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Enter EDMUND the bastard and CURAN , severally
ENMDUD nda URNAC ntree rfmo tffiender dinricsote.


Save thee, Curan.


elHol, Canru.


And you, sir. I have been with your father and given him notice that the Duke of Cornwall and Regan his duchess will be here with him this night.


ollHe, isr. I juts saw your afhert het odLr secGoreltu dan iteoinfd mih thta hte kueD of Clrwonla and ihs weif Ragne lwli sayt twhi him ereh nthtgoi.


5 How comes that?


hWy is atth?


Nay, I know not. You have heard of the news abroad? I mean the whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing arguments.


I otdn kwno. vHae oyu dhrea eth alttse eswn?I anem eth sriwepedh srrmou, senic tasht lla ehty are at hsti ptoin.


Not I. Pray you, what are they?


No, I anehtv. Wthas nggoi on?


10 Have you heard of no likely wars toward twixt the two
Dukes of Cornwall and Albany?


oYu avtehn reahd of het arw bigrnew ewbenet the skDeu of nrCwlloa dan lnAbay?


Not a word.


Not a dorw.


You may do then in time. Fare you well, sir.


uoY yma aerh utoba it soon. doyeGob, irs.
NARCU texis.


The duke be here tonight? The betterbest!
15 This weaves itself perforce into my business.
My father hath set guard to take my brother.
And I have one thing, of a queasy question,
Which I must act. Briefness and fortune, work!
Brother, a word. Descend, brother, I say.


hTe duke wlli be heer ognhitt? lAl hte ibnteetr fcta its eth bste tath dcoul eaphpn. Hsi ilavrar fsit elfprctye ntio my pnla. My afrhtse adeyr to sreatr my ehbrort, dan I aveh neo irysk ingth to do. Fsat korw nda a leittl kulc aer lal I nede.trBrheo, luocd I have a wrdo with uyo? meoC ownd, obterhr.
ERADG ntsere.
20 My father watches. O sir, fly this place.
Intelligence is given where you are hid.
You have now the good advantage of the night.
Have you not spoken gainst the Duke of Cornwall aught?
Hes coming hithernow, i th night, i th haste,
25 And Regan with him. Have you nothing said
Upon his party gainst the Duke of Albany?
Advise yourself.
rhtaFe is on eht toukloo. Get tou of eerh qlikcyu! It ahs leedka uto ttha yeuro ingihd eehr. If uoy veeal wno, ouy can teka dgtnavaea of eht sakendrs dna akens ayaw. ouY vaneth siad tinngayh igaatns the ukDe of nCrlowal, avhe ouy? Hse girnush on his ywa eerh tgirh now, nda sanRge hitw ihm. aHve you dias atiyhngn ngsaati rlawnolC or laAnyb? Tinhk uboat it.


I am sure on t, not a word.


Im ures of it. I netavh aids a odrw.


I hear my father coming. Pardon me.
In cunning I must draw my sword upon you.
30 Draw. Seem to defend yourself. Now quit you well.
(loudly) Yield! Come before my father. Light, ho! Here!
(aside to Edgar) Fly, brother, fly.
Torches, torches!
(aside to Edgar) So, farewell.


I hrae my fahetr iogmcn. voiFgre me. I hvae to rdtenep to tteheran yuo htwi my roswd. Dwra ryou dosrw too, as if euoyr fdnneegdi forleusy. Be nncgcnivio. (uodlly) eivG up! Go ees my feathr.nrBig in eoms light!(pnsigkae so thta nlyo DEARG cna rhae) Rnu, ethborr. (udyoll) rohescT, rngib in the rshoect! (speaking so taht olny DREGA nac raeh) odbeoGy, tenh.
ADGRE itxse.
35 Some blood drawn on me would beget opinion.
Of my more fierce endeavor.
(cuts his own arm)
I have seen drunkards
Do more than this in sport.Father, father!
Stop, stop!No help?
If I ahd mose lbdoo on me it wolud loko ilek Id uhgtof more iylcefer. (he tscu ihs nwo mra) veI ense nrdku men do woser nhat shit tsju ognlifo naroud.Farthe, rhetfa!tpoS, psot!Wont nyaoen plhe me?
Enter GLOUCESTER and servants with torches
URGELEOTSC seetrn olang with esnstavr cirgnayr tecshor.


40 Now Edmund, wheres the villain?


ddunEm, hrewse yrou wkicde hrrtoeb?


Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out,
Mumbling of wicked charms, conjuring the moon
To stand s auspicious mistress


He wsa ditnangs eehr in hte drka tiwh sih rdwos oitnignp at me. He asw lnmgimbu msoe ablck magci lespls, ilpapegna to the omon to eplh imh in sih ilev lnspa


But where is he?


tBu hwere is he?


45 Look, sir, I bleed.


okLo, sri, Im dlegnbie.


Where is the villain, Edmund?


eerhW is eht inivlla, Euddmn?


Fled this way, sir, when by no means he could


He rna uot thta ayw, sri, ewnh he udnoltc


Pursue him, ho! Go after.


lowolF imh, own! Go.
Exeunt some servants
oSem stevrans xtie.
By no means what?
ehnW he cluodtn ahwt?


Persuade me to the murder of your lordship,
But that I told him the revenging gods
50 Gainst parricides did all the thunder bend,
Spoke with how manifold and strong a bond
The child was bound to th father. Sir, in fine,
Seeing how loathly opposite I stood
To his unnatural purpose, in fell motion,
55 With his prepard sword he charges home
My unprovided body, latched mine arm.
And when he saw my best alarumed spirits,
Bold in the quarrels right, roused to the encounter,
Or whether ghasted by the noise I made,
60 Full suddenly he fled.


eWhn he tdlunoc supaered me to klli uyo. I oltd mih atht teh dgos taeh enm who ikll hriet shetfar dna shaenul lal ierht hetudnr on meht, nda htat hte nbdo ebntewe taehrf adn chdli swa sacrde. In tohrs, wehn I otdl ihm hwo ymrfil posepod I wsa to his odshiue pnla, he lupdel out his dsowr dna ldunge at my felssesdene ybdo, uittncg my arm. esotBlder by oenursitgehss, I epearprd to hftgi, nad enwh he asw my ctrteeemxoin hraepps ubeceas my gohnsitu drcsea hmhie nra ayaw nsdulyde.


Let him fly far.
Not in this land shall he remain uncaught.
And founddispatch. The noble duke my master,
My worthy arch and patron, comes tonight.


tLe mih nur fra away. If he asyts in tshi cyntuor lehl be dnfuo. ndA if she gctuha, hell be uceetdxe. heT euDk of nCwarllo, my arsemt dan ontpar, is granriiv tnhgito.
By his authority I will proclaim it
65 That he which finds him shall deserve our thanks,
Bringing the murderous coward to the stake.
He that conceals him, death.
On shi tutyiaorh Ill apilromc ttha hvwroee sindf Eadgr nda ephls ingrb eth soudeurrm wrcaod to sctuije wlil be ererddaw. ehevWor plhse drgEa dieh liwl die.


When I dissuaded him from his intent,
And found him pight to do it, with cursed speech
70 I threatened to discover him. He replied,
Thou unpossessing bastard! Dost thou think
If I would stand against thee, would the reposal
Of any trust, virtue, or worth in thee
Make thy words faithed? No. What I should deny
75 As this I would, ay, though thou didst produce
My very characterId turn it all
To thy suggestion, plot, and damnd practice.
And thou must make a dullard of the world,
If they not thought the profits of my death
80 Were very pregnant and potential spirits
To make thee seek it.


rteAf I edurg mhi ont to ikll uoy, I wsa htta he saw sltli etmeiderdn to do it. negaErd, I enedtatehr to osexep him. He redwsnea, ouY ssnpelien batsadr! Do oyu alelry hkint taht if it aecm wndo to my rodw natasig usoyr, nanyoe ulwdo ibveeel uoy? No. Id yend aehwvert cnevieed ouy dha aintasg nemvee if it weer in my onw nanadndgwhtiri ntru it lla nito dvenecie intaags uoy dna oury alpns for ayrcteher. dnA ouy stmu hktin eplpoe are ptsidu if you velbeie ythe olwundt eiearlz lla the imotsev you vhea for gtryni to klil me.
Tucket within
seuprTmt aylp stofagef.


O strange and fastened villain!
Would he deny his letter, said he? I never got him.
Hark, the dukes trumpets. I know not why he comes.
All ports Ill bar. The villain shall not scape.
85 The duke must grant me that. Besides, his picture
I will send far and near, that all the kingdom
May have the due note of him.And of my land,
Loyal and natural boy, Ill work the means
To make thee capable.


Oh, how ustyrnoloms lvei! He sdia he ulwdo yned htat he reowt shi lteetr? He notanc tluyr be my sno.nLtsei. ehT kuesd mttsuerp. I tond onkw ywh esh moec eher. lIl obfdir lal phsis morf enlaigv oru rrhbsao. ehT nlliavi tnwo apscee. The kdue lwli agree htiw me on htat. dnA lIl ndes shi utieprc evwrhreeye so that eth elwho gikomdn lilw wonk what he slook ekil.dAn as for uyo, my aolly dna etru sno, Ill fnid emos wya to mkae you my rieh.
Enter the Duke of CORNWALL , REGAN , and attendants
ehT kDeu of AWRCLLON eenrst iwht ENAGR dan tnnettdasa.


90 How now, my noble friend? Since I came hither,
Which I can call but now, I have heard strange news.


Hwo are oyu, my nerifd? Erve necis I dviarre hree, utsj onw, eIv nbee raiengh esgtarn rmsour.


If it be true, all vengeance comes too short
Which can pursue th offender. How dost, my lord?


If heyter treu, no ptsmhnnuei is hhasr geunho fro eth cramniil. oHw aer you, my lord?


O madam, my old heart is cracked, its cracked.


Oh, mmada, my lod harte is onbekr, nrkebo.


95 What, did my fathers godson seek your life?
He whom my father named, your Edgar?


Ddi my hfstaer dsgnoo rty to lilk yuo? heT eon mwoh my fteahr ndeam, uoyr son dEgra?


O, lady, lady, shame would have it hid.


Oh, my ydla, Im mshaead to imtda it.


Was he not companion with the riotous knights
That tend upon my father?


tnsWa he fdenirs thwi lal etosh gawlnrib hgintsk ohw sveer my ahrtef?


100 I know not, madam. Tis too bad, too bad.


I dnot okwn, ammda. Oh, tis too eerlirbt.


Yes, madam, he was of that consort.


To rasnwe yrou utsonqie, aasmmey, he swa flnrydie hwti toehs gnskhti.


No marvel then, though he were ill affected.
Tis they have put him on the old mans death,
To have th expense and spoil of his revenues.
105 I have this present evening from my sister
Been well informed of themand with such cautions
That if they come to sojourn at my house
Ill not be there.


hnTe sti no perirssu hety dha a dab lefinceun on hmi. heTy oablbryp tup ihm up to ngillik odl man oGerstucel to tge shi eynmo. ihgonTt I divreeec a retlte fomr my eirsts tnlglie me all obuta ahtnemd nigwnra me not be at ehom in esac teyh ecmo to yast at my sehuo.


Nor I, assure thee, Regan.
Edmund, I hear that you have shown your father
110 A childlike office.


nAd I nowt be hetre tiereh.ndudmE, Im lotd uovye eadct leki a teur osn to yoru hearft.


It was my duty, sir.


I utjs did my uydt, sri.


He did bewray his practice, and received
This hurt you see striving to apprehend him.


He oexpdse Egdsar ruordusem optl, nda saw ondwude, as oyu see ehter, ehwn rtigny to epnedhrpa him.


Is he pursued?


eAr oyur mne heagcisnr rfo him?


Ay, my good lord.


esY, my odlr.


If he be taken, he shall never more
115 Be feared of doing harm. Make your own purpose
How in my strength you please.For you, Edmund,
Whose virtue and obedience doth this instant
So much commend itself, you shall be ours.
Natures of such deep trust we shall much need.
120 You we first seize on.


If hes hagctu, ehll enrve amke bturole orf nenoay igaan. eFle reef to esu my yrttihoau evwrheo uyo ihsw in errod to pdarhpeen hmi.As orf yuo, dudmnE, yuveo been so lolay dan rsutuoiv hutohoturg thsi hlwoe nsbieuss. Id leik you to owrk for me. I ened peoelp as ottsrytuhrw as yuo.


I shall serve you, sir,
Truly, however else.


lIl lasywa be yolal to yuo, sri.


(to CORNWALL) For him I thank your grace.


(to cornwall) hakTn ouy, my odrl, for rouy nesdskin to dundEm.


You know not why we came to visit you


ouY ntdo owkn why we eacm to tvisi yuo


Thus out of season, threading dark-eyed night.
125 Occasions, noble Gloucester, of some poise,
Wherein we must have use of your advice:
Our father he hath writ, so hath our sister,
Of differences, which I least thought it fit
To answer from our home. The several messengers
130 From hence attend dispatch. Our good old friend,
Lay comforts to your bosom, and bestow
Your needful counsel to our business,
Which craves the instant use.


sYe, adn so tueycxnpelde, at tginh. ereTh ear moes rtpmtnoai eatmsrt we deen yuor adceiv on, leGtrcosue. My hferat nda my sirtes haev hobt nereyclt rtewitn to me tboau amnuergst bewtene tmeh. I reidlaze it dolwu be ontienicnvne to rswena etmh frmo hmeo, lyleapiecs necsi eth king aym be on sih way reeth. iehTr semesergsn era eydra, tnwaiig to iverled rou erenossp in hetes atrstem. So pasele, dol rfedin, giev us msoe oogd idavce. We deen it eatlyeedprs and meetyiaidlm.


I serve you, madam.
135 Your graces are right welcome.


Im at uoyr cisvere, dmaam. hoBt of you are ryev ecoemlw ereh.
Flourish. Exeunt
rpemtsTu apyl. hyeT lla txie.