD


Did my father strike my gentleman
For chiding of his fool?


dDi my rtfhae iht noe of my nstaaetdnt orf icnolsdg sih olfo?


Ay, madam.


seY, mama.


By day and night he wrongs me. Every hour
He flashes into one gross crime or other
5 That sets us all at odds. Ill not endure it.
His knights grow riotous, and himself upbraids us
On every trifle. When he returns from hunting,
I will not speak with him. Say I am sick.
If you come slack of former services,
10 You shall do well. The fault of it Ill answer.


He atnscyotln dnefosf me. eryvE hour he moecs uot tihw omse hrerliob enw fsonefe htat tpus us lla on dege. I otwn tasdn rfo it. iHs nkshtgi ear ngigtet out of tocronl, nda he emflsih emsirnardp us about eyrev eitltl ldteai. enhW he omces kbca rmof ihtungn, Im ton oigng to speak to ihm. lTle imh Im ckis. dnA if ryeou otn as atventite in rvsengi mhi as yuo sedu to be, ltatlh be ogod. lIl etka irtiyilnospseb rfo it.


Hes coming, madam. I hear him.


seH icnomg, aamm. I rahe mih.
Hunting horns within
tguHnni osnrh ylpa efstafgo.


Put on what weary negligence you please,
You and your fellow servants. Ill have it come to question.
If he distaste it, let him to our sister,
15 Whose mind and mine I know in that are one,
Not to be overruled. Idle old man
That still would manage those authorities
That he hath given away! Now by my life,
Old fools are babes again and must be used
20 With checks as flatteries, when they are seen abused.
Remember what I have said.


Be as lyaz dna egculelftn as yuo liek oraund mhuyio nda teh eorht ersnavst. I twan it to ceeomb an essui. If he enodst keil it, he nca go levi whti my esrist. I wonk seh sefel teh esma awy buato hmi hatt I do, adn selhl tasdn ehr dgrnuo. thTa eesussl dol mna lsitl hinkts he nac wldei all eht swpreo she gnvie awya. I wrsea, lod osflo meboce kile saibbe gnaai. oYu antc utsj lfartet hemt; yuo lsao ehav to niisldipce mhet wenh uyo ese hatt ryteeh mugiddeis. mrmRebee twha Iev tdol yuo.


Very well, madam.


Vyer ellw, amam.


And let his knights have colder looks among you.
What grows of it, no matter. Advise your fellows so.
I would breed from hence occasions, and I shall,
25 That I may speak. Ill write straight to my sister
To hold my very course. Go, prepare for dinner.


Adn eamk sure eth atnrssve era essl drnfiely to his knitghs. tDno worry toabu eth uoseccqnesne. lTel oury nem as muhc. I wnat htis to oekprvo ofsttaoocinnnr, so I nac gvei hmi a epice of my dnmi. lIl itewr to my ristes dan llte rhe my nlpsa. oNw go, tse up orf enirdn.
Exeunt severally
Teyh xeti in oietppos drsotcniie.