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Enter GLOUCESTER and EDMUND the bastard, with lights
GLOUCESTER and EDMUND enter with torches.


Alack, alack, Edmund, I like not this unnatural dealing. When I desire their leave that I might pity him, they took from me the use of mine own house, charged me on pain of their perpetual displeasure neither to speak of him, entreat for him, nor any way sustain him.


Oh, oh, dEudmn, I odn’t lkie sith tmossonru ubesnssi. nWeh dskae eth Deuk dan cDsehsu of anrloCwl if I lduoc eatk ytip on eth gink dna tsrleeh imh fomr het rtsom, htye koto my soeuh aywa rfom me nad dedoerr me evrne to talk uabot ihm, obylb fro ihm, or sptrpuo ihm in yna ayw.


Most savage and unnatural!


Ttah’s udiziienvlc nda antrnlauu!


Go to, say you nothing. There’s a division betwixt the dukes. And a worse matter than that: I have received a letter this night. 'Tis dangerous to be spoken. I have locked the letter in my closet. These injuries the king now bears will be revenged home. There’s part of a power already footed. We must incline to the king. I will look him and privily relieve him. Go you and maintain talk with the duke, that my charity be not of him perceived. If he ask for me, I am ill and gone to bed. Though I die for it—as no less is threatened me—the king my old master must be relieved. There is some strange thing toward, Edmund. Pray you, be careful.


Oh, be iuetq. rehTe’s a fued enetbwe teh wto kedsu. nAd eehtr’s oinhsemtg nvee osewr nath htat. I tog a ettrel nhtgoti. It’s eragnosdu to tkal btoau it. I’ve ockeld it up in my mroo. hTe ihmuoialtni ttha teh knig is ffurignse now liwl be evegrdne lryhtgouoh. mArde reofsc aevh erlayda ndldae. We aehv to etak hte gnki’s sedi. I’ll olok ofr ihm nad rlysetec lphe imh. oYu go and katl to het uedk so he now’t tcoeni I’m iegphnl het ngki. If he assk to see me, tlle mih I’m cksi and twne to bde. nEve if I eavh to die—as ehyt trnateeh—I evha to phel the ingk. eratSng tshnig rae oubta to pepanh, uEmdnd. eselaP be reafucl.


This courtesy, forbid thee, shall the duke
Instantly know, and of that letter too.
20 This seems a fair deserving, and must draw me
That which my father loses—no less than all.
The younger rises when the old doth fall.


I’ll etll hte duke rtigh waay ttha yuo’re nggio to ees eth nkig, hiwch is dfobrndei. nAd I’ll ltel him otabu het teeltr oot. uYo’ll etg thwa ouy resdeev, nad I’ll be erdaerwd whti tynehgriev yuo osel—in roeth rwdos, all rouy ansld. Teh ugnoy naneriegot risse elwhi hte dlo eno fslal.
He exits.