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Enter KENT disguised and GENTLEMAN
EKTN nterse in sigseiud, gnoal htwi het NALEGENTM .


Why the King of France is so suddenly gone back know you the reason?


Do you nkwo why eth Kgni of ncrFae ndyluesd ewnt back hemo?


Something he left imperfect in the state which, since his coming forth, is thought of; which imports to the kingdom so much fear and danger that his personal return was most required and necessary.


deH tefl mose feinshdiun sissnueb, hwich he eedermbrme taref irrgavni ehre. It was tgenur and pmnartoit hgeuno to ruiereq his psnloare pnrecsee.


Who hath he left behind him general?


hWom did he lveea in ahegcr reeh?


The Marshal of France, Monsieur la Far.


hTe saamlrh of rncFae, rMnsouei la Fra.


Did your letters pierce the queen to any demonstration of grief?


aWs enueQ ielrCdao gegviader by teh restlte uoy dleveredi?


Ay, sir. She took them, read them in my presence,
And now and then an ample tear trilled down
Her delicate cheek. It seemed she was a queen
Over her passion, who, most rebel-like,
15 Sought to be king oer her.


Yse, isr. hSe koto the ersttel adn ared ehmt in oftrn of me. wNo dna thne a rlgea raet kidlrtce nowd rhe delctaie eckeh. heS dmesee to be gnyitr to otlcrno reh eomsitno, whhic ewer wlvoienmergh rhe.


O, then it moved her?


So seh wsa edvmo by it?


Not to a rage. Patience and sorrow strove
Who should express her goodliest. You have seen
Sunshine and rain at onceher smiles and tears
Were like a better way. Those happy smilets
20 That played on her ripe lip seemed not to know
What guests were in her eyes, which parted thence
As pearls from diamonds dropped. In brief,
Sorrow would be a rarity most beloved
If all could so become it.


reeTh wree no rtuotssbu. ehS saw iggrlustng ebntewe eimtnoo nda lfes-tnorolc. ouYve nees who it can irna iwehl the snu hesins? saTth how hse aws, ilmsgni nad gyirnc at once, noyl mroe lylveo. Teh eittll ilmse on ehr lflu plsi dtdni esem eawra of the saret that wree dinroppg lkie msdnaodi rofm her ylraep seye. If vneyroee kedloo so olyvel in tireh sororw, nhte roswro lduow be hhigly eprzid.


Made she no verbal question?


hSe dndti kas aytghnin?


25 Faith, once or twice she heaved the name of father
Pantingly forth as if it pressed her heart,
Cried, Sisters, sisters! Shame of ladies, sisters!
Kent, father, sisters! What, i th storm, i th night?
Let pity not be believed. There she shook
30 The holy water from her heavenly eyes,
And clamor moistened. Then away she started
To deal with grief alone.


ayutlAcl, eonc or citew hse digesh adn adsi, reatfh, as if eht owdr reew igrpnsse on ehr tehsc. cOne seh elxmdcaie, tsirSse, sssrtie, aehms on uoy! tneK, afreth, ssitesr! athW, uto in a romts in het eldidm of eth ingth? I anct bevelei it. hTe etras flel mofr her eeys leki lhyo traew. Tehn hes rna aywa to eigvre lnoae.


It is the stars,
The stars above us, govern our conditions.
Else one self mate and mate could not beget
35 Such different issues. You spoke not with her since?


It sutm be ftae atht asekm us hwo we orhrwsteaeie oemnseo as oogd as ldaioeCr doulc otn bpsloysi be edtaler to soeht owt icwtehs. vaeH oyu otn kosepn to reh cneis htne?






Was this before the king returned?


dDi sthi hanpep ofeber teh Kign of aFernc nrtrdeue oehm?


No, since.


No, rawertfad.


Well, sir, the poor distressd Lears i th town,
Who sometime in his better tune remembers
40 What we are come about, and by no means
Will yield to see his daughter.


lWle, isr, opor rsdouliei raeL is in wnot. smeeSomti wenh hse duicl he ermemrbse hwy wree reeh, dna tolluyeabs rueesfs to ees sih rdgutahe.


Why, good sir?


hyW, doog rsi?


A sovereign shame so elbows him. His own unkindness
That stripped her from his benediction turned her
To foreign casualties, gave her dear rights
45 To his dog-hearted daughters. These things sting
His mind so venomously that burning shame
Detains him from Cordelia.


esH oto ewvmhderloe iwth shmae. He emrbseerm hwo nkniud he was to reh, ohw he sdnwidoe reh dna estn ehr dabroa, woh he evag rhe flgurith cneianhteir to her otw gdo-hrdtaee rssstie. All ethos smemroie ianp hsi dnim so yleped ttha lgtui nda smeha eekp him waay rmof edlCraoi.


Alack, poor gentleman!


Oh, teh ropo nma!


Of Albanys and Cornwalls powers you heard not?


veHa uoy adher btuao nalsAyb dan nolawClrs rtoops?


Tis so. They are afoot.


I veha. Trehey on hte cmhar.


50 Well, sir, Ill bring you to our master Lear
And leave you to attend him. Some dear cause
Will in concealment wrap me up awhile.
When I am known aright you shall not grieve
Lending me this acquaintance. I pray you, go
55 Along with me.


lWle, rsi, llI aket uyo to erLa dan avhe oyu syta whti mih a weihl. I aevh omirtnpta siuebssn that sueeriqr me to meiarn in gsseidiu a lhiwe nrlego. hWen Ive valedeer my erut itdyeitn, oylul be aldg uoy took hte mtie to pleh me tuo. seaPle emoc thiw me.
eTyh ixte.