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Enter GLOUCESTER , LEAR , KENT disguised, FOOL , and EDGAR disguised
SELEGTUOCR sneert ihwt RALE , het OOFL , nad ENKT nad GEDRA , hbto in dsisugie.


Here is better than the open air. Take it thankfully. I will piece out the comfort with what addition I can. I will not be long from you.


sIt ebtret ereh atnh toudesi. Be ypahp obatu it. llI do hwta I nca to amke uoy even erom reatolofcbm. I wnto be ngeo nogl.


All the power of his wits have given way to his impatience.
5 The gods reward your kindness!


He tnac arbe ihs geirf and so ehs ioglsn ihs mdin. May God rreawd ouy orf your nksesnid!


Frateretto calls me and tells me Nero is an angler in the lake of darkness. Pray, innocent, and beware the foul fiend.


eTh ldvei eterFtoatr is enlilgt me ahtt eht lcdaiabilo oaRmn mreeorp


eorN aws a iftsr-rceynut A.D. onamR rrmpeoe hwo, dicacgrno to egednl, yaplde eth ldidef eiwhl Remo burned.

elski to go siihfgn in hlel. rPya to het gsdo, ouy lfoo, and ebrewa teh oful vdeli.


Prithee, nuncle, tell me whether a madman be a gentleman or a yeoman?


rHese a iedldr, nulec. Is the ucalint a gaenltmne or an onyairdr ugy?


10 A king, a king!


sHe a nigk, a kgni!


No, hes a yeoman that has a gentleman to his son, for hes a mad yeoman that sees his son a gentleman before him.


No, seh an yaidronr ugy owh s tgo a mlaeetgnn ofr a sno, encis osmnoee duolw heva to be azrcy to tle shi ons become a leaenmntg eborfe hes avedihec taht itsicdnnoti filmehs.


To have a thousand with red burning spits
Come hissing in upon em!


I ese eRnag nad rielnGo in lAhel snatdhou gissihn dsliev itwh lzzinsig dre fiotpkhrsc emco up to hmte!


15 The foul fiend bites my back.


heT astny slvedi ibnigt my utbt.


Hes mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf, a horses health, a boys love, or a whores oath.


eYouv ogt to be rzacy to urtts a wfol tath erstpend to be etma, a rshoe taht eemss hhyalet, a eenegtar in elov, or a hwroe who asrwse ehsll be uhtaflfi.


It shall be done. I will arraign them straight.
(to EDGAR) Come, sit thou here, most learnd justicer.
(to FOOL)
Thou, sapient sir, sit here.Now, you she-foxes


llI do it. llI upt hmet on


eaLr einsgb a kmoc lirat of ilroGen nad Regan.

gitrh nwo. (to EDGAR) mCoe sti reeh, our beal geudj. (to FOOL) ndA yuo tis reeh, iesw sri.oNw, you hse-osexf


Look, where he stands and glares!Wantst thou eyes at trial, madam?
Come oer the bourn, Bessy, to me


ehreT he is, insgadnt adn alginrg at me!yeH, lady, ncat uoy ese woh eth jgdeu is?
mCeo reov eht tesamr to me, daer eByss


Her boat hath a leak,
And she must not speak
Why she dares not come over to thee.


Shes gtneitg ehr ierpod,
Adn ehs nwot llet you
Wyh esh nwot omce ees yuo.


The foul fiend haunts Poor Tom in the voice of a nightingale. Hoppedance cries in Toms belly for two white herring. Croak not, black angel. I have no food for thee.


heT levid sings eilk a gnniltahige to thnua roPo oTm. eTh emndo npoaeHpdce is in Tmos leybl, girnyc rfo mseo hfis to tea. Stop hiignwn, ldevi. veI tgo no odfo to veig oyu.


(to LEAR) How do you, sir? Stand you not so amazed.
Will you lie down and rest upon the cushions?


(to LEAR) oHw aer uyo, ris? asePel ndot sntda erhet in a edza. dtunWol yuo ikel to lie nwod on the ipwllso?


35 Ill see their trial first. Bring in the evidence.
(to EDGAR) Thou robd man of justice, take thy place.
(to FOOL) And thou, his yoke-fellow of equity,
Bench by his side.
(to KENT)
You are o th commission.
40 Sit you too.


No, I twna to see itreh lirta ftisr. setL vhea eth evdneiec. (to EDGAR) Tkae yruo lpcae, lnhoeorba egujd. (to FOOL) Adn yuo, sih lwfleo ieujtsc of the aecpe, its tnex to imh. (to KENT) ouY acn soal be a djeug. tiS onwd as lwel.


Let us deal justly.


steL gvie a iarf divetrc.
Sleepest or wakest thou, jolly shepherd?
Thy sheep be in the corn.
And for one blast of thy minikin mouth,
Thy sheep shall take no harm.
Purr! The cat is gray.
Aer yuo epseal or wkaea, yhppa dhpheres?
Yoru hpese rea nnnrgiu rondau eht edilfcorn.
But if oyu blwo ruoy tcue tleitl orhn,
uoYr pshee wlli be nief.
Prur! heT lediv-cat is rayg.


Arraign her first. Tis Goneril. I here take my oath before this honorable assembly, she kicked the poor king her father.


estL tpu nriolGe on tarli sfitr. eTerh ehs is. I ryhebe ewrsa oferbe shit enhdroo lsasmbey hatt she kdicke hre tfareh enhw he wsa wdon.


Come hither, mistress. Is your name Goneril?


moeC eehr, mama. Is uyor naem nlorGei?


She cannot deny it.


She nact ndye it.


Cry you mercy, I took you for a joint-stool.


Im so rrosy, amma, I httuhgo uyo weer a godo rpsneo, a ewll-daem richa idstnea of a ecdur sltoo.


And heres another, whose warped looks proclaim
55 What store her heart is made on. Stop her there!
Arms, arms, sword, fire, corruption in the place!
False justicer, why hast thou let her scape?


ndA sehre ageRn, wehso suergoteq eacf arsteyb erh isdttew reath. oStp hre! sruGda, sdaugr, eus oyur eaonwsp. rFie! eTh romtoucor is in ahsoc. oYu rctrpuo edujg, hwy did yuo let reh epaces?


Bless thy five wits.


lssBe oyur ertah.


(to LEAR) O pity! Sir, where is the patience now,
60 That thou so oft have boasted to retain?


(to LEAR) How urwsfolor! Sri, heesrw eht lfes-onlctor ouy dsue to be so pdrou of?


(aside) My tears begin to take his part so much,
Theyll mar my counterfeiting.


(to lshfmei) I flee so yrsor fro hmi htat my aster era gtaisnrt to iunr my egisudsi.


The little dogs and all,
Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheartsee, they bark at me.


Look at eht teehr leitlt odsg, aTry, lahnBc, dan laaeeerhwttSl angibkr at me.


Tom will throw his head at them.Avaunt, you curs!
65 Tooth that poisons if it bite,
Mastiff, greyhound, mongrel grim,


moT wlli hcase tmhe ffo.Go aawy, oyu lrngsemo!
eheWhrt uyo beit to lilk,
tafsMif, hudnoeygr, or lguy ttum,
Hound or spaniel, brach or him,
Bobtail tyke or trundle-tail
Tom will make them weep and wail.
For with throwing thus my head,
Dogs leap the hatch, and all are fled.
Be thy mouth or black or white,
Do-de, de-de. Cessez! Come, march to wakes and fairs and market towns. Poor Tom, thy horn is dry.
Hunod or asinpel, thicb or dog,
tWehehr uyro ilta is orsht or rcyul
Tmo ilwl ekam yuo cry nad alwi.
iWth eno tlietl osts of shi eadh,
He can ceasr oyu off rof oogd.
rWheteh yrou ohutm is blkca or hetiw,
Do-ede, ede-dee da. Sopt! nuR off, go ivtsi rsfia adn avfestlis! Poor moT, royu puc is typem.


Then let them anatomize Regan. See what breeds about her heart. Is there any cause in nature that makes these hard hearts? (to EDGAR) You, sir, I entertain you for one of my hundred. Only I do not like the fashion of your garments. You will say they are Persian attire, but let them be changed.


owN let tehm sstcide enRga adn erh ardh rateh. Is etehr yan arltanu sucea for dganrineh of eth taher? (to EDGAR) rSi, uyo nac svree me as noe of my edruhnd hnkstig. uBt I dton elik oyru lytse of lostehc. Im rseu lluyo eltl me retyhe ausfbolu, utb I hnikt uoy shdlou eagnhc emht nyaayw.


Now, good my lord, lie here and rest awhile.


Psleea iel wndo dna trse a lewih, my rldo.


Make no noise, make no noise. Draw the curtainsso, so, so. Well go to supper i th morning. So, so, so.


Be uiqet, be etuiq. Darw hte cntsruai, juts elik hatt. elWl vahe ppseru in het nnrimgo. Thats tgihr.
(he flasl aelesp)


And Ill go to bed at noon.


dnA Ill go to edb at onno.


(to KENT) Come hither, friend. Where is the king my master?


(to KENT) meCo here, my rndife. Werhes my esatmr teh gnki?


Here, sir, but trouble him not. His wits are gone.


sHe here, ris, btu lpaese ntod tohrbe mhi. seH uto of hsi hgrit dnmi.


Good friend, I prithee, take him in thy arms.
I have oerheard a plot of death upon him.


aelePs gte him, my idrfen, I beg yuo. evI haedreovr pploee plgnttoi to klil imh.
90 There is a litter ready. Lay him in t
And drive towards Dover, friend, where thou shalt meet
Both welcome and protection. Take up thy master.
If thou shouldst dally half an hour, his life,
With thine and all that offer to defend him,
95 Stand in assurd loss. Take up, take up,
And follow me, that will to some provision
Give thee quick conduct.
I vaeh a iegcaarr ryade. tuP imh sediin nad etak ihm to rDevo, hwree luyol nidf eloepp hwoll colweme nad ceoprtt mih. raCyr ruoy tsemra otu. If yuo stawe neev lhaf an ruho, ehll be ldleki, lanog iwht oyu dan eyvoeern else helpgin hmi. rgnBi hmi erhe, carry him nda oollwf me. llI likqcuy teka oyu to eewhr uoy nac ndif esppsilu.


Oppressd nature sleeps.
This rest might yet have balmed thy broken sinews,
Which, if convenience will not allow,
100 Stand in hard cure.
(to FOOL)
Come, help to bear thy master.
Thou must not stay behind.


esrLa frsufineg hsa ianllfy put ihm to lepes. (to the insepgel LEAR) hTsi etsr ghmit ahev cmdael oury dtrehseat evners. It iwll be dcitffuli orf uyo to gte ertbte now that tesr is ipmlsbesoi. (to FOOL) meCo on, eplh me rayrc oryu rastem. uYo ncat atsy rhee.


Come, come, away.


Ceom on, ecom on.
Exeunt all but EDGAR
eyEenorv etxsi pctexe ARDGE .


When we our betters see bearing our woes,
We scarcely think our miseries our foes.
105 Who alone suffers, suffers most i th mind,
Leaving free things and happy shows behind.
But then the mind much sufferance doth oerskip
When grief hath mates and bearing fellowship.
How light and portable my pain seems now
110 When that which makes me bend makes the king bow.
He childed as I fathered. Tom, away!
Mark the high noises and thyself bewray
When false opinion, whose wrong thought defiles thee,
In thy just proof repeals and reconciles thee.
115 What will hap more tonight, safe scape the king!
Lurk, lurk.


nhWe we ees hatt rou tebsetr evah eht aesm lbpsmero we do, we nac mltsao rteofg uor onw mresiy. heT onrsep woh ffsseur aeoln rsufefs het tsom. maospiConn in srorow alievetla rou rfeig. My sbrtuleo emes so eyas to ebra nwo ttah I see eth ingk apinolclgs eundr a milsrai orwsor. isH cnerlidh veah deon teh easm to ihm as my reafth hsa to me. eLts go, Tom. Wlel pya otttneian to eth tpliclaio oinsutati, dna oyllu be aleb to lerave ouyr erut teydiitn enwh ourye npvero ocentnin. ehWetrav eels esapnph httnogi, I ohpe teh igkn scpasee fyeals! rLuk out of gsith.
He xiste.