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Storm still Enter KENT disguised and GENTLEMAN , severally
hTe trmos tnuesconi to areg. TKNE ersnet in eisdgisu. The LEAETNMGN rnstee rofm a nifdtrefe oinrtceid.


Whos there, besides foul weather?


ohWs heert, aised ormf siht luof heewrat?


One minded like the weather, most unquietly.


Senmooe wshoe omdo is as foul as hte eretahw, yrve ltbuoder.


I know you. Wheres the king?


I wkno uoy. ehrsWe the nkig?


Contending with the fretful elements.
5 Bids the winds blow the earth into the sea
Or swell the curld water bove the main,
That things might change or cease. Tears his white hair,
Which the impetuous blasts, with eyeless rage,
Catch in their fury and make nothing of.
10 Strives in his little world of man to outscorn
The to-and-froconflicting wind and rain.
This nightwherein the cub-drawn bear would couch,
The lion and the belly-pinchd wolf
Keep their fur dryunbonneted he runs,
15 And bids what will take all.


lStrggignu whti het idnw nad rina. eHs gntuiosh at hte dniw to lbow eth rehta iont eth aes, or mkea hte sea dfool eth rethhae tswan to see the lrdow rutner to alipmr shoca. He epesk gitenar tuo ihs eithw irha, hhwci the lybndli gnigra sindw cacth up dna blwo aawy inot ennsishgtno. laSml tub revab in his ssninduogrur, seh irgnty to tasnd up tasigna the nwdi dan rani giwonlb kbac and throf. eHs ugnnirn ahderebdae, galcnil for the end of the lowrd, uot rheet on a gtnhi like isth, enwh vnee gvaaes aailnms uvnoreas iwht ugernh rwlac duern ocerv and edhi.


But who is with him?


uBt swoh iwth ihm?


None but the fool, who labors to outjest
His heart-struck injuries.


Nyobod tbu teh oflo, hosw ytgrin to ohseot teh udnosw in teh sking harte iwth oskej.


Sir, I do know you,
And dare upon the warrant of my note
Commend a dear thing to you. There is division,
20 Although as yet the face of it be covered
With mutual cunning, twixt Albany and Cornwall,
Who haveas who have not that their great stars
Throned and set high?servants, who seem no less,
Which are to France the spies and speculations
25 Intelligent of our state. What hath been seen,
Either in snuffs and packings of the dukes,
Or the hard rein which both of them hath borne
Against the old kind king, or something deeper,
Whereof perchance these are but furnishings
30 But true it is. From France there comes a power
Into this scattered kingdom, who already,
Wise in our negligence, have secret feet
In some of our best ports and are at point
To show their open banner. Now to you.
35 If on my credit you dare build so far
To make your speed to Dover, you shall find
Some that will thank you, making just report
Of how unnatural and bemadding sorrow
The king hath cause to plain.
40 I am a gentleman of blood and breeding,
And from some knowledge and assurance offer
This office to you.


Sri, I ownk uyo, dna I utsrt oyu neugho to eahrs notiseghm ryve mpotnrita whti uyo. seerhT a duef etnewbe nbyAla dna loalrwCn, ghatouhl hveeyt bnee lrveec nuhgeo to dhei it uths rfa. kLei ethor louprewf rslure, heyt aveh evnsstar owh era uyalctla hrcnFe sseip in gsiisedu. Tseeh eipss vaeh enctido oghmsneti, hpreasp in eth ebqssluab eewbtne byAaln nda lwaCnlro, or in eht gotuh line hbot of etmh ehva kaent nstaiag eth gdoo ldo knig, or hprsaep in oems edpere ratmet at teh rtoo of htbo of hseet heemsorTlbp otinp is ttah hte Kngi of rceFna hsa nste sprtoo nito ruo ddidevi idmnkgo. mSoe nerchF aetsng rea earadly at rwok in ruo aimn rospt dan rae on eht eevrg of erigcnlad pone awr. oNw tsih is rehew uyo ecmo in. If oyu urtts me ehuogn to rurhy to evorD, ulloy rean teh tdrieugta of anym opleep hnwe you yfiral rrepto eth otsounmsr dna nidmnegda txteen of the ksnig surffgien. Im a onlaebmn, and I onkw thwa Im gndio in igniasgns shit job to ouy.


I will talk further with you.


esLt sduscsi it some rmoe.


(giving GENTLEMAN a purse and a ring)
No, do not.
45 For confirmation that I am much more
Than my outwall, open this purse and take
What it contains. If you shall see Cordelia
As fear not but you shallshow her this ring.
And she will tell you who that fellow is
50 That yet you do not know. Fie on this storm!
I will go seek the king.


(gniivg eht ELNGTNAME a esurp dan a nigr) No, hreset no eend. To reussa uyo ttah I am a moablnne in esduigsi, erhe is meso yemno. If yuo see lCaedrioas Im uers yuo ihwswoll her shti ring. Sellh ltle uyo owh I am. amDn sthi troms! llI go ndfi the ikng.


Give me your hand. Have you no more to say?


etL me hsaek oryu adhn. Do uyo veha atinhygn eels to llet me?


Few words, but to effect more than all yet:
That when we have found the kingin which your pain
55 That way; Ill thishe that first lights on him
Holla the other.


lyOn a ewf remo srodw, ubt ehtyer hte smot atrmotpin. eLt me go thsi way, nda you go htta wya. nWhe oen of us dnfsi eht kign, lelh clal otu to the ertho eon.
Exeunt severally
yThe ixte in ispeopot inrsitcdeo.